Temptations XII – Rose

One of my dearest dearest friends on the Garden is Aria…


She and I did an RP in Temptations that is…. well… Sort of a part of the Mythos of what I call the Collective Succubi…


Temptations X – Rose

By TeraS and Aria


Ari stands there dazed for a moment.  Looking at you, she shakes her head trying to clear it.

I find your eyes and hear your musical voice.

A thousand questions fill my mind but before i can ask any, they float away from me.  I walk closer slowly feeling energy and lust eminate from you.  A soft moan comes to my lips as i feel you inside my head.   I hear vague whispers that  caress my mind, but can’t quite understand them.

Only thing i can say is, “What kind of game?”



Tera laughed softly and said, “The game was begun when you found the book…” She stood up and walked towards Ari, her tail peeking over her shoulder, the tip seemingly looking at Ari as Tera came slowly closer. She asked, “Tell me Ari… Have you seen the rain?”

At the word, a fine mist began to fall from the darkness coated her clothing and soaking into her skin. But instead of feeling cold, a heat began to build within Ari’s body. There was a flash of light within her mind and for a moment she saw herself dressed in a tight fitting latex bodysuit frantically clawing at her pussy as it brought her to the edge of orgasm. She was soooo close…. Soooooooo close… The heat was almost there…. And then the vision disappeared leaving her standing there soaked to the skin in the rain.

Tera stood just out of her reach, her arms crossed over her breasts, nibbling on a fingernail. With amusement in her voice she asked, “Need a change of clothes Ari?”



Ari Watched in curiosity and fear as the woman rose from her throne like chair.  She started to back away, relizing quickly there wasno where to go.  She tilted her head seeing the tail move. She stoped where she was, entranced by the tail’s movement.  Her eyes followed the tail and then the voice.

“Rain?”  Ari said as if not understanding the word.  The question she should have asked faded, like everything in the room, except the woman in red.

She looked down seeing her clothes dampen slightly.  Then she gasped as the vision came to her and she felt the heat build and grow.  A small moan came from her lips as the vision intensified and the feeling of pleasure comsumed her.

Ari looked down at her clothes.  She was shivering now from the wetness.  She almost heard the laughter from Tera as she spoke.  Her mind trying to comprehend what was going on.

“I do, it seems.”



Tera walked closer until a hint of cherries came to Ari’s senses. She began to walk in a slow circle around her as she spoke, “mmmmmm…. I almost like you better this way Ari… Your top soaked against your skin like that… Your body slowly cumming back from that moment of ecstasy….”

Tera stopped behind her and then she breathed hotly in Ari’s ear, “Or maybe I should wrap you in something that covers you, but leaves you totally naked to the eye….”

Then Ari was surprised as Tera’s hands slid around her sides to cup her breasts. Tera’s palms rubbed slowly against Ari’s nipples through the soaked top she wore. Then to her surprise, for an instant, she felt a wave of pleasure ripple from Tera’s hands through her nipples making them quiver, as they became stiff in a sudden explosion of need within her.

Tera gave a little moan as she nibbled on Ari’s ear, “mmmm… Wouldn’t you like it that way?”



Ari felt dizzy as  Tera started to wander around her, like stalking her prey.  She took a breath, taking in the scent of cherry and sighed, relexing a bit.  Her guard slowly coming down, confusion and excitiment on edges of her body and mind.

There was a breif image of her in some cacoon like outfit but see through and Ari shook it away.

The breath came and she shivered, feeling herself fill with need.  Hands came round to her and arousal set in again.  Another glorious assult.  She felt herself falling backwards into the demon woman as the pleasure hit. 

All that came out of Ari was small whimpers and moans as she tried to regain herself again.



Tera’s voice was dripping in erotic promise as she whispered, “All that need within you… All that heat building within you Ari… ”

Ari felt Tera’s firm breasts rub against her back through the clothing she wore. The touch sent a wave of pleasure down Ari’s spine and then it swirled around and around her sex until it finally teased it’s way inside her. Then she felt Tera’s long sinuous tail wrap itself around her right arm giving it a little squeeze as it did. Then the tip began to rub against her tummy in a slow circle. As the tip pointed at her sex, it burst into needful flames. The tip moved towards her left breast and then need burst there. Then around towards her right breast and the passion burned there.

