Temptations XVII – Gavin and Marie – Part I

Going a bit backwards in the Succubi RP called Temptations for this post… Gasman and I did a tangental RP from the Temptations RP which went in directions that I didn’t expect…

Nor did manage to finish once again…


Temptations XVII – Gavin and Marie

By TeraS and Gasman

Gavin wandered through the library, paying about equal attention to the books and the women who were browsing and working as he did so. It was fortunate his attention was so divided, as otherwise, he wouldn’t have noticed the cutie scanning the mythology section. And he wouldn’t have seen what transpired as the worn, aged tome tumbled down towards her.

He blinked, rubbing his eyes as he watched, half-disbeliving the event itself, half-astounded that no-one else seemed to have seen. He finally made up his mind to go over and investigate, his curiosity overwhelming his common-sense, which was telling him to ignore the book lying there, run for the exit and never look back. Slowly at first, but picking up pace, he strolled over to the now-closed book. He gently lifted it from it’s resting place, and began to flip through. He paused to look up as a peculiar shadow seemed to pass overhead, but when he looked back, the same mist was pictured on the page. Then all around him, engulfing all his body, suppressing every sense, but causing no pain, not even discomfort, bar a slight feeling of nausea from the disorientation.

When it cleared, he found himself in darkness, the only thing visible a grand throne, and even that only dimly lit. So dimly that he could barely tell if it was wood or stone, but he leaned toward the latter. Gavin spun round once, trying to get some kind of bearing, but he was either in an almost total void, or a cavernous, dark room. The difference was mostly academic, really, as both made leaving virtually impossible. So he sat himself down on… whatever surface was beneath him, and waited for the throne’s owner.

There was silence all around him for a time and then a green portal appeared close by. He heard a loud scream and then a woman fell out of the portal and landed face down on the floor with a loud thump. She groaned a bit and then took a deep breath.

She gasped, “That’s the last time I try to cross her rules….”

She rolled over onto her back and looked into the darkness, “Lovely. Her throne room. I am sooooo doomed….”

She was dressed in a loose fitting red silk robe. She seemed to be rather plain looking for the most part from what he could see. Her short blonde hair a disheveled mess about her.

Then she realized that there was someone else there and spun to face him, “Who are you?” Her blue eyes peered at him in the darkness in fear of what he was….

He had leaned back on his hands, ready to jump up when the portal had opened, but was unable to refrain from giggling as the young woman’s pratfall entrance. He quickly stopped himself by using his fingertips as a reminder of how solid the floor was. He squinted to see her more clearly in the poor light. Her tangled blonde hair and rather unusual choice of attire raised some questions, but other than that, she seemed unremarkable at first glance. There was certainly the possibility that she cleaned up very well, and some evidence of that in her face, but otherwise, it was hard to think anything but Plain Jane without anything but appearance to go on.

So, in answer to her valid question, he managed to eventually reply, “Um, Gavin. My name’s Gavin. I-I don’t know if this means anything or helps, but I was in the library and then there was this girl, who vanished into a book, so I decided to have a look at the book… And then there was a bunch of green smoke and I was here…”

Finally her initial words registered, “Her throne room? Do you know where we are, Miss?”

She considered him for a moment and then at the mention of the book seemed to relax slightly. Then she began to giggle. Soon that giggling turned into a wave of laughter that the darkness seemed to envelope and strangle into nothingness before it could echo…. If anything would in this place.

She brought herself under control again and said, “I wouldn’t worry too much… If she allowed you through the book that means that she wants to play a game with you…”

She sat up and then asked him, “Tell me Gavin… Has anyone claimed your soul as yet?”

The hint of a smile tugged at her lips as she said, “If so, maybe you have a chance to get out of this…”

The laughter was actually quite comforting. Gavin even joined in for a bit, but the eerie lack of resonance eventually took the wind out of his sails. Thankfully, his companion’s answers kept him from dwelling on such things.

