Jul 19 2009

Another Succubus Story Idea to ponder…

Sometimes you read a story and the ideas for a Succubus tale just pile in right behind it…

Such as the parody written here about a job opening for a Witch.

I especially liked this part of the article:

Further, an official police clearance will be obligatory stating they are not registered sex offenders or possessed by nymphomanic type succubus tendencies.

Oh that just made the story idea gears in my mind start to turn…

So the story will be called Job Interview…

And now let’s see if I can actually write this for this week to be posted here on the Tale and at the Garden…

I hope so…


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    Just don’t overdo, please, Majesty (says the pot, no doubt). And remember that your editor stands ready. *Huggles*

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