Tera smiled wickedly and asked, “Ari… What would you do to have that need within you released? Would you remove all of your clothes? Would you kneel before me? Would you whimper in need and ask for my commands upon you?”

Tera’s tongue slowly drew across Ari’s ear as she asked, “Would you? Could you? You will won’t you pet?”



More moans came to Ari as she listened to the erotic song that was played in her ear and mind.  She arched her body as the passion started to consume her. The world was spinning faster and faster as the fire within her burned brighter and hotter.  

Sweat poured from her pores all around her body and the aching need and desire grew with each passing moment. Ari could barely comprehend what was happening as the fires ignited around and in her.  She reached out  for something to hold as the voice sang again.

With each breath she wanted to put out the fire so she could enjoy the desire and passion she never felt before.  Her mind was screaming as her body racked with pure desire and lust.

Not realizing she was comdeming herself, her soul perhaps to something darker.  Her only thought was of releif and release.  

Ari started to tear at her clothes as she knelt down, trying to put out the fire that burns and stifle the need she never let herself feel.  Her hand roamed to the places that ached.  rubbing, stroking, trying to get some relief.  Nothing helped.  Just made it worse.

Almost breathless, “Yes… please…yes”



Tera looked down at Ari and said, “That’s right Ari… You don’t need clothing like that… So boring… It doesn’t show that hot sexy sultry body you have does it?” As Ari tore her top away Tera’s tail rubbed slowly between Ari’s breasts. Tera asked, “In fact… The idea of covering those lovely breasts of yours is soooo awful isn’t it? You want everyone to see that you are so aroused… Your nipples aching in need… Your breasts burning to be touched…. Fondled…. Licked…. Kissed…”

The smile on Tera’s lips grew larger as the commands bore into Ari’s mind fixing them in place forever. Then she said, “But there is no greater pleasure to you Ari than obeying my will… Every time that you obey me…. Every time you please me… Every time you act like the good little pet you are… You will have a little orgasm… And after 10 of them you will cum wildly…”

Tera’s eyes flashed a bright green, “Won’t you pet?”



Ari only heard the promise of releif from the fires that made her skin burn with desire.  She moaned more as her hands touched her breasts playing with them, as her mind took in everything.  One hand traveled downward, trying to scatch the itch that the fires ignited.  

The thoughts that came to her were constant and unforgiving.  Pictures of herself fully nude and having many hands roaming her body, teasing it, fueling the fires, pushing her to do as she was told.  Her eyes briming with fearlful need that desperately had to burst like a dam.  The promise of releif made her flutter her painful eyes as if sand were in them.  her fate sealed now.  Slowly she nodded as her hands ripped her jeans off leaving her totally vunerable and exposed.  

She only needed to please her, to do as she was told, to become what she secretly desired and then pleasure would come and so would she.

Ari was engulfed in the fires and the words and it was too late to fight or run and hide.  she was helpless and would do anything now.  Any question and curiosty she had  when she entered was now forgotten.

“How do i please you?” was they only one ari cared about and voiced.



Tera cupped Ari’s cheek in her left hand and whispered, “First… Say the words that bind you to me forever Ari… Whatever Tera Wants… Tera Gets….

She leaned in close and nibbled at Ari’s lips gently. As she did so, Ari’s lips became fuller and sexier, turning a hot wet pink as they did. Her tongue lengthened slightly and became so flexible…

Tera then moaned, “And now you can kiss me like my favourite pet should…”



Ari could only obey and looked into those wonderful eyes of her mistress and repeat the words required.

“Whatever Tera wants…”  Ari moaned, “Tera gets.” She whipsered back quivering.  She smiled and moaned  feeling the pleasure hit her as she obeyed.

Happily Ari opened her mouth feeling it a new.  Eager to please, she puckered her lips in a slight pout to kiss and suck on her goddess’s lips and kiss her fully, feverously, and with hunger.  The aching pulsed inside her like a heartbeat.  She felt life breath into her as she kissed her center of the world.



Ari felt herself changing as the kiss lingered.  even after they parted, it waivered through her body and mind.  She nodded as whatever her mistress said, knowing it was what she wanted, would happen regaurdless of her own burning desire.  It pleasured Ari to know she was exactly what Tera wanted… or would be soon.  

“yes mistress… i am all passion.”  Ari moaned, smiling and running a finger, curled in her hair.