“A game? What kind of game?” he asked, puzzled, and then his eyebrows twitch skyward as he briefly considered the possibility of his newfound compatriot evangelising to him while they were stranded her, “No, I don’t think so… What do you mean…? I’m sorry, I forgot to even ask your name…”

She tilted her head and replied, “My name is Marie….. I’m going to assume that you are not an Angel or Demon or other creature that she owns in this realm of hers?” She looked him over and continued, “No… I think you aren’t.. You seem too innocent to be one of hers…”

She explained a bit more as she stood up, “The book you held is one of several. With some she does nothing. With others she transforms them and leaves them where they are…. Others she is attracted to for some reason and brings them here to play her games….. A few have left, or have claimed to have been here, but I doubt it….”

She looked at him with a touch of fear in her eyes, “Those that have played her game are forever changed…”

As her eyes scanned him, verifying his humanity, Gavin ran his hands quickly over the essentials, making sure nothing had changed since he’d been wandering those stacks a little while ago. He sighed in relief as Marie and his own senses confirmed that as the case.

“Too innocent?” he queried, before falling silent again, taking in each word, not quite wanting to believe but his current situation making that kind of denial foolish at best.

The fear in her eyes makes his heart jump in anxiety of it’s own, and he actually had to swallow slowly before speaking again, “So, she… likes me? Who is she?”

A hand rose partway to his face, joining his eyes in apology for interrupting her, but his voice was quieter once she finished, ” …changed? Changed how?”

Marie bit her lip a moment and then said, “Changed. Not the same anymore…. I knew a man. He thought he could make a deal with her. Trick her into giving him what he wanted. He wanted power. He wanted control. I warned him the day before he went to her…..”

She looked at him as if memorizing his face, “When I saw him next, he had all that…. As the plaything of a Countess in a realm near mine. He didn’t know me…. Didn’t speak to me…. All that he cared was to do whatever his Mistress wanted….” She seemed to almost spit the word into the air as she said it.

She sighed, “He had the power all right… The power of a slave…. He had the control…. Of another over him….”

She turned and walked towards the throne and then paused in front of it, “Listen to what she says and consider your answers carefully… Once you make a choice, she will see it to the end….”

She reached a hand towards the throne and then paused an inch from touching it. She whispered in a soft voice, “The Queen of the Succubi is who she is…. Her name is Tera… Goddess preserve me…. I shouldn’t have crossed her…”

As she spoke, Gavin’s anxiety grew into full-blown worry. Fear wasn’t an option, that had been simmering deep inside since before he’d touched that book. But it actually quieted a little as she explained, his lips curling into a cynical smirk.

“Oh, one of those… Basic ‘Monkey’s Paw’ rules? She asks me if I wanna leave, I say yes, and poof, there’s a leaf in my hand, or I’m a tree, yeah?”

He stood as she approached the throne, a little nervous himself of the act, although he wasn’t fully sure why.

“Tera… Thanks. If she’d upset with you or something, you don’t have to say anything else. I don’t want to get you into trouble for helping me…”

Marie turned and said, “Oh I am well beyond that… She’ll deal with me at some point I’m sure… I’m resigned to that…”

From the darkness around them there was a sort of hissing noise and then for an instant he could see a flash of silver in the blackness. It flickered about for a moment and then disappeared again.

Marie didn’t seem to notice it and said, “Don’t assume anything with her. She’s a Succubi…. The Queen.. The rules are hers… But she will abide by them…. Remember that…”

The glint in the dark caused his eyes to widen, and his heart to resume it’s pounding. The sound was halfway between escaping air and a snake, neither of any great comfort.

“R-right. Try and figure out the rules… Don’t be rash… Uh… Marie, I’m not so sure we should still be talking about this now… I-I think I saw something. Like a little flash of light…”

Marie looked around for a moment and then said, “I didn’t see…..” Then the hiss became very loud for an instant and then faded away into nothingness. She looked at him with terror in her eyes and said, “Whatever happens! Don’t give into it! She’s playing a game already!”

She grabbed him by one arm and shook it, “Promise me! You have to try!! Whatever it is…. Don’t give in!!!!

He jumped slightly at the sudden burst of sound, and could almost hear the blood rushing through his head as she stared at him, her green eyes wide and shimmering with held-back tears. He put his hand on top of hers and paused for a moment. What if Marie was part of the game? Trying to throw him off balance, psyching him out? He took a deep breath and looked her in the face once more. He couldn’t know, but his heart told him the terror, the compassion, this girl herself was genuine, real.

“I won’t…” he answered, trying to sound more sure than he felt.

