Lego Succubus

I was randomly looking through Google Image Search for Succubus images when I came across a Lego site.

And the amazing work that Justin Stebbins creates…

He has a website that displays all of his beautiful Lego creations and one of those pages has characters he has made from Lego that are from D&D.

And in particular interest to me, is that he made a Lego Succubus named Fall-from-grace.

Lego Fall-from-grace by Justin Stebbins

You can see the page with his creations here

And his website is:

And I really really really would love to have a copy for our collection…


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    • James on June 10, 2009 at 11:30 am

    Awww . . . she’s cute . . . and hands designed for grabbing.

    Of course, we need to work out lego constructions for horns and a tail . . . 😈


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