Jul 15 2009

I can’t quite see the Succubus in this…

I have tried… Really I have…

But I can’t…

Succubus by Laura Wills

This is a work called Succubus by the artist Laura Wills, whom is based in the UK. Her website is: http://www.laurawills.co.uk

And this art can be found here.

I suppose that one of the things that I wonder about is the lack of red in this image. One would assume that there would be some red in it somewhere. The colours seem muted to me… Perhaps this is a reflection of the descent of a fallen from heaven?

If it was, then the blue and the vortex-like pattern would make more sense…

But, there is still no “Succubus”-like being in this that I can see…

I’m not saying that this is not beautiful, for it is, I’m just trying to understand where the Succubus is in the work…


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    I am wondering, Majesty, if we should not think of the term “Succubus” abstractly here. For example, the vortex draws our eyes inexorably inward, much as a succubus pulls in her prey, with no hope of escape. Then we have those bits of filigree, teasing their way out of the center, much the way a succubus can tease with her eyes, her body, her voice, etc.

    Just a thought. And now I have ruined that nice “Tickle” count.

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