Temptations XX – Gavin and Marie – Part IV

Continuing the story of Gavin and Marie… You can’t always get what you want…


Temptations XX – Gavin and Marie – Part IV

By TeraS and Gasman

Gavin was about to turn back to Tera, tell her to stop this when something stopped him. A hint of truth in Marie’s tone. Not the ring of truth, but an echo of it, at least. He’d doubted the claims that she’d wanted this before, but now he wasn’t entirely sure. Especially when she spoke about him. The echo was much clearer there, making it sound almost plausible. What if she really had felt the beginning of something for him, even without Tera’s ‘help’? Were his principles and his certainty that she deserved more really worth it if she wanted this, and him?

He took a step towards her.

“Marie, do you… I…” he hesitated, his head, his heart and his loins at odds. The first told him that either choice had cons and that this one had more pros for both of them than the other. The second was torn between the promise of this amazing girl to be with him and the price that was being asked of her; it felt like it was being torn in two, but the larger piece fell with saving her. And the last was still lingering on that needful maon, those amazing breasts almost being offered to him.

Then his head figured out that he was supposed to act on that. Temptation calling to him and logically, he shouldn’t answer because that meant the game was playing him.

“Thank you, Marie. The real Marie, if you’re still in there…” he said, sincerely, “But if that’s true, then if I let you stay like this, I wouldn’t be that same man who wouldn’t judge you…”

He turned back to her, his eye briefly distracted by the swinging tail and it’s constant back and fort, back and forth arcing…

“… I won’t give in. I know what you want me to do and I’m not going to let you make both of us into something we’re not…”

The irony of the statement wasn’t lost on him.

Tera smiled at Gavin and asked, “Do you now? Are you very very sure of that fact Gavin? Things are not always what they appear to be…”

She snapped her fingers and then Marie froze again….

But so did Gavin…

Then Tera walked over to Marie and spoke, “A scared woman with a need to be loved despite the evil she has done. She is responsible for harming many because of her actions Gavin. Why does no one love her? Want her? How can she be loved when loving her only has brought her pain, and others even more when their thoughts were revealed to her… She couldn’t trust in one person’s words of love. So every person that she met, she looked into their minds. If there was one shred of doubt in their mind, she pushed them away, dooming herself and them to the loss of passion and love…”

Her eyes narrowed, “Stupid woman. So she holds in her heart that the only way to be loved is to have that part of her destroyed to gain the love of someone in her world…”

Tera turned and walked to Gavin. She stopped in front of him and said, “You Gavin…. You have a desire to have someone to hold… To cherish… To love… But that need is tainted slightly by the desires within you. You think that a woman that needs you cannot truly need you… That it’s a game… A falsehood… Something dark within the light…”

Tera walked to her throne and then made herself comfortable upon it. She then said, “And then there is me. Lust and Passion. Desire and Need. Fantasy and Reality. I am all of these things Gavin. But there is something more important to me that I seek. I seek the truth. So here is the moment Gavin. I will release you both in a moment. You will have to look upon her and tell her the truth. Your real truth Gavin. If you lie, she is gone forever and you have lost. If you are speaking the truth, she will be the woman she was before, but in this new form to please you both…. Think carefully before you speak Gavin. Very carefully. The truth may hurt…. But the pain is nothing to her loss if you lie to her…”

Tera raised a hand into the air and said, “And she will decide if you are true or not. Not I….”

Then she snapped her fingers and awaited what would come…

He was in the midst of forming a retort to her cryptic words when a peculiar sensation washed over his body. He was stilll conscious, but active movement, even active thought seemed impossible. It was like he was fixed not only in one spot, but in one moment, despite being able to hear and process every words she spoke as the Succubus queen wandered this way and that. Her words certainly held truth in them, but some of them tasted bitter to his ears. Not false, but misrepresentation, he felt.

Then he was able to participate in the world again, as was Marie, her movements and stance now more subdued, if not entirely free of the desire she’d displayed before. And as he took stock of the spectacular form before him, the lust each curve begged for bubbling towards the surface and his body responding, he considered Tera’s words. The truth? The only truth he could think of, in this context was… complicated.

But she was right, Gavin realized. Marie deserved to know, if nothing else.

“Marie… I… What I…” he paused, inhaling deeply to steady himself, his heart pounding in his chest, both for fear this wasn’t what was called for, and that it was but knowing what it might do, “I won’t lie. I wasn’t really attracted to you when you first got dumped in here with me. You… you were- are kinda plain looking. Not that I thought you were ugly or anything! But nothing special…”

He winced, knowing how that sounded.

