Temptations XIII – Tera, Bella and Rose

Last week Rose, played by dearest Aria made her appearance, that RP moved on to an RP with a member of the Garden called Nymph who I haven’t seen for ages… She created a persona called Bella…


Tera, Bella and Rose

By TeraS, Aria and Nymph


Bella bit her ruby lip as she scanned the shelves.   It just had to be here, she thought with an air of frustration.  The university library’s occult section was rather legendary, and she had heard rumours of the tome that she was seeking.

The red-headed woman toyed with her pendant, a celtic pattern of knotwork etched in silver, as she scanned the next bookshelf.  She snorted to no one in particular, of course it’s too much to ask for an place like this to use the Dewey Decimal system.

Her leather boots clicked against the marble tile of the floor.   Bella was looking for the Ancilla Grimoire.   She’d been a domme for sometime, and owned more than a few women.   But she hungered for something more.   Her darker dreams relished flights of fantasy that were impossible in the real world.   She wanted to taste the nectar of complete ownership of women – mind, body and soul.

A rose blush spread across her cheek as she thought of the possibilities that this spell book represented.   It was legendary in folkloric circles – copies of it were at the root of so many shapeshifting legends from Circe and Tiresias to the Welsh Mabinogion.  Sadly the Holy Mother Church took it upon itself to destroy what copies it could acquire during the Middle Ages. 

For a moment she indulged in the thought of twisting the body of a beautiful creature to represent her innermost fantasies.  Bella’s reverie was broken by the sound of footsteps approaching from behind….



A husky voice called out, “Dewey never thought that he would have to put a book from the ancient orient on summoning Kitsune beside a book on casting spells to make a woman mindless in lust…”

The voice paused a moment and then continued, “Can you imagine it? Her thoughts revolving around the need to lap at her Mistress’s wet cunt all powerful in her mind… The need to slither her tongue deep inside to taste a drop of her nectar all encompassing…”

Bella spun around as a twinge of pleasure twined around her legs like snakes and then lapped at her sex sending a spark of hot need into her mind.

The woman that spoke those words stood so close to her, an amused smile tugging at her rose red lips. Bella had only a moment to appreciate the image in front of her. This woman was lust and pleasure personified. From the wild mane of curly raven black hair that surrounded her like an aura. The large firm breasts that caught the eye. The flame red leather top and skirt leading to the so red mid-calf boots she wore.

She nibbled at one long red nail and then said, “You can… Can’t you my dear…”



Bella’s eyebrows raised with a quizzical look at the woman in front of her.   Trying to regain her composure, she tried to ignore the melting sensation moving down from her tummy.  Licking her lips, she replied, “it’s funny that you mention Kitsune – as tricksters go, I always prefered the Coyote or Raven.  But then Japanese folklore has never been my speciality – European and Indian legends were always much more my style.”

Her hips sashayed as she moved closer to the lady in red.  “And in answer to your question, I can certainly imagine just what you’ve described.  My slaves can do that for me every morning…”

Bella leaned in close to the stranger’s bemused lips and caressed her cheek softly, “What I prefer to contemplate is the thought of being able to mold their bodies to match my whims…perhaps even give a girl to the spirit of Kitsune so I can enjoy the pleasure of a foxgirl kneeling and keening for a taste of my sex….”

“But then, I don’t suppose you’d know anything about that…”



The woman smiled and answered, “Only every morning? How interesting… Perhaps they need a bit more training in the ways to properly serve their Mistress… But then again… It’s the training that is the fun isn’t it? The look in their eyes as they come to know that you are their universe… Their desire… The only thing that will ever matter to them again…”

Her hands drew across Bella’s sides until she laced her fingers together trapping her there. To her surprise a moment later Bella felt something tickle it’s way slowly up her right inner thigh and disappear again.

The woman licked her lips and asked, “Total power is so seductive isn’t it?”

Then her lips brushed against Bella’s in a slow sensual dance before the kiss deepened. Bella’s eyes fluttered in the passions of the kiss for a moment missing the green glow that appeared for an instant in the strange woman’s eyes…



Bella responded instinctively to the kiss, drawing her tongue over the lips of the librarian, before sucking sweetly on the offerings of the strange.  The red-headed visitor closed her eyes and felt the warmth of passion further seep into her body.

“Yess…total power is the ultimate satisfaction.  A perfect moment when you realize how much joy you’ve brought to your toys.  That’s what I want…to find more and go further…”

Bella stammered off nonsensically as she felt flustered by the woman’s body pressing against her.  Her breathing was raspy and heavy and pulse racing as she debated trying to pull away or taking control of the situation.  With a trembling hand, she cupped the librarian’s covered breast…dragging her fingernails against the soft flesh to try to even the playing field.



The woman growled and then said, “mmmmm… A vixen after my own heart… How delicious… You want complete power Bella? Are you willing to pay the price?” Bella then felt the woman’s hands cup her bum. She parted her legs so that her short skirt rode up on her hips revealing a bare pussy. She rubbed it against Bella’s thigh making her gasp as a wave of need passed through her.

