Jul 22 2009

Succubus Art

I discovered another piece of Succubus art this week that truly is something wonderful…

Succubus by Desiree

This lovely work is the creation of an artist named Desiree and is available at her online store with is called Lotus Flower.

This painting is listed here.

She describes this work as a Succubus in the mist… I think it’s interesting the many things in the image that connect to the Succubus… The glowing eyes for one, the appearance of horns elsewhere…

I hope that Desiree has lots of success in her future art creations and I hope that she will create more soon!



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    Me too this is a really cool picture.

  2. avatar

    I find it especially interesting that all of these images are part of the Succubus’ mist, including a rainbow of sorts. Very beautiful, very special stuff.

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