Monthly Archive: July 2009

Jul 24 2009

Another Succubus YouTube…

That is… odd… Now I know that there are lots of online games out there… But I have never heard of DDO until I saw this… httpv:// And if the embedding doesn’t work… The music does nothing for me, but I do find it interesting that you can find something like two Succubi dancing …

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Jul 23 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 83

I decided that for this week’s Succubus, I would pick another Poser or #D image to share… Now I know she has no tail, but I think I can mostly overlook that,,, No idea of the artist or where it came from, but as always, clues are welcome! Tera

Jul 22 2009

Succubus Art

I discovered another piece of Succubus art this week that truly is something wonderful… This lovely work is the creation of an artist named Desiree and is available at her online store with is called Lotus Flower. This painting is listed here. She describes this work as a Succubus in the mist… I think it’s …

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Jul 21 2009

Temptations XVIII – Gavin and Marie – Part II

This story continues on from last week when Gavin and Marie first met and then the Succubi Queen appeared to toss a monkey wrench into their lives… Or something like that…. Mebby a pitchfork and some ribbons to tie things together is more accurate… ___________________________ Temptations XVIII – Gavin and Marie – Part II By …

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Jul 20 2009

Storm Clouds XI – An ongoing Succubi Story

Storm Clouds XI More editing of this tale of the Succubi… I just didn’t have the energy this week to add to it… Hopefully this coming week I will have some time to write again in it…. ________________________ Storm Clouds By TeraS Chapter 1 “How did she die?” The question hung in the air over …

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Jul 19 2009

Another Succubus Story Idea to ponder…

Sometimes you read a story and the ideas for a Succubus tale just pile in right behind it… Such as the parody written here about a job opening for a Witch. I especially liked this part of the article: Further, an official police clearance will be obligatory stating they are not registered sex offenders or …

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Jul 18 2009

Costume yes. Succubus? No.

I’m still looking at all of the succubus costumes that are available and to tell the truth it just seems to be getting worse and worse with every one that I find. This one is… Well… I guess if you want to be a slutty Succubus it would work for that… This is described as …

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