“But then you went out of your way to help me. Even after I asked you not to. Even though you knew you might get in more trouble. It’s been a long time since someone’s went out of their way like that, taken a risk like that for me. I’m not sure anyone has. You’re funny, too, not that there was much opportunity here, but a lot of people wouldn’t even try…”

He widened his eyes as he spoke now, not even quite sure where this was going himself.

“And we covered the bravery. You kept fighting it, even after it looked like you lost. I liked that you were honest about what you’d done. I’m not going to say it didn’t make me think a little less of you, but I can see it in your eyes. You want to fix things. Take it back. That means a lot. I might not have known you long, but what I do know, I like…”

He closed his eyes for a moment.

“What I mean is… Given the choice between pretty packaging and hollow inside or the real deal in a paper bag… Give me bag-girl anyday. It’s not that I don’t want anyone to need me, it’s just that I don’t wnt that to be all they are. Or for it be all that’s left of a bigger picture…”

He opened his eyes and locked them with her too-green pair for long seconds, before breaking the stare to fix Tera in his gaze. His soft smile faltered for amoment as he did so, unsure if either woman would doubt him

Marie stood there quietly as Gavin finished. She looked at herself in this form and nibbled her lips in thought.

Tera watched them both with one eyebrow raised slightly, but not answering Gavin.

Then Marie took a breath and spoke, “I hate myself Gavin. In ways that you cannot understand right now. I thought…. I hoped… That just maybe by crossing Tera she would erase what I was and it would be all over…” Marie looked at Tera, “But you won’t… Not completely… And I think I know why… Although you are evil and you have done evil, it’s not your purpose is it?”

Tera allowed the bare hint of a smile to play over her lips at those words…

Marie turned back to Gavin and said, “She wants others to learn. I want to… I want to learn to accept love… I want to learn to have a love… I want to be loved…. No matter what I am on the outside….”

She smiled a little, “This is window dressing for the person that I am inside. And in my heart of hearts I know that I am not worthy of you… In whatever form I take… I know that you speak the truth Gavin… And I need you to understand…. I need you. I want you. I want to be the one to make your fantasies come true… To have that perfect moment that you desire…. To give you anything for it….”

She sighed, “But the worries surround me and I’m not sure if I can…”

She looked into his eyes and Gavin saw that while the rest of her was changed, her eyes were as he first saw them. She held her hands together in front of her and asked, “I believe that you can free me of this Gavin…. Will you?”

He felt a little ache as she let herself be honest with him about what she’d been doing. Partly out of shock at the minor deception, but mostly wanting to take away that loathing she held for herself. He allowed himself a wry smile as he noted that he had omitted perceptiveness as one of her strengths. She was probably right about Tera. She seemed more mischeivious than truly evil.

Her eyes had become the same natural green Gavin had first seen, but this time there was an openess, a depth to them. There was no faking that, he had to be talking to the real Marie. He gave a short chuckle and gave a swift glance to Tera as he answered her.

“I… I want to…” he said, pausing to try and define something he himself was barely aware of, “But I’m not even sure what I want… Never really had the chance to find out… Not to mention that I tend to sabotage myself. Any girl that really wants me, that needs me, I mess it up because I don’t want to push too hard or take advantage… And the really strong ones are usually involved already or I psych myself out for so long that if they weren’t before, they are eventually…”

He wasn’t sure himself where the last part had come from, or what relevence it held, but there it was.

“But if you’re asking me to help you stop punishing yourself…” he nodded once as he spoke, “Of course I will…”

Marie smiled and moved towards Gavin. She stopped in front of him, her eyes a little bit wet with tears and said, “I want you to…. You won’t take advantage of me… I’m…. Attracted to you Gavin…”

She slipped her arms around him and nuzzled into his chest quietly for a time before saying, “Whatever comes next I do want to be with you.” Marie’s lips twitched a little bit and then she said, “If I am strong for you… You need to be strong for me… I can be strong if that is what you want from me… But I will not be cruel…. I will not do that…. I’ve been far too cruel in my past…. I want a new future….”

Tera watched all this unfold and then tapped her pitchfork on the floor. As Marie and Gavin turned to look at her there was a flash of green light and then their minds spun for a moment.

