The Missing Middleman Episode and Succubi

Recently, on the website Comic Book Resources, they covered a presentation of the missing Middleman episode as portrayed by the creator and cast of the Middleman.

You can find the review here at CBR.

A few things that caught my eye on it all…

It’s a shame that Elaine Hendrix couldn’t be there to play Roxie…

The episode would have been something amazing to see, and I’m glad that there will be a comic released of the episode…

But the part of the episode that caught me was that Roxy’s Succubi were being killed for their pineal glands, and that the villain of the episode would use them to alter reality.

And you know something?

That makes a lot of sense when you consider it.

If you think about it, Succubi alter the reality around them to become the living embodiment sexually of their “victims”. So having a device designed to use that power to alter reality does, in a way, make a lot of sense.

Now if you want to know how it all comes out, what the Middleman’s name really is, and a lot of other juicy trivia that those that loved this show really want to know…

Click that linky….

It’s really worth it.


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    • James on July 29, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Looks like grand fun, Majesty. And another reason for all of us to defend all succubi, everywhere!!

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