She brushed up against Tera wanting to be loved by her, to feel her, to do her bidding so she could feel pleasure and make her mistress happy.   All she wanted to to make her happy, to serve and service her.  feul the fires and keep them buring.

“I am… of your whims, of your pleasures, and yours to command.”



Tera held back the next change for a time. She slipped her arms around Ari’s waist and then said to her, “Ari… I need to tell you something… Something important…. Something that you need to know….”

She pressed herself tightly against Ari, a warm sexy smile playing at her lips. Then Tera’s clothing melted away into nothingness revealing her red skin fully to Ari. Tera pressed her breasts against Ari’s sending shocks of pleasure through them both. She wetted her lips and then said, “I want you too Ari… I want you so much… I want you by my side always…. I want you to be my one Passion…”

Tera’s hands slipped to cup and knead Ari’s firm bum and pulled her closer to Tera than before. Tera looked into her eyes and said, “Think of where you wish to be with me and it will become real Ari…. Just imagine it…. And it will become…”



Ari gasped as her mistress took her in her arms, wrapping herself deep within her grasp.  She listened intently as Tera spoke.  Her breath slowed almost stopped with each word she spoke.

The presence of Tera’s body felt good to her.  She melted more, relaxed more, and feeling more of her against ari’s own body.  She softly moaned enjoying the closeness and attention.  It was hard to focus as Tera continued to speak, as a wave of pleasure hit her from head to toe.

Ari sighed happy hearing she was Tera’s one passion.  The thought echoed through her mind.  The flames burnt brighter inside her, as the desire to be near her and always at her side intensified. The touch and closeness of Tera made her focus on her one desire at that moment.   Ari did not need to think, she couldn’t think. She knew where she wished to be given the choice.

“I wish….Dream of…”  Ari started and trailed off as her mind envisioned her one true desire.

In Ari’s mind, Tera could see a large feather bed, with red satin or silk sheets, with many pillows to hold then captive while they made love.   There was places for ropes and ties so one if so desired could be tied up and blindfolded.  Most importantly, there was room for the two of them, to cuddle and suckle one another.  She could smell candlelight and scent oils all around them.  Also in the room, was a spa tub, full of hot steaming water and suds. It waited for them to sit in and enoy, or for ari to bath her mistress in after the love making.

Ari melted away as this desire to have Tera fully and love her grew more and more.  All Ari wanted was to serve and be loved by Tera and to love her back.  Her mind was so captured by this vision she was unsure what was real and what was a dream.



The darkness shifted around them and Ari’s mind spun for a moment before settling down again. She found herself in the room that she had imagined, but slightly different in a few places…

Ari saw a large four post bed near her. Large enough for four easily. Blood red silk sheets lay across the bed with large white pillows at the head of the bed. The four posts of the bed were ornate carvings of sensual women’s bodies made of wood twining around the posts. Long white silk scarfs were draped over the bed in various places waiting to be used. The lights in the room were dimmed slightly setting a wave of erotic promise around them both. Across from the bed a large bay window was open, a soft warm breeze pushing the red drapes and white lace curtains around slowly.

Tera nuzzled against Ari’s body and whispered, “One more change Ari…. Just one more….”

Ari felt Tera’s tail touch her right foot and then a wave of pleasure passed from her toes to the top of her head. Her skin became slightly tanned and gleamed in the candle light around them. Her body reshaped to increase her pleasure. Her bum rounded and became perfectly heart shaped. Her tummy became so sleek leading to a perky full set of breasts that ached in need. Her neck became long and sleek leading to a face of an angel of passion…

Tera took Ari’s hand and led her towards the bed. With a warm smile on her lips, Tera sat on the edge of the bed, her tail rubbing against Ari’s waist. Tera asked in a needful voice, “I await you Ari… Your density is here for you… Come to me… I want you Love… I need you beside me in pleasure always…”

Tera parted her legs slowly revealing her so wet pussy to Ari. She smiled lustfully and then Tera’s hand slowly slipped along her tummy until her fingers were playing slowly around her folds. She moaned, “Come and play Ari…. Come…”

Tera tossed her hair over her shoulder and then raised her free hand, crooking a finger at Ari, her eyes glinting a bright green, “Come Love….”



Ari felt her body quiver as the pleasure passed through her whole body.  She shivered with one small feeling, almost like an orgasm.  Her eyes glassed over from it.  