Then images flashed in front of her eyes. Women laying at her feet. Begging her to command them… Needing her… Wanting her… Anything for her….

Then the scene shifted and Bella found herself looking at a bare pussy. Her lips and tongue needing to taste it… Pleasure it…. Do anything for a moment of bliss…

She came back to the librarian’s sultry smile, her green eyes glinting like an animal’s. She purred and said, “Are you willing to play the game to win the prize Bella?”

She tilted her head and asked, “Or are you just as happy to be something so very special to me for the power instead?”



Rose smiled loving the feel of it all.  She kissed her lover with all she was.  

“Worth the wait, Fear not darling, I am yours now and forever.”  

She kissed Tera back feeling nothing but passion and lvoe for the woman before her.  It was like she never left.  As they kissed her memories of them togther flooded back into her mind.  She was complete now.  

Rose moaned and whimpered with need.  

“Only to please, my love.”  Rose replied with a sweet smile.

The feeling of Tera playing around her clit was wonderful.  She arched herself into Tera’s fingers and moaned.  Her touch was magic, as always.  She craved her inside as she craved to be inside of Tera.

“Mmmmm…  that’s a start.”  Rose said in a gasp of breath. 

She launched herself into Tera’s probing fingers and kissed along her neck.  The pleasure came to her as she buckled under tera’s lovely fingers.  Her hands gathered Tera up and she massaged her butt.  Nothing was sweeter than this.  Tera always knew how to make her feel sooo good.  She could not wait to return the affection.

As she felt Tera inside her, she moved into her and let her mouth find somehting to latch onto to suck and kiss, leaving nothig on Tera neglected.



Tera sighed happily and then tossed her hair leaving it a wild mane around her. She licked her lips and then said, “Rose my darling… We can’t play too long and I regret that… But I have someone that you will love to meet…. She wants something from me… But I think that she would be so much more fun if she was one of mine…”

She twisted her fingers a little deeper into Rose and then let a growl of happiness escape from her lips as Rose’s lips touched a nipple and then sucked on her. Tera’s body quivered in need from the pleasure and she whispered, “Ohhhhh…. She can wait a bit longer….”

Tera fell to Rose’s side and then snuggled against her lovingly, the passions within them both warming their bodies and minds. Tera’s tail twined around Rose’s left leg and rubbed against her so softly making little waves of pleasure pulse around her so wet pussy. She looked into Rose’s eyes and whispered, “A start and never an ending Rose my sweet….”

Then Tera pressed against Rose, their bodies pressed tightly together, their kisses so deep, their legs tangled together making their pussy rub just barely against each other….

And only the passions mattered for them both..



At her name, Rose looking ino those wonderful eys and softly smiled.  

“A Friend of yours is always one of mine.”  Rose  mewed.

She cocked her head trying to fathom what this person would want that wasn’t given.  Before she could ask, Rose found something else of interest.  

Rose moaned and moved into Tera, nuzzling and kissing her way as she was riding each pleasant wave of bliss.  She snuggled and moaned with santifaction.  She smiled at Tera’s words.  Her mouth opened, receiving her lover’s kiss.  It filled her like her passion filled the room.  Her body moved to Tera. loving her, needing her, and showing her what she been waiting for.

When the moment turned into what seemed like a timeless endeavor, Rose whimpered when Tera broke the spell.  She knew it was time for things to happen now.  Her eyes twinkled letting her passion course through her.  

“Your friend… wants to know love.  I will show her love.  The passion within me will be hers to taste.  Then i will make her beg for you as i have on occassion.”  Rose smiled and giggled.  Her mood ripe with need and wanting to make Tera happy.  She knew she could. Rose would not fail her lover. 

Rose only knew love and planned on sharing it with all. that Tera would allow.



The librarian’s cunt left a wet trail of juice on Bella’s thigh.  It seared her; stoking the flames of desire even higher.  As the raven-haired woman spoke, Bella could taste and smell the essence of the stranger on her lips.   She had a savory scent that made the redhead’s mouth water.

She wanted to pull away from the embrace even as her hands slipped down to the librarian’s bare pussy.  Bella’s long fingers trembled as they teased the stranger’s lips.  Blow at a stray lock of red hair, she tried to focus on the dark woman’s question.  Price?  What Price, she thought.  

Thought however was growing increasingly difficult…trying to grasp and measure the consequences of what was happening was like trying to capture quicksilver.  The ripe scent of lust in her nostrils allowed rationality to slip away.  What was happening to her…what was she becoming?   

Deep inside Bella wondered if this woman could change her…make her less than human and change her body in the way her subconscious mind craved in the dark hours of the night.

