Temptations XIX – Gavin and Marie – Part III

Continuing the story of Gavin and Marie… Do dreams or nightmares come true when what you want is in your grasp?

And what does Queen of the Succubi want in it all?


Temptations XIX – Gavin and Marie – Part III

By TeraS and Gasman

Marie looked at him in shock, “No. No! NO!” Marie pushed herself out of his grasp and then cupped his cheeks in her hands. She started to cry, “You can’t. You are innocent in this. I am the guilty one. I….. Deserve the fate she holds for me…”

She sighed softly and explained, “Whatever you think you are gaining me by doing this, she is going to make us both pay for it some way… I know she will…”

As the last word left Marie’s lips she suddenly froze in place. Her eyes glazed over. Her breathing stopped.

Then from behind him he heard Tera’s voice, “Would you like to know her fate before you claim it as your own?”

Gavin turned to see Tera standing there calmly. She held a long silver pitchfork in her right hand. She was dressed in a tight fitting latex ballroom gown that reflected light into Gavin’s eyes. A pair of slender heels wrapped themselves around her feet, glowing slightly in the darkness.

She tossed her hair over her right shoulder and said, “You deserve that much before oblivion takes you forever…”

“Look, maybe you’re right, but the alternative is either us both stuck here, you end up as whatever it is she’s doing, or both. You said she’ll play fair, by her rules, so if she says she’ll change you back if I take your place, then she will.”

He took her hand in his and gently pulled it from his face, smiling softly.

“Besides, at least I’m going into it by choice, even if it wasn’t much of one. That’s better than watching you suffer so much for something that didn’t warrant it…”

He’d barely finished when Marie froze in front of him. Even the air seemed more still. And then she appeared.

The pitchfork gave her an air of authority and danger, on top of that which was already present. She was quite stunning otherwise, the silver dress clinging to near-perfect curves, when it wasn’t blinding him with the shimmering light that emenated from below. Her shoes made it both difficult to look at her feet, and impossible to ignore them, with the unearthly glow drawing and stinging the eye similtaneously. Gavin briefly wondered why she’d go to such lengths to have her footwear glow and hug the soft contours of her petite feet as they did, but was interupted by her question.

“I… N… Al-alright…” he finally managed to get out, a deep breath preceding his next statement, “But you have to swear you’ll undo every change you’ve made to her since you gave her that collar after!”

Tera smiled at his request, “I’ll return her to normal… Eventually….”

She pointed her pitchfork at Marie and a swirling mass of green smoke surrounded Marie. Then it faded from view revealing the transformed Marie. Tera said in a sultry voice, “Her dream was to be all things to all men… But particularly one man… The one man that might love someone like her… So the question is… Would you take that away from her to free her or make her dream come true… Difficult decision isn’t it? In this form she is yours completely. She’ll be with you always….”

Marie stood there like a statue. Her long blonde hair was braided in a complex ponytail that had a white ribbon at the end holding it together. When Gavin looked at her face, he could see traces of Marie easily, but she was a vision of beauty. She wore shiny wet pink lipstick on her lips, just parted slightly to give her a sultry look. Her body was reshaped to the point where she was a beauty to view, but not something impossible to hold. The white dress she wore revealed ample cleavage. It pressed against her curves making them mouthwatering to view. The bottom of the dress stopped a hand width below her sex leading to long slender legs that had straps lacing around them ending in a pair of mid-height heels.

Tera looked Marie over and said, “Here she is Gavin… A dream girl for you….”

Then Tera snapped her fingers and Marie came back to life again. As Gavin watched she looked confused for a moment and then with an sultry smile began to trace her fingers over her new form. Seeing that Gavin was watching her she whispered, “I don’t know why I resisted this Gavin… It feels soooo wonderful…. Sooo gooood….” Marie’s green eyes glinted and she began to move closer to Gavin…. One slow step at a time…

He smiled bitterly at her promise to revert Marie back to herself. Not that he’d expected her to do it exactly when he’d like, but it still rankled. And then Tera’s definition of Marie’s dream had him shaking his head. Even if that was the case, she didn’t necessarily want it literally or to consume her like it seemed to be. And wouldn’t whatever love she had be artificial, false? At the very least, he or anyone else wouldn’t have earned it…

Then, the mist cleared and he saw her. Half blushing bride on her wedding night, half tigress. Those lips had almost trapped him before, and now the pink sheen of them, the hint of tongue made not kissing her seem somehow criminal. Her body was almost out of one of his own daydreams. Curvy, but not overly so, with her new bust shown off spectacularly. Her silken thighs drew his eye down to the tapering of her calves and then the delicate heels before her voice called his eyes back up.

He was so tempted. Illusiory or not, he’d been lonely for a lot longer than he liked to admit, and this  vision of feminine beauty wanting to be with him so utterly. Wanting him so much. Well, that was powerful. Gavin took a step or two forward himself before catching himself.

“Marie… No. I’m so sorry, but… no. Maybe she’s right, and part of you did want this, but the you I met earlier wanted anything but…” he said, his voice shaking, his eyes just barely maintaining their contact with hers, “And, I’d hate myself if I did this, knowing it wasn’t real. That you only wanted me because of Tera…”

He turned to the demoness in question. He’d figured out the name of the game. It had been somewhat clear since Marie had spelled out what Tera had given her. It was about tempting them. With money, power, sex, love, freedom, anything and everything. And it was getting harder to refuse

“No. You showed me this but she deserves to be free and find someone on her own… ”

Marie moaned as her hands cupped her breasts making her quiver in the pleasure, “This is what I want Gavin… I want to be yours…. Do whatever you want… I need to…. Want to… Have to… Sooooo badly….”

She took another step closer to him, “I don’t want to be alone… Unloved… Unwanted… I want to give up the person I was for this…. For you… You are the first person that didn’t judge me… Hate me… That makes you perfect for me….”

Another step, “I need to be perfect for you…”

And standing to the side, Tera didn’t say a word, but just watched, her tail swishing in the air behind her…


A short addition to the story… Still more to come next week…



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    • James on July 28, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    This is truly sweet and evocative, while dealing with some deeper issues. You and Gasman were doing some lovely work.

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    • charlie on July 30, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    hurry up and get the next one out! LOVE IT

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