Her eyes looked down at the tail just after it touched her.  Then she scanned her own body seeing how lovely she looked.  So beautiful, so delicious, and so horny, it made Ari squeal with excitement.  

Walking to the bed’s edge, Ari looked into her goddess’s eyes.  They called to her, as did the sweet voice of hers.  The nector between the legs of her goddess, held her attention as she watched a snake like hand play just round it.  She gasped as a moan left her lips and she felt suddenly dry.  Still looking down, Ari heard the voice call to her, beckoning her to follow.  Her wildest fantasy in the fleash and she was hesitating.  There was a gently nudge she felt inside as she took a step forward.

The fire tingled her whole body as she continued forward and closer to Tera, the one her heart said was for her.  The ache got more intense with each step.  the closer she got, the more she needed tera, wanted her, loved her and had to have her.

Her hand reached out to stroke the face of her goddess.  Then she knelt down and leaned in to caress and kiss the red flesh before her.  She instinctively nuzzled the bosom and had an urge to suckle.  It was as it should be; it felt right as Ari felt another tinge of an orgasm coming.



Tera moaned as Ari’s soft lips and tongue slithered over her skin. With a little gasp, she drew her arms around Ari’s body and moved her to lay on top of her. Then with a naughty little giggle, her tail raised into the air behind Ari. It twisted back upon itself before the thinner length of it fell between Ari’s supple cheeks, the tip tracing a slow circle of heat around her sex. Tera whispered softly, “Shhhhhh… Relax my Passion…. Enjoy my Love… I know what you want and I know that you want it deep inside of you…. The thought of being loved… Being mine… The passion within you enflamed…. The love you offer returned a thousand times over is overwhelming….”

She stroked Ari’s hair slowly and said, “All of this is yours Ari… You can have this happiness…. You can be with me always and always… You will have to decide… Eventually… But not now….. For now I want you to have what you desire…”

Tera touched Ari’s cheeks and tilted her head to look into Tera’s eyes. Tera smiled and said, “Take the moment Ari and have the passions within you filled… Be the moment… Exist in the moment…. And see what can be if you desire it to be…”



Ari feasted at her breast a minute, then nuzzled her as the arms encompassed her.  She shifted, being lifted up and over the one she craved.  Looking down into the eyes sparkling with green, Ari swam with desire.

Feeling something so close to her opening, Ari took a breath, feeling it just barely touching near it, moving around it, fondling her.  She shivered in delight.  The thoughts came rushing to her.  Strange thoughts but all of love and passion.  Her passion.

Upon the words of Tera, Ari grew less tense and softened.  She listened as her desire cooed to her.  The words seeping inward, to the core.  The flame slowly burning and growing within.

Ari opened her mouth to speak, but only a moan came out, only her desire exposed.  She moved to Tera’s touch as she stroked her hair.

Another moan.  MMmmmm

Ari again met her eyes, the words singing to that part of her she repressed so long ago.  She shifted to be embraced by Tera.  She held her and kissed her, wanting to kiss and be love, just for the moment.  Ari started to let the fire loose as she felt herself let go and fall away becoming the flame of passion.  Her mind saw visions of sexual submission; being tied up and pleased not allowed to touch just feeling it, hands, and mouths of others all over her.  Her making love to Tera.  It faded into a red glow as Ari opened her eyes to see Tera’s red neck just before her mouth.

A touch here, a kiss there, and licking everywhere.

Ari was passion truly now.



Tera let out a long gasp of pleasure and then rolled Ari onto the bed. Tera positioned herself above her making sure that she wasn’t going to be able to squirm out from under her. Then she shimmied and nuzzled Ari until she was in the middle of the bed. Tera pressed her red lips to Ari’s pink ones, the need each held for the other washing through the kiss. Then Tera pulled back and sat on Ari’s waist, her bare pussy hot against Ari’s skin.

Tera nibbled a nail and said, “Are you ready to play with me Ari?” From behind her, Tera’s tail moved around to reveal that it held a long red scarf in it’s tip. Tera leaned back down and slowly kissed her way along Ari’s shoulder. Her kisses were hot and sent little spikes of bliss through her. Tera took Ari’s right hand in her left and kissed her fingers softly. Then she laid Ari’s arm out past her head and stretched it out there. Tera’s tail snapped out wrapping the scarf around the bedpost that was close by and then she tied Ari’s wrist to the scarf.