With a supreme effort of will, Bella smiled shakily and began to tap her fingers against the distended clit of the woman in front of her.  “Perhaps sweetness, I can gain the power by taking you instead…it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve taken down a domme after all.  I’m not here to play games…”



Tera kissed at Rose’s lips and then said, “mmmmm…. You are wonderful as always my passion… Now… I must show you the woman we need to teach…”

Tera’s eyes glowed a soft green and an image formed within Rose’s mind. She saw Tera wrapped around a red headed woman in the library, their bodies pressed tightly together in an erotic dance. Tera’s voice echoed within Rose’s mind, “She thinks that she is strong… She thinks she has the power…. But she has no idea what she faces… But she will… Oh yessssssss… She will…”

Tera kissed at Rose’s lips and said, “Her name is Bella… I have plans for her… Come to us my Rose… And she will come to see that the power she seeks will be hers…. If she can pay the price..”

Tera’s body turned to a burst of sweet cherry smelling smoke and then she disappeared leaving Rose alone in their bed….

All was quiet for a moment and then Rose felt Tera’s lips on hers again as she was kissed deeply one last time…

Tera’s voice whispered, “Don’t leave her waiting too long Rose my darling….



The woman moaned at the touch of Bella’s fingers on her clit and then said in a husky voice, “Are you? I am… I always play games with those in my domain…”

As Bella watched, her eyes transformed into two bright green orbs of sensuality. She smiled and then leaned in to nip at Bella’s neck. Then she said, “Oh Bella…. You want the power so badly… The craving within you is so delicious….”

Then the woman looked Bella in the eyes and said, “I am Tera… And you my dear… You need to know something so very important…”

She leaned close against Bella’s right cheek and whispered into her ear, “Passions envelop and desires enflame… But only one thing truly matters… You need that to be explained…”



Rose snuggled Tera as she saw what her lover needed to show.  She focused on the red haired woman and her need.  She heard Tera explain and nodded.  This one had things to learn indeed.  

She kissed those lips and smiled.  Rose repeated the lovely name.  “Bella…”  

As Tera disappeared, Rose lingered in the bed.  Letting all she was shown sink in.  Closing her eyes, she thought of the woman and what they could teach her.  She moaned as she felt lips on her.  The kiss brought her back to the moment.  

When she opened her eyes, she was alone.  But she knew better.  She was never alone…and soon neither would those seeking what Tera offered them.

Getting up from the bed, She thought about putting on a robe but smiled shaking that thought from her mind.  She started walking towards where she knew Tera and Bella would be.  Stopping herself she giggled.  In her mind she, she reached out, and in her own pink puffy smoke, she vanished.

She arrived in the wing where the two were in an embrace.  One she knew she could be apart of.  She slinked over to them and stood against a bookshelf.  She watched them for a moment, feeling passion rise.   Her eyes twinkling.

After a few pleasurable minutes, Rose cleared her throat, breaking the sensual moment and Bella notice her.

“So strong and commanding…”  Rose spoke with her pouty lips and then smiled, adding,  “I would love to taste that.”

Rose stood upright and licked her lips, not moving her violet eyes from Bella.



Bella was lost for a moment in the sylvan sea of Tera’s eyes.  The glowing green seemed to beckon her to deeper pleasures.  Biting her lip, the redhead moaned softly and curled a finger through the swollen folds of the librarian. 

Deep inside though, she was afraid for the first time.  Afraid that she was in over her head, and scared that whatever price that Tera had in mind might be too high.  Still though, her own body was keening with need at this point.   She could feel the silk and lace of her panties cupping her mound as Tera nippled on her neck.

With a moment of clarity, she decided that there were other roads to power and decided to back away from the ledge of madness that Tera seemingly represented.   Bella moaned sadly as she pulled her fingers from Tera’s cleft and indulged herself with a taste of her juices.  Lapping at her fingers, Bella smeared some of Tera’s scent over her lips.  It was as sharp as it was in her imagination.

Bella winked and broke her embrace, not noticing Tera’s easy acquiescence.  It was at that moment that she heard a cough from behind her and a voice saying, “So strong and commanding…I would love to taste that.”

Bella pulled a little further away from Tera as she turned and looked at the woman in front of her.  Her eyes lingered over the pink hair and lips that the girl offered.   Most of all, however, her eyes were drawn to the green tatoo over the delicate well of her navel.

The redheaded woman felt cornered between two vixens….self-consciously she backed up and bumped against Tera.  She couldn’t help but wonder just what she had gotten herself into. 



Rose sighed as her entrance was not the way she wanted it noticed.  Even her speaking was ignored and presence untill the woman ran into her.  Bending down, she reached to the floor and grabbed Bella.  Rose helped her up, almost pulling the woman in to a hug.  She smiled.  

“Well now…”

She pressed herself into the woman little by little.  They were nose to nose now.  She licked her lips.  

“In a hurry? I hope not.”  

Rose let the twinkle in her eyes fade a bit as she held onto Bella.  The woman could feel a tingle as she was touched.  Rose took a step back and bowed her head.

“Forgive me for standing in your way my lady.”

She glanced at Tera.

“Should I be punished?”



Tera smiled as Rose pressed into Bella’s body. She slinked towards them both slowly, her hand trailing between her breasts slowly as she came closer. Around Bella, the smell of cherries grew stronger and stronger….

