Jun 03 2009

Another Unknown Succubus Card Game Card

I found this on an image search using that new search engine from Microsquish under an image search of the words Succubus.

Lucricia from Unknown RP Card Game

I have no idea who she is, what she is in the game save for what is on the card. The game itself is unknown to people I have asked if they knew what it was…

If anyone has a clue, please post it in the comments on this entry in the Tale?


Thank you much!




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    Well, I can’t be certain, but it appears she is an expansion card for the “Vampire: The Eternal Struggle” card game, originally released in 1996. The reason you’re having so much trouble tracking her is because her expansion set, the “Sabbat”, was originally released in 1999, almost pre-Internet.

    I found the main source right here, just be careful of the pop-ups, and then what Sabbat was in the second link.


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    Somebody posted something helpful, leaviong me to only say “Hi” 😕

    But, umm, Justin, while the ‘net may have been more primitive way back then, it did exist in the ’90s. 😉


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    The game is indeed Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, but the card is an unofficial fan made custom card.

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    That you for the clarification!!


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