With a naughty smile she crawled around a bit until she could kiss and lick her way across Ari’s firm breasts, gently sucking on each nipple. Then Tera repeated the same move to tie Ari’s left wrist to the bedpost. Tera crawled over Ari again and then looked her in the eyes. Tera’s hair fell around Ari’s face making her cherry scent strong in Ari’s senses. Her eyes glowed softly as she said, “More Ari? Shall I tease and arouse you more Love?”



Ari felt Tera’s body on top of her now, it felt wonderful.  She tried to move into Tera, pressing her body as it could go to meet her.  She let out a small wimper when she realized she could not move all the much.  Then the kiss came, making her forget all about it.  The fire came along with cherries into her mouth.  Her lips hungerily accepted.  She was happy again.  The feel of her goddess on top was heaven to her.  Ari smiled looking up at Tera.  

“MMmmmm  Yes I am all yours” Ari moaned as her eyes caught the silk red scarf.  Her smile got wider as she knew what was coming.  

Ari gasped at each kiss that tingled with pleasure and made her happy.  Closing her eyes, Ari felt her arm float away from her as it was now suspended by the lovely scarf.  Ari let out a giggle enjoying her fantasy come to life.  She never shared it with anyone, Not even her bodyfriend she had when they were together.  

She tested the bond that now held her arm.  It was soft but tight around her wrist.  She realiaed after she was tied up fully, she could not escape.  She really did not want to now.  Tera made her feel things she never felt before.  She was enjoying this.   Sin and the devil has a price and she knew hers would come soon.  For now, she would enjoy what this was.  

A moan came as Ari felt the lips around her breasts.  She arched herself to push them into Tera’s mouth, so wanting her to kiss and suck on them more.  Opening her eyes again,  Ari did not even notice her other arm was now like the first, carefuly and firming bound in silk.  She was enjoying this so much.

Ari looked into those eyes that seem to float and pull her in.  As she breathed, she could smell cherries again, almost taste them in her mouth.  She took in the essence of Tera and let out a moan of want and need.  Her eyes lit up with the possiblity of more.  Swallowing Ari nodded not able to speak.



Tera pressed her lips to Ari’s and then began to move backwards along her body. As she did she placed one soft kiss after the next down Ari’s chest. Then between her breasts. Over her tummy. Then Tera paused with her lips above Ari’s aching clit. She breathed hotly on it before swirling her tongue around the nub once before drawing away from it.

As Ari moaned at the loss, Tera kissed along the insides of Ari’s thighs. Left then right then left again. Tera finished by a single kiss to each of Ari’s ankles before moving away.

Tera then tied each of Ari’s ankles to a bedpost before returning to lay beside her. She casually traced a fingertip around Ari’s right nipple and said, “You aren’t going anywhere Ari… I am going to have my way with you and there isn’t anything that you can do about it…”

She kissed at Ari’s lips and moaned, “Not because you are trapped, but because you want this soooooo badly…..”

Then Tera revealed a black blindfold and slipped it over Ari’s eyes blinding her…..

The next thing that Ari felt was Tera slipping off the bed leaving her there with her need burning within her…



Ari kissed Tera with passion.  She needed her and was happy to be where she was.  Tera was making her wildest dream come true and on top of that made her look beautiful.  She felt worthy of love and the love she would get now.  All this she thought as the kiss stimulated her and stirred the fire within again.  She moaned as each kiss traveled her body.  When Tera reached her pussy, she was writhing in aching need and desire.  Feeling the breath and the light touch of the tongue drove Ari insane.  She moved within the restraints of the bonds trying to push herself to object that would quench her burning desire.  Alas, it was gone as quickly as it came near. 

Another kiss to the thighs and feet.  More moans adding whimpers now as She felt them.  

Ari looked down to see Tera at her feet, tying them as she did her wrists.  She was bound now, more physically now, and then she had been since her arrival.  She smiled as Tera sat down beside her.  Feeling the finger tip trailing her skin, kept her need going and her fantasy alive with in her.  She felt her arousal deepen.  The promise of Tera having her way was music to Ari’s ears.  She let out another moan at her voiced promise; opening her mouth for the incoming kiss Tear gave.

Her words were so true and profound.  She was right.  Ari did want this…all of this.  Ari closed her eyes a second to take it all in and accept it as truth.