An erotic smile played at her lips as she said, “Bella…. You were a naughty girl…. All those naughty thoughts in your mind… All that passion and nowhere for it to go…. We well help you with that….”

Tera took another step and her clothing faded away into nothingness. She looked at Rose and said, “I think that Bella needs a lesson first my Passion… And then….” Tera gave that smile again, “Then she will be either a teacher or the teached…”



Bella was incredibly confused by the sights and sounds around her at this point.  She could feel the stranger’s lovely nipples pressing against her body.  Her body responded instictively to it…aching a bit more with the need that Tera had started.   She could feel her long pink nipples pressing against the fabric of her clothing.

She wanted to pull away but nude woman’s arms held her tight…until she finally relaxed and pulled back.  Bella still wanted to run, but the scent of cherries dulled the flight reaction coursing through her veins.  

Bella listened to Tera’s words only dimly understanding what was going on.   Her green eyes darted between the lovely forms of the two women on either side of her.   Realizing that Tera had paused, Bella could only stammer….”What kind of lesson…?”



Tera smiled as her fingertips traced over Bella’s body so slowly. The touch making her need grow until all there was in her mind was the need within. Tera pressed herself tightly against Bella and said, “It’s so very simple Bella… A test… Make Rose yours…. If you can….”

She took a nail and ran it slowly down Bella’s cheek and then along her neck, “If you manage to seduce her… You will have a reward…. If you fail…. You will have another reward….. Perhaps….”

Tera moved her hand away and then snapped her fingers…

The library vanished in a puff of cherry and pink smoke as Tera’s laughter filled the air around Bella….

The smoke cleared and she found herself nude along with Tera and Rose beside a large four post bed…

Tera pressed her lips against Bella’s as her hands cupped and played with her bum, “Now then…. I’m going to watch you and Rose play your game…. I might even add to the fun from time to time….. Maybe…”



Bella’s senses reeled as she tried to take things in.   For the first time, she felt that she saw the real Tera…the red skin, green eyes, horns, and of course that tail.  Even with the rivulets of moisture trickling down her thighs, she had brains enough to realize that she was playing a game with fewer pieces that Tera.

And how did Rose fit into this….

Looking over her supple body and upturned breasts, Bella could feel her desire swell for the woman.  Giving into that need she gripped Rose’s neck gently and licked her neck.  Pausing for a moment to take in her scent…sweet and cloying…almost inhuman.

Cocking an eyebrow, Bella dragged her fingertips along the lovely curves of Rose’s breasts.  She turned her head to lock eyes with the demon smiling sweetly at her.  “Tell me Tera, if this….creature…is your pet, what chance do I have of breaking her?”

Bella punctuated her point with a pinch of Rose’s swollen nipple…



Rose looked between the two women.  She understood what Tera was doing, but Bella was something new to her.  She could not predict her moods or know in her heart what she needed like she did with Tera.  This made her excited.  

She was running her hands down her body listening when she noticed Bella took a step forward toward her.  She felt the desire grow within Bella.  It almost matched her own.  She gasped as the woman’s lips touched her skin and she felt that tongue slowly snake its way around her neck.  The feeling died down as thewords came from bella’s mouth.  She looked at her with confusion and hurt as her passion stood still inside her.

Rose’s eyes flickered at the word “pet”.  She was not Tera’s pet… she was so much more.  Bella did not even scratch the surface of what she was for and to Tera.  But she would see, feel it, and know it, before this game was over.  One way or another she would understand and regret calling her a pet as if she was Tera’s lap dog or cat.

As she quietly fumed about it, there was a pinch and she moaned.  Bella’s fingertips tweaked her nipple just so.  She looked from Tera to Bella at once.  Her eyes full with need and want.  She felt her passion boil over and she reached out to hold Bella and pull her closer.  She wanted something to suck on badly.  Breasts of her lover and the other woman looked so pleasing and to die for.  She nuzzled Bella pushing her body back into her.

Then she paused and broke away.

Her passion still running but her mind stopped her actions.  What would Tera want of me?  She thought.  I am her passion…so as passions go I should follow through and enjoy.  Yes…enjoy the moment.  Enjoy Bella 

Rose smiled and licked her lips, feeling her passion feed her hunger.  One way or another she would be having that taste of Bella.



Bella could see the slight shadow of confusion and hurt cross Rose’s face.  In that moment, she appreciated that there was something different in the pink-haired woman’s relationship with Tera.  Exactly what that is…she couldn’t say…but clearly the woman wasn’t a brainless sex-husk.

The redheaded domme tried a different tack…

“I’m sorry Rose…that was rude of me…”  Bella paused to place a darting kiss on her neck.

“when I say pet, I don’t mean anything bad.  My pets are free.   Turned loose from the bonds repression, doubt, uncertainty.  They’re free from the pain of lost loves.  My pets can fulfill their ultimate potential and have unending sexual passion.  Is that soo bad?  Can passion be wrong?”

Bella wrapped her arms around Rose and rubbed her nipples against Rose’s beautiful body.

