Jul 18 2009

Costume yes. Succubus? No.

I’m still looking at all of the succubus costumes that are available and to tell the truth it just seems to be getting worse and worse with every one that I find.

This one is… Well…

I guess if you want to be a slutty Succubus it would work for that…

Double Ugh

This is described as a Sexy Red Hot Devil Costume.


What you get with this outfit is just the costume. Period. Unlike a lot of other costumes available which include at the minimum the horns and occasionally the tail, you are out of luck with this one.

So let’s figure out what this is really worth if you want to look like the model does in the piccy…

Costume, $34.97. Shoes $26.97. Pitchfork $10.97. Tail $3.77. Horns $8.97.

Total for the whole thing is: $85.65 USD.

Sorry but that ensemble is not worth that.

It’s not something that really is Succubish in nature.

I will say that the outfit does demand the CFM sandals. Without them this isn’t going to look even semi-decent…

But this is a lost cause from the beginning and I can’t think of anything that I could do to make this something I’d consider for Halloween….

Tera’s Rating: one-quarter out of five pitchforks

Look elsewhere. Please.



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    Getting racy

    I like the slutty Succubus costume 😀
    I also like the one liston as a Succubus Costume Mistake… howver I don’t consider it very devilish…. just a cool looking costume. More of a Goth vampire meets fairytail witch princess 😆

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    I’ll admit that I am really critical about the costumes I post on the Tale. But I spent a lot of money to have a Succubi Bo Peep outfit made from latex once and I have a gorgeous outfit that was designed by an artist I know made…

    I have really high standards…

    I think costume designers should too…



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    Well, I think you correctly identify this one as “Slutcubus.”

    And I think your Eternal would be happier if you skipped the costume part and went with horns, tail, pitchfork, and red body paint . . . :mrgreen:

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    I’ve read about Succubi being confused with vampires, zombies and other assorted evil mythic creatures. But, this is the first Succubi prostitute I’ve ever seen, lol. It looks like they had scraps left over from other costumes and just stitched them together. Poorly.

    *huggles my sexy, yet classy Mistress*

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