A Succubus Poster?



I’m not so sure about that…

Succubus by Ericka Baque

I have some issues with this image…

It was created by the artist Ericka Baque, and is available here for purchase at Cafe Press.

Artwise it is wonderfully done, but Succubi-wise I have issues with this.

No horns or tail on her for one thing… I think really she is more of a vampiress in her looks and actions in the work…

So while I admire this artist’s work, I really just cannot see how this is a Succubus.


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    • James on June 26, 2009 at 11:17 am

    Majesty, I suspect you are getting soft for some reason. I’m not even all that taken with the artwork. But she is not seducing, or using or enjoying; she is masticating, biting and chewing on the flesh, drinking the blood. This is vampiric activity.

    She’d best be careful, or the Realm Word Court will take away her Crayolas. 😉

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