“Tell me sweetness, do you have access to magic like Tera?  Perhaps you’d like to dress me as the Domme you’d envision me as…”

The redhead’s green eyes twinkled as she pulled Rose’s lower lip in her mouth to suck.  Between the breathy suckling sounds, she finished her thought…”then you and I can begin.”



Tera smiled and then said, “Remember this Bella…. Rose has thorns…. You have touched one… That will cost you Bella…”

Her tail snaked out from behind her towards Bella. It played with her hair a moment and then fell away. A moment later and to Bella’s surprise, her hair grew longer and turned a flame red colour Wild curls exploded from it making it a wild passionate mane about her. Tera bushed a few errant locks over Bella’s shoulders and said, “For each thorn you touch, you will change Bella…. But what will you become?” Tera gave Bella’s right nipple a soft pinch as that knowing smile passed over her sultry lips.

Then Tera took a few steps away from the bed and reclined in a red leather couch, her tail twisting in the air behind her.

She blew Rose a kiss and sent to her mind, “Teach her well my Passion…



As Bella spoke she could hear her trying to sway her with her logic.  If she was human she might have been swayed with the words and the touch from her.  She was human but with a twist.  She had the emotions and cravings of her human self, added to it the mystical powers and exsistence of tera and her realm.  It was through tera’s love she was able to stay in tact.
Rose nodded and gave a little pouty smile, accepting her apoligy.   She felt the kiss and gasped in pleasure, liking the fell on her skin.  She looked to the eyes of Bella as the woman explained.

Her face loosened up from its made state and she understood what Bella was trying to say.  She smiled when it came to passion.
“Oh no…passion itself is never wrong.”  Rose agreed and welcomed the woman against her body.  It ignited the fire within her again.
She smiled wider at the tought.  Her first impulse was to completely change Bella into something but that did not seem right, since she had tera already.  She she just nodded the answer and blinked for a moment.  
She reached out to touch bella’s stomach.  A puff of pink smoke surrounded Bella. When it cleared, her nude body was replaced by a red corset that exposed her breasts, some red hose with a garterbelt, crouchless panties, and red heels to complete the outfit.  Rose giggled for a moment.
“It’s how you use it, that brings people astray.  much like love itself.”  Rose added.
It was then she heard her lover’s words, scolding Bella and adding to the fun of the game.  Bella’s new look just made the outfit more appealing and the body within it more desireable.  
She closed her eyes for a moment savoring the vision and feeling of this beauty against her.  It was then she heard tera inside her.  she smiled, letting her eyes open and see the kiss. She let out a small soft moan.
“I think … its time to play.”  Rose said looking at Bella.



Bella staggered back in her new heels a bit as she felt the combined changes from Tera and Rose cascade over her.   Every inch of flesh tingled with arousal at what had been done.   She swept her head back and forth to feel the brushing of her mane of red ringlets.   And then realizing the outfit that Rose had place her in, she smiled seductively and cupped her breasts for the benefit of Rose.

Once again, she wondered whether she wasn’t being outmanouvered in this game, was this a set up?  What little commands and messages was Tera giving to her partner?   Clearly the change in hair was a bit of a warning shot in regard to the price that might be paid at some point if she botched things.  Still though, she craved the power to do what the two of them had at their command.  Quickly, she considered her next move.

“mmmm…that’s so nice Rose.  You’ve done wonderfully.  I can just tell we’re going to be lovely friends and so much more.”   Bella watched carefully as Rose perked up an eyebrow to consider what she was meaning.   

The redhead tipped her head from side to side to thrash out her mane again and walked towards Rose.   She could follow the woman’s eyes as they watched the roll of Bella’s hips.  Twin hands lovingly caressed the golden shoulders of the blonde woman and push her back onto the soft downy cushions of the bed.

“And you’re right, it is time to play…”

Bella’s left hand caressed Rose’s cheek and parted her lips.   She smiled down at the woman as a pink tongue slid out to kiss and suck on her elegant fingers.  With her right hand, Bella hefted her breast.  “Would these please you, sweetness?  Would you like to suckle from my teat?”

Rose nodded wordlessly as Bella caressed her thick plaits of blonde hair.   She drew the girl to a ripe and needy breast.  A gasp slid out of Bella’s mouth as Rose’s tongue and lips began to dance over the aching pink and freckled flesh.

Bella’s voice was raspy with desire as she leaned over to whisper to Rose.  “Have you thought about why Tera’s brought me here?  Have you wondered why she’s left you so incomplete?”



Rose smiled as Bella relished the look she and Tera gave her.  She was lovely before but now her true beauty was coming out.  Her eyes watched how Bella moved. She notied that she seemed to be thinking.  She took in a breath as Bella showed off the wonderful breasts.

“I am glad you like it.”  Rose said in reply, letting the rest of what Bella said sink in.  

Rose was caught in the imagine before her, she fell to the bed without much of a fight.  Her eyes looked upward to Bella who seemed now to be towering over her.  She felt th caress of the hand and  moved to it.  So much love, so much promise within its touch.  

