Temptations XVI – SisAllie

For the next few weeks, mebby a month or so, the following tales from Temptations, my Succubi RP on the Garden are linked together…

It was hard to figure out exactly how to put them together into some sense of order, but this I think will work out…

The first part of this is the arrival of my Succubi Sis Allie…


Temptations XVI – SisAllie

By TeraS and Allison Kurin

Allison coughed as the smoke cleared, pink tail flicking in agitation as she looked about the black void.

“Great…now what…” She muttered, realizing that the illusion hiding her tail and horns had stopped working…likely because she’d been startled by the book suddenly billowing green mist in her face. Hearing the voice, she turned, smirking when she saw who it was behind her.

“Tera! Rather dangerous to leave a book like that lying around, isn’t it? Could get all sorts of nasties popping in for a visit…” She stepped closer, head tilting as she looked over the succubus, her dear sister.

“So…what are you doing, sitting here in a void…playing games, as usual?”

Tera looked at Allie in amusement and then said, “Of course I’m playing games Sis… You should know me by now…” She stood up from the throne and then stepped away from it with a naughty smile upon her lips. As she came closer to Allie, Tera’s tail swished almost as if it was giggling and enjoying a private joke at Allie’s expense…

Tera walked right up to her and then slipped her arms around Allie’s waist, drawing her into a warm embrace, her lips seeking out Allie’s and then sharing a long slow wet kiss between them…

Then with a twinkle in Tera’s eyes she moved a hand to Allie’s bum and gave it a few quick swats as she said, “Silly Sis…. You should really know my surprises by now… Or did you just miss me so much that you wanted your tail swatted a lil?”

Allie mmmed, pressing back against Tera as she felt those arms sliding around her waist, wriggling a little.

“Still…couldn’t you decorate a little? It’s a tad drab in here…there’s only so much you can do with black nothingness.”

She eeped, jumping with the swats.

“well…a little from column A, a little from column B…”

Tera gave Allie’s bum a little pinch and said, “Sure….. As if….”

She put a finger on Allie’s lips for a moment and then said, “You really should know better…. And honestly…. Allowing your tail and horns to appear so easily? Shame…. Shame…”

Then she moved her finger away and nibbled at Allie’s lips as she whispered, “Shame….”

Tera’s tail seeked out Aliie’s as they kissed, the tips finally touching in a heart shape as the twining of them finished after a few minutes. Then Tera asked Allie, “So….. How much time are you going to spend with me? We really haven’t had some fun together since that little cheerleader game we played….”

She couldn’t help but smile, eeping a little at the pinch. Still, she looked into Tera’s eyes as she placed a finger over her pink-stained lips, keeping her from protesting or explaining herself…not that she really minded the swats on the rear, of course.

She mmmed, returning the kiss quite firmly, embracing the succubus and stroking her fingers along Tera’s back as their tails twined, tips meeting in that cute little heart shape.

“Well, as much as I can. I do enjoy spending time with you, sister dear, and it truly is a shame that we haven’t really done much since you changed me…I think it’s about time for us to ‘catch up’, hmm?” She smirked, winking.

Tera laughed and said, “Of  course… And this isn’t the place for it now is it?”

Taking Allie’s hand, Tera began to lead her towards the throne and then behind it with a smile upon her lips. She tilted her head towards Allie and asked in a purr, “Anywhere you want to go Sis? Or maybe you just want to come back home for a while with me?”

Her tail rubbed along the length of Allie’s as she added, “Or maybe something else? It’s your choice….”

Tera pondered a moment and then asked, “By the way… What were you doing in the library anyway? You looking for something in particular that the Head Librarian might help you with?”

“I’ll go home with you, gladly, dear sister…” She purred, moving behind the throne with her. “Anywhere is fine, but…I don’t believe I’ve ever seen your home.”

She let her tail rub back against Tera’s, blushing just a little bit from the contact.

“Oh! And I was actually just looking for a good book…guess I found more than I bargained for!”

Tera laughed and said with a smile, “Ten Thousand Ways To Have Fun is a good one. Watch one for numbers 567, 876, and 982…”

Together they passed into the darkness behind the throne and reality shifted. Then a hallway appeared in front of them. It was the entranceway to Tera’s home. As they walked, pictures came into view on either side of them. But they weren’t pictures of Tera. As Allie looked, she would recognize some of them. Sis VVrayven, Branwyn, a newer one in a pink frame of herself…. All of the family were on the walls, save a picture of Tera. There was not one of her to be seen. As they reached the end of the passage, a single empty frame greeted Allie looking out of place with the pictures around them…

Tera glanced at it for a moment and then stopped in front of a doorway into another room, the sound of people talking within coming to Allie’s ears…

Tera explained, “I’m in there with some people Allie…. Andrea is in there too… Just come in whenever you want…. I’ll be waiting Sis…”

With that, Tera faded away into nothingness leaving the way clear for Allie to continue…


And for the moment, this series of RPs will come to an end…

But it will continue next week…


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    • James on June 30, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    SisAllie seems like great fun, Majesty. I’m sorry I have not yet gotten to meet her.

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