When Gavin’s senses returned to him, he found himself in a spartan apartment. He stood beside an old ratty couch in the middle of a run down apartment. The look of it almost screamed that the person that lived there didn’t care much about their surroundings. Things were tossed everywhere. He looked at Marie in his arms and she said, “This is my life Gavin. I’m just on autopilot in my life.. I have no one to care about… No one to be better for… I’m… Just living…”

She looked into his eyes and said, “I want loving too…. Tell me how…. And I’ll do it for you…”

As she wrapped her arms around him, Gavin let his eyes drift closed, shutting out the Marie he saw, and leaving only the woman her words revealed. With his eyes closed, it was almost possible to forget the watchful demon-queen who still observed them in silence. He slowly placed his own arms around her, firmly but not tightly.

“I’ll try… But what I want isn’t to dictate who you are or what you do…” he whispered, “I want to help you find that future, not pull you into mine… You don’t have to be cruel, but you can be strong without that… Just don’t let yourself be so scared that you can’t see that.

He opened his eyes at the sound of Tera’s fork thumping on the floor only to be momentarily dazzled by the green glow.

The apartment was drab, uninspired, homogenous. It was like the person living there didn’t want anyone to know they were there. That they’d rather not be anywhere. He looked at the woman in front of him and brushed a lock of hair from her eyes.

“Just realise how great you are,” he answered, once again worried that his own greatest enemy was going to louse this up. Himself.

Marie looked at the room for a moment and then said, “She sent us here for a reason Gavin… She knows that this world isn’t the one I want… She knows that when I use the power within me I become different… She wants you to see that…”

She closed her eyes and a look of confusion drifted over her face. The a strangely worrisome smile began to tease her lips. She opened her eyes and they were changed. No longer green but a sort of purplish hue. She took a step back and ran her hands along her thighs a moment. Then to Gavin’s shock she shimmered a moment. Then he faced a different Marie.

She stood there looking more confident than she did before. The white she wore was gone. Now she was dressed in black. Black high heels. Black stockings. Shiny black panties and a deep black corset. She looked at him and said, “It changes me so much inside Gavin. The little frightened woman is buried away and I come out. Her opposite. Her other. Her better.

She took a step back to him and then pushed him backwards onto the couch. To Gavin’s surprise it had been transformed into a black leather sofa, and the room around them was luxurious in every way that he could imagine. Marie… Or was it Marie? Looked at him as she trailed her long red nails down her thighs. She growled at him, “I’m stronger than she is Gavin. I made sure that her perceptions were altered so she never saw the truth of her home. Marie was so foolish…”

She took a step forward and then stood straddling Gavin’s legs trapping him there. She moaned a little and said, “This power is wonderful Gavin. It only gets better when I reach into someone’s mind and twist them to what I want them to be.”

Her purple eyes focused on him and she said, “I promise you will enjoy it… More than she does at least…”

There was almost a buzz in the air as Marie began to tell him about how the power had affected her. Almost as though she was warning him. He barely had time to utter a single question before the change came over her, the predatory smile spreading over a face defined not by fear but by confidence.

“Show me?”

And then he processed the fullness of this new woman, succubi enhanced or not. Her black clothing, if the lingerie she wore could be called that, showed every curve, hugging it with great care. The contrast between her bare flesh and the black silk made it impossible to stare at where the two met. Cleavage which seemed to draw his eyes down, caressing those full breasts as they went. Smooth thighs, almost as soft as the fabric covering her mound and the sheer stokings which tricked the eye into trying to penetrate them, in order to get a glimpse of the perfect leg within. The heels on her shoes gave Marie a new height, making her immediately seem less like the shy, timid woman who had been there before.

Her words had Gavin’s heart pounding. Was this another of Tera’s games? Had he broken some rule and not been told? Or was this the truth, the real reason why Marie had been punished? He landed on the couch with a thump and a grunt as the air escaped his chest. When he was able to focus again, it was as though he’d exhaled opulence. Everywhere one looked, there were antiques and fine crafts, the most luxurious furnishings and the most modern comforts in a dark, but tasteful lounge…

Then her eyes found him again, that purple light making him feel even more like prey for a moment before he forced himself to remain calm. Panicking wasn’t going to help, he realized as she half-stood, half-straddled him.

“This… was always here? You too? Whoever you are…” he said, not quite wanting to connect this woman with the other who’d just moments before been holding him so tightly, “Enjoy what?”


That is an interesting question isn’t it?

More next week…


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