As rose suckled and enjoyed the breast before her she heard the words that again felt like pink pricks to her ears and heart.  She slowly stopped and took one last kiss of the breast and its nipple before sitting back on the bed.  

“Incomplete?”  Her confused eyes started to glimmer with wetness as the meaning eluded her.  Rose always felt complete with Tera.   Rose did not understand why anyone could think she was incomplete.
What did Bella mean by her questions.  She did not know the reasons, just that they were good ones and tera was always right. 

She looked into Bella’s eyes wanted to just show her what it was like to be tera’s passion.  How could she when rose kept hearing only confusing and hurtful things mixed with love.  
Rose got an idea just then.  she could show her exactly passion was.  She scooted back on the bed and layed back.  her arms motioned out for Bella and her fingers beckoned her to follow.

“Let me show you just how complete i am, my lady.” 



Tera listened to Bella’s words and just smiled, her tongue slowly slipping over her red lips. She thought to herself, “Ah…. Bella…. Watch the thorns… So close… And then…. Then I will have another little piece of you before you can realize it…”

She considered what part of Bella would change when her next mistake was tripped over…. And then she had it…. Bella’s lusts were not quite hot enough as yet… Tera twitched her left index finger and a slow simmer began around Bella’s lusts as Rose’s passions tugged at her….

Tera’s tail coiled around her right arm and then she nibbled a nail slowly then thought of what Bella was turning into making her pussy so wet….

Tera could hardly wait….



Bella glanced nervously at Tera as she felt a fresh flood of heat rushing to her cleft.  Her pussy twinge with delight.  Smiling down at Rose, she couldn’t help but feel her new lust directed at the delectible woman in front of her.  She slid down and wrapped herself in Rose’s sinuous embrace.

“Surely, you know that Tera has a plan for you…” Bella whispered as her tongue slide over the ridge of Rose’s ear.  The domme could feel Rose’s hand sliding over her breasts and back as they began to roll on the bed.  With a gasp, she continued her thought, “Doesn’t it stand to reason that she has a plan for me?”

Bella slid back on top of Rose – pinning the tatooed woman’s leg between her thighs.  Slowly, Bella began to slide her dripping mound over Rose’s tender thighs.  Between moans, she whispered, “Tera loves you so much….and she wants you to be cared for while she’s away with her others.”

“Have you ever heard the story of the Rose and the Briar?”



Rose kissed Bella and embraced her.  Her body pressed itself into the woman who so wanted to dominate and control rose.  Rose felt chills develop at the nibbling of her ear. It made her giggle some.

“Tera only wants for those who come to her to find what they truely seek.”  Rose said as she nodded up at bella.  

Rose felt the woman move on top of her.  The swinging movement, of bella swaying back and forth, and up and down on her leg could be felt.  It made her grow warm and flushed.  The passion rising again.

 “It seems to me you are the one with a plan.”  Rose moaned.

She reached to hold and caress Bella and tried to bring her down to her on the bed.  Her eyes flickered with lust and passion.  She moved into bella easily now, more relaxed.

“Tera has my love, as i do hers and is never far away.”  rose started.  “And you are the one to care for me?”  Her voice sounded strong, full of desire, and fragile

She shook her head at the question.  “Tell me the story.”  Rose said as she pulled bella more to her for a cuddle and to feel her wholeness and wetness agaisnt her as she listened.



Bella wrapped herself easily into Rose’s arms.  The woman tried to cuddle softly with the pink bombshell in her arms, but the tweaks to her libido were making that difficult.  Her story was intermixed with licks, kisses, and gentle scrapes of her red fingernails against Rose’s warm flesh.

“This is from a very old song that I learned many moons ago.  There were once two doomed lovers.  One lay dying and called her lover to her side.   The woman scorned her mate in a pique of jealousy as she had seen her flirting with others.  It wasn’t until her mate had died that she realized what she lost in not having that companion.  The hard-hearted woman’s heart broke with grief and she followed her lover to the grave.”

This preamble was whispered softly as Bella’s fingers traced soft circles over Rose’s shoulder…moving lower to the curve of her breast…and then following the sinuous lines of her tatoo until finally slipping over the glistening bare lips of her mound.

“The two were buried side by side…”

Bella’s free hand wrapped her fingers around Rose’s as she extended both of their arms over Rose’s head.  “Out of their bosom’s new life grew…”

The redhead was kissing Rose’s pretty neck as her own passion welled up inside her.

“In one lover a rose grew…”  Fingers softly parted Rose’s labia.

“From the other sprung a briar…”  The fingers began a gentle rythym circling and teasing Rose’s sex.

“They grew and grew together up the side of the old church tower…”  Bella slid herself against Rose’s breasts, wrapping her legs around the woman, pinning her to the bed.

“The rose and briar twined and mixed in a true lover’s knot.”   Bella’s index finger paused at the entrance of Rose’s moist and open cleft.

“Don’t you see, Tera meant for this to happen, she’s brought me to you so we can grow together as one in a true lover’s knot….”

