Aug 02 2009

No Succubus would be caught wearing this…

Honestly, why would a Succubus want to?

I can't believe this is a Succubus Costume

This has…. I can’t believe I’m typing this… Flashing lights?

Seriously? Can you say tacky? I knew you could…

I mean… Seriously? WHY??

No, even better yet, why would you think this was a good idea??

Anyway… What this outfit comes with is lighted horns, tail, bowtie, bra and thong…

And it costs $69.99 US…

Sorry but I can’t wrap my head around this entire outfit…

I also have the question of where the batteries are hidden in it, and somehow I expect that the answer will be nothing good…

One-quarter of a pitchfork out of 5…

Not even an option… And sorry but I’m not linking to the source of this…



  1. avatar

    Isn’t it so helpful when incompetent designers narrow down the options FOR ou, Majesty??

  2. avatar

    Who knew there were succubi in Vegas?

    I agree, the battery pack is a mystery best left unsolved 😀

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