When she opened them, the blindfold was seen.  A squeal in delight came from Ari as Tera slipped it over her eyes, putting her in complete darkness.  Ari was not prepared for what came next.

No other words, or actions, save the getting off the bed and leaving her all alone.  Ari wiggled in her bonds, trying to move to feel Tera near.  Her thoughts told her she was still there, or she wanted to believe that.  Having not felt her, Ari whimpered, feeling her desire grow and hungry.  

Ari called out,  “Tera, where are you?  

She waited for any reply.  There was none.  Only her own voice.  Tears streamed her as she moaned, laying helplessly and alone in her need.  The suspence was building of what would happen to her next.  That is untill the need peaked in her and she moaned from it.

Soon she forgot about being left alone as the fire burned deep again giving her little tingles of pleasure but not enough to santify her.  She pushed up to meet them and try to sratch the itch her body was feeling.  there was no way to do so with her hands bound though.  Ari deperately tried and was failing.  In her attempt to quell the need she did not know someone was there and she no longer alone.



A whisper carried into Ari’s mind, “I am here Ari… I will never leave you I promise… All you need do is call me in your mind and I will always answer Ari… Always…” Tera stood at the edge of the bed watching Ari in her moment of need, her tail twining and untwining around her right arm. Then with a smile she created a long soft feather in her right hand. She leaned over the edge of the bed and then without warning Ari, Tera began to pleasure her…

Tera started at the soles of Ari’s feet. She brushed the tip of the feather in a gentle way, just catching Ari in surprise as the sensations flooded over her. She didn’t remain there long though and soon the feather tip moved along Ari’s calves. Tera crawled onto the bed and sat between Ari’s spread legs, her eyes looking at Ari’s so wet pussy displayed for her…

Tera tickled the feather over Ari’s inner thighs, the bristles of it making her gasp and moan in expectation of the feather reaching her pussy and playing about it…

But Tera had other plans…

She put the feather onto the bed for a moment and then laid herself between Ari’s legs, her lips so close to Ari’s hot wet sex. Then as Ari wondered what was happening, Tera’s long supple tongue drew across her pussy lips. Ari let out a little shriek of surprise as Tera’s lips pressed against Ari’s so hot sex and then began to lick and tease at the folds with her tongue…

As Tera’s tongue worked to sink deeper into Ari’s pussy, she arched her hips in pleasure raising her shapy bum off the sheets. Tera moved her hands under Ari’s bum and then cupped them softly making Ari scream in passion….

As Tera’s tongue pushed deeper and deeper within Ari’s pussy, her tail found the feather on the bed and gripped it tightly….

The next thing that Ari felt was the feather being tickled over her left nipple just slightly….

And Ari let out a long passionate moan of ecstasy…



Hearing the voice, Ari tried to look in the direction it came from. She soon realized it was inside of her, like the fire within that burned.  She smiled knowing her goddess was here with her even if she wasn’t physically.  

“My goddess, where are you?”  Ari asked, both outloud and in her mind.

She jerked her foot when she felt something soft hit it, though it did not go far because of the ties.  Ari let out a moan as pleasure and the tickling grew from he foot.

It grew and rose towards her aching pussy. Her body both rose and fell to meet and get away from it as it came ever closer, down her body.  Ari struggled within her bonds, she wanted to touch and rub the itch this sensation was creating.  All she could do was move to it and moan.  Ari moved her hips and knew she was trying to pump at anything close to her waiting, wanting, full, and needing lips

As she felt the feather, Ari could see in her mind the feather and where it should go.  This made her more suspecting of its path as it fell along her body.  When It stopped Ari, whimpers untill she felt something better.

Ari pushed herself into the tongue of the worshipper.  Moan after maon escaped her lips, and a few scream of pure pleasure fell into the air.  Her body responded favoribly and she felt her self more excited than she had ever been.  Her eyes inside the blindfold were rolling back into her head as the wave of pleasure hit her.

A shock came as her nipple was gently assulted with the feather.  She giggles and gasped as she let her body go, and enjoyed each and every sensation it was feeling.

“OH…my… Yes…”  came a short breath

Ari pushed herself into the hungry tongue more and more.  She tried desprately to wiggle through her bonds still wanting to hold and caress with her hands. Instead she gripped the scarves and held them in her fingers as her body took wonderful flight into her unknown journey.



Tera took her time with Ari… A little nudge of her tongue that way… A quick swirl over there