Bella slide her finger into Rose’s pussy as she kissed her passionately on the lips.



Rose smiled as the heat of Bella’s passion grew.  She played with her hair as she lowered her mouth to kiss and nibble on her.  She paid close attention when Bella spoke.

She listened to the start of this sad tale.  She could feel the heartbreak and the love as the words were spun.  Then the slow traces of Bella’s finger could be felt.  Her mind drifted to that feeling.  She softly moaned as it moved down over her breast, her body moved up to meet it as it traveled her body.

Her eyes returned to Bella’s as she again spoke.  She did not resist Bella at all while she talked of the two poor lovers.

She gasped, feeling her self open up to Bella’s touch and the words sank it.  She did not know what to think, but their meeting did seem to mirror that of the story.  Her eyes widen as Bella held her so, bound her with a kiss.  She tasted Bella sweet lips, ones that hungered for love, and be loved.

When the kiss broke, Rose had tears in her eyes.  They made her eyes glistened.

“There is only one flaw to that story and us, siren Bella….  we are not doomed.”  Rose said in-between breaths.

She moved her hips to match the pushing her the inserted finger.  It felt good and she knew that Bella’s love was pouring out.  

With a giggle, rose touched Bella’s breast with hers.  Her mouth so wanted to taste them too.  But it would wait.

She kept pushing into Bella’s finger and moved one hand from Bella’s grasp.  It went to run through that lovely mane of hair.  She leaned up to whisper, “So eager are you to have me, and to deny me my passion.”  She moved again, once into Bella.  She kissed her and blinked.

A puff of smoke surrounded them and then Bella found them trading places.  Rose was on top and Bella was fingering rose lying on her back.  Holding one wrist she began to put it into the silk tie.  She moved from Bella’s working hand and lowered herself to feast on the body that lay before her.  She tried to grab the other hand, now soaked in her juices.

“Whether what you think is true, you need to learn to enjoy also.”  Rose kissed Bella’s body and got the other hand to tie in the other scarf over head.

“Let me show you the way to enjoyment my sweet Bella.”



Bella moan as her hands slipped into silken bondage.  It was harder and harder to focus with the small changes in her body.   The feel of her fiery red mane created little erotic trembles almost everywhere it seemed.

“…we are not doomed.”

That phrase rattled around Bella’s increasingly addled head for a time as Rose’s pink tongue darted over her bound form.  With a moan she was finally able to respond…”but Rose, we’ve both kissed a succubi…we are doomed…doomed to be hers.”

It was harder and harder to speak as Rose moved lower down her body.  She wanted to say that the two of them were destined to grow together so that the Rose could blossom properly.   But a sexual haze crowded out the other bits of noise in her mind.

She rubbed a toned calf against her lover and gave into the pleasure.



Rose kisses Bella around her mouth and nexk.  She can hear the whispers from her of what shold be and this feeds her need to show her what is.  With every kiss, Rose feels Bella’s resistance dwingle.  She was relaxing and Rose was fired up and ready to feed off of the lovely captive’s need.

“What a sweet kiss it was, wasn’t it.” Rose smiles  “I want to be hers.  Don’t you?”
Rose kissed her on the lips and breathed life into her as was done to her by Tera.

“It is not a bad thing afterall.”  

She chuckled and licked her lips and begain to bit and suck at those pert nipples and run her figners in that mane of hair.   A moan escaped her lips as she felt Bella rub her body wiht that wonderful leg.  Finally Bella was begining to see the passion as Rose saw it.



Tera watched Bella and Rose entwined on the bed. The fingers of her hands played over her nipples as she watched them play in each other’s arms. She gave a little happy sigh as Rose pressed her lips again Bella’s nipples and then said in a wanton voice, “mmmmm…. Isn’t it wonderful Bella? All that passion to be enjoyed? All that pleasure just asking to be pouring into you? You want that don’t you?”

Tera’s eyes glowed a soft green and then Bella’s breasts grew just slightly becoming firm and raising proudly on her chest. In the next instant the sensitivity of them doubled within them. As Rose would lick and suckle at them, Bella would feel the heat building and then pulsing down her tummy. It would swirl lower and lower until all of that need and pleasure bore into her clit and drove her towards her desire for the passions that Rose offered her…

And Tera bit her lips as she watched the two on the bed stoke the flames within themselves higher and higher still…



A shuddering moan slipped out of Bella’s lips as her breasts…titties?…grew.  The combination of Rose’s dexterous tongue and the increased sensation was clouding her mind.  With her free leg, the redhead rubbed her thighs against her lover’s supple body and flash her brillant green eyes at Tera watching them.

“…god…it…*gasp*…feeels ssoooooo…*moan* good…”

Rose popped one of her nipples into her mouth and suckled like a babe.  Bella could taste the scent of cherries and cotton candy floating inexplicably about the bed.  Resistance was trickling out of her like the juices from her swollen gaping cunt.