As he looked at her, there was a whistle of wind past his right ear. Then Marie was thrown away from him to lay on the floor face up. Her hands were at her throat clutching at something there. For a moment one hand moved and he saw a glint of sliver around her throat.

She screamed into the darkness, “Curse you forever Tera!

She turned onto her side and continued to struggle with the thing around her throat….

Then one hand slipped away from her throat and he saw a smooth slender silver collar closing around her throat. The edges of the open part at the front growing towards each other….

Her one remaining hand underneath the collar trying to keep it from closing…

Gavin was stunned, unable to move as he watched Marie struggle, until his mind was able to make sense of what he was looking at. It was still stupifying, but the sheer energy with which she was straining against the collar made him step forward, wanting to help. But each inch he moved wasslow, a powerful wind making any progress difficult.

“I’m coming!” he yelled over the roar of the air.

He managed to overcome the impediment, gradually nearing her, hoping she’d be OK. And then, as he got close enough to rach out and touch her, to try and remove the silver strip from her neck, he saw her muscles relax, drained. The collar finally slid shut just as his fingers found it…

Marie’s arms fell away from the collar and she took one long gasp of air before releasing it in a long moan of pleasure. As Gavin watched the collar shrunk until it was pressing into the skin of her neck tightly. Her body shook as a powerful orgasm passed through her. She moaned out in a needful voice, “Oh yesssssssss….. Soooooooo gooooooood……. Soooooooo gooooooooooood……”

She closed her green eyes in the ecstasy and then licked her lips slowly….

Then her eyes fluttered open again. The pale green of them was gone. Replaced by an unearthly beautiful, crystal clear green. Her pupils even a darker shade of green than that. She looked at him and the hint of a smile tugged at her lips as she said, “mmmmmmmmmmm…. That felt sooo goood…..”

Then she seemed to snap out of it and say, “What happened? What did she do? Tell me!!!! The tears ran from her eyes like rivers….

Gavin ‘s hand shot away from Marie as he felt the collar actually pull away from his touch. He gave it a swift look to make sure he was unharmed when Marie’s throaty moans of pleasure pulled his attention back to the blonde woman, now writhing and bucking on the floor. The sight was disquieting, as the cause had him bubbling with apprehension, the sight of Marie being so unashamedly sexual, the sheer bliss radiating from her face and her body was incredibly enticing.

The she opened her eyes again.

He took half a step back as he saw the unnatural green hue in those pupils. Her husky sighs of contentment making the whole scene so surreal that if he had been a tiny fraction less tense, Gavin would’ve burst into the most hysterical laughter. But he didn’t.

He did, however, relax that tiny fraction when she seemed to come back to herself, the collar and her altered eyes leaving him on edge and keeping his distance.

“I think she made you… well, orgasm… Majorly. At least that’s what it looked like… And it sounded like you were enjoying it, even after…” he trailed off, not wanting to shake her out of whatever was letting her stay coherent at the moment.

The tears rolled from Marie’s eyes and she whispered, “I’m doomed… Truly doomed…” She reached a hand to her throat and traced a finger along the silver collar there. She then placed her head in her hands and sobbed loudly.

Between the sobs she asked, “Why? Why didn’t I listen to her?”

Then to the right of them a green glow began to form in the darkness. The glow turned into a swirling mass of green mist and then from that a pair of enormous green eyes focused upon them both.

There was only the eyes and nothing else. But the look in them was that of amusement or perhaps pity…. It was so difficult without the face to go with them….

Then a sensual laughter began to fill the air around them echoing in the room where no echoes had been heard before….

Then Tera began to speak, “Marie… You silly silly girl… I warned you what would have happened if you crossed me… You thought it was all below you… Now soon it will be… Gavin…. You couldn’t leave it well enough alone… You had to see what happened…. And so you will…

The eyes focused on Gavin alone and said, “This is the game Gavin. Listen carefully…. Marie’s collar will change her into one of my playthings…. You can stop it… If you figure out the way…. You have a wish within you…. Is it hers? Is it what she wants or is it only yours? Find the question within you and see…. Are you the answer? Or is it she?

Then the laughter returned and the eyes faded from view leaving Gavin and Marie alone in the darkness again…


Nexy Week Gavin and Marie’s tale of Temptations will continue….


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