Temptations XIV – Moment

This was only a short moment with a member of the Garden named Wrider… He vanished from the Garden for a time, but to my delight he has reappeared in the past month…

And I am very thankful that he did so…


Temptations XIV – Moment

By TeraS and Wrider

One minute, everything makes sense – you’re just a bookworm looking for some ideas, something to keep you up at night looking at monsters and magic and wondering what it would all really be like to live it out.

The next second, you are.


Scrambling to my feet, mouth wide open at what I see, or more properly, don’t see, before me.  This doesn’t happen, my head screams at me. This isn’t real!.  But my eyes see it – the bookshelves gone, and the floor a slick blackness.  Running a hand through the loose mane of brown hair on the top of my head, spending a few moments trying to make sense of it all before finally just trying to call out for help.  I might be delusional, the rational side of my head tells me, but if someone can help me actually see something, bring me back to reality.  This sinking feeling in my gut though, it doesn’t…

Then that voice, a low hovering hum that felt more in place in my dreams at night.  I don’t want to turn, I don’t want to realize how hard that book hit me… but that voice, that unearthly, wanton voice.

Suddenly, I am of two minds all over again.  Oh no, no no no no no…, and an occasional Oh, yes drowning out my sensibilities.  She’s talking, but I can’t make sense of the words, not yet.  I’m still dealing with the fact that a figure I want to flee from and make love to with all of my body is sitting only a few feet away.

The smile doesn’t leave her lips as she watches the confusion wrap itself around you and take hold… Then stretching out a slender leg in front of her, she smoothly and gracefully raises herself from the throne and begins to close the distance between…

Her voice is husky as she says, “I know you… I remember your dreams my dear… You have such interesting ones you know… You beg and plead one moment for me and then try to run and hide from me… Part of you needs me… Part of you fears me… Shall we find out which one will win… Or perhaps lose the night?”

In the next moment she stands to your left, her tail no longer swisching in the air but rather beginning to twines itself around your left leg, the heat from her skin warm and pleasant….

Isn’t it?

“My… my dreams?  How did… how are you…”

Thought slips away at the touch, gasping at the sudden, unexpected sensation.  Wasn’t expecting to feel, wasn’t expecting toexperience.  Books suddenly gone, and now this… this thing… who knows all the little secrets, all the dark fantasies hidden away… I close my eyes and take a breath, to steady myself and not panic.

“What is going on?  How am I here… things like this… shouldn’t be possible, and my dreams… how…”

But her form and supple skin practically scream sex at me, and the latex conjuring up so many images, so many I try to save for late at night…

She moved close enough that her warm breath drifted and teased against his right ear and cheek, her cherry scent getting stronger as she continued in that honey sweet voice of hers, “Your dreams brought you to me my dear… You wanted me in your dreams…. But that wasn’t enough… So your dreams pushed you to the book and through it to me here in realty…”

She raised her left hand to trace a fingernail along his cheek as she continued, “You remember your dreams don’t you? Oh I do… I remember how you like it when I slowly stroke your cock… How much you love it when I wrap my red lips around the head and suck and lick on you… You remember it don’t you?”

As she had spoken to him, her right hand had drifted down his body towards that which she had put his mind upon…

She was more than beautiful.  She was everything my teenage and fantasy mind could put together.  Her voice resonating across my being, and that sudden smell that clouded everything so deliciously… her words…  suddenly, there was touch, and my cheek was alight with sensation as the rest of me went rigid as her voice kept going… and going… a gasp at my lips, eyes widening as my tongue stammers, my voice wanting to agree, to agree and say I remember…

Then, a sudden step back as reality snaps back into place.  My breathing already quickening, body already reacting to just the sound of her voice, the smell of her body… What is happening? Rationality, in its need to control and understand, took the reigns again.

“Those.. those were… are, dreams.  F-fantasies… that’s all they are.”  I don’t sound brave, but at least I can still speak after being so overwhelmed by everything happening.  “You… who are you?  Why do you wish this?  What games are you talking about?”  Questions, quick questions, trying to keep my eyes on her eyes, and not running down the body of curving supple skin and black shining latex.  There has to be something going on, something else, anything…

She reversed the direction of her finger and drew it upwards as she replied, “Come now… Are you telling me that you don’t believe that dreams can be made reality? Off hand I would think that my standing here would be proof that this is reality…” Her fingers came back to his chin and stopped there as she said with amusement in her voice, “You know that you have felt it… You sensed me in the shadows watching you when you fell to sleep in the night… You know that all of the clues were there in the morning when you finally slipped back into your world again, but you didn’t see them for what they were… So now… Now we are here and you can’t ignore the fact that I’m here and so very very real…”

Her right index finger tapped once on his lips as she continued, her tail swisching behind her slowly, “I am Tera. If you will notice, you will see the tail behind me… And… If you would pay attention…”

She moved that hand away from his lips and then pointed to her red horns in her raven hair, “See the horns? Get the picture?”

And just smiled as the truth began to sink in before she crossed her arms over her black latex covered breasts and waiting for him to figure out the rest of the game…

“I-I know… what you look like… w-what you must be…” Of course I knew, I couldn’t stop myself from looking.  Every angle, every curve burned in my mind.  It was so hard not to look where her arms rested…

“W-what is it you wish of me… Tera, right?”  I swallowed hard – I couldn’t argue, dream or not… it felt real, her touch, the emptiness of this place besides her throne in the black background… I was here, now, and where here was, I had to deal with it.  “Why were you in my dreams… if you were?  Why did you want me here?  And the game…”  Images from old dreams… all of them sexual, all of them mind numbingly hot, pushed to the forefront of my thinking even as I tried to clear my head.  What type of game?  No, I can’t lose myself yet, I need to know more…  “What is it?”

She tilted her head to the left and said with bemusement in her voice, “The game is what you make of it my dear… What drives you? Lust? Desire? The questions of life? The meaning of words? The passing of time? The what if and what could have been?”

She came back to him closely, her breasts touching against his chest, her legs just spread enough that she could rub her hot sex against his thigh… Her lips just above his once more as she said to him huskily, “Will you give into temptation and deliver yourself into….”

She left the end of that question empty as her lips pressed against his once more and drew some of his hungers from within and use them to her own ends later… As he would see..

A lick of her tongue over her red lips as she said. “mmmmm… You taste devine you know… I will enjoy you so very very much…”


And so it rather abruptly ends…

Another shame really…


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    • James on June 16, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    Yes, it is a shame. Some very, very fine writing here.

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