She arched her back into Rose’s affections, arms stretched and taut over her head.   The woman’s body began to writhe as if performing for both Rose and Tera.  Her eyes rolled back into her head as the words slipped out involuntarily…”iii.iii wwwaaaannnttt…thisss.  wwwwant to beee ccchannged.”



Rose hungerly sucked at the nipple, theb reast seem to swell as she did so.  Magic was a work again she could feel it in the air, along with the sexuasl musk of Bella.  The scent of it drove her to suckle more.  She smiled hearing Bella give into what was happening.

Her hands snaked downward, to trail along the beautiful sides of her lover.  one hand caressed a leg while the other found the inner folds and clit that was exploding to find its release.  she teasingly stroked it by brushing her thumb by it every so often.  then her hand cupped over it and stroked it with even and gentle touches.

Her lips kisses along the chest till it find the other nipple and sucked it too.

She could hear maons of pleasure around her and inside her mind.  It was musically and pushed her onward.



Bella melted around Rose’s hand.  Her pussy wanted to be penetrated, fucked, to clasp its folds around Rose’s fingers and never let go.   Her eyes rolled back into her head as words failed her. 

The continued to writhe on the bed like a butterfly pinned by a collector – beautiful and helpless.

In her mind, the fading rational part of her being wondered what the two women would turn her into… 



Instictively, Rose carefully pressed her finger just inside the inner lips of Bella’s flower.  She felt the body respond and she pushed it in further.  Still suckling, Rose did not miss a beat, as her finger found its stride and gently moved inside of Bella.  in and out, in and out.  Slow and fast, fast and slow.  An addition of another finger soon followed and the blessed assult continued.



Bella’s hips rose to meet Rose’s fingers as she shook back and forth under the assualt of her lover.  Her long hands clawed at empty air as she tried to focus on her release.   Moans and sighs egged Rose on as Bella’s body responded so nicely.

As time passed, Bella’s brow furrowed.  She bit her lip in frustration.  Rose took her again and again to the edge of orgasm.   Each time, Bella tried to leap over the edge and surrender to her body’s needs.  But something held her back.   Each time she tried to focus on her climax, she could feel it slip out of her hands like quicksilver.

Bella’s green eyes snapped open and passed between Rose and Tera.  A plaintive moan of pure need lept from her lips.



The fire inside of Rose fully ignited and she let it show as her fingers and tongue sought out Bella.  SHe dove two fingers inside her folds and felt the wetness there.  she breathed in taking in more of the breast at her mouth.  She encompassed the woman fully with all of her being and body.

“This is Tera’s love, I am her passion.”  Rose spoke after she took a heavy breath.  The phrase echoed deep inside Bella’s mind and lingered there.

Rose made passionate and unyeilding love to Bella.  Kissing, caressing, and fucking her sensless. slowly and steady,. fast and hard, all the ways she could muster in what seemed forever.  all the while calling to tera, in her mind. 



Tera sighed as Rose’s call for her filtered through the pleasures she was wrapped in. With a slight pout she stood up and walked the short distance between the chair she was in, and the bed that Rose and Bella shared. She walked to the edge of the bed behind the two of them with a naughty smile on her lips.

Her tail slipped around in front of her and then the soles of Bella’s feet were ticked slightly by the tip. Then Tera began to speak as she walked around the edge of the bed towards Bella’s lovely lips that whispered and in the next moment moaned her need for release, “Bella….. Bella Love… You know now of Rose…. She is my passion… She has been for time unending so…. But there is another…. She is as important as Rose is to me…. As hot and fiery in her desires as Rose is in her passions…. You want that don’t you Bella? You want to be my Desire… You need to have that soooooo badly….”

By now Tera had made her way to stand behind Bella, Tera’s so wet pussy so close to Bella that she could smell the cherry of it… Tera gently stroked Bella’s hair as she explained, “All you have to do is accept that you are my Desire…. Accept that you will be with us forever more… Understand that we will cherish and love you in ways that you cannot imagine or remember right now, but you will…”

She leaned down and kissed at Bella’s lips, the cherry taste of her lips making Bella’s needs grow stronger and brighter within her. Then Tera kept her lips pressed to hers as she moved to rest herself alongside Bella. She slipped a hand towards Rose’s so wet pussy and then rubbed a long slim finger against her clit as she moaned to Bella, “Say yesssssss Bella….. Just that one word and you will understand it all…..”



Rose could feel her mistress and lover beside them.  she didn ot need to look up, she smelt the scent of cherries and felt her as if she was in her soul.  It madce Rose pump Bella harder.  

Her own passion grew as she helped enlightened Bella.  She understood now that withoth desire, there could be no passion.  without the passion there was no love.  Both had to exist. Both were as important to the other and both were loved just as much.  

Rose eased up a little so Bella would do most of the work now as she felt tera’s finger on her own clit.  She moaned and gasped able to have her release she badly needed.

She let up on the nipple  and whispered, “Say yes Bella…” and moaned louder as she felt herself let go fully. 


And I really regret that this RP ended there… It was just amazingly delicious to watch this all this come together..

What was next?

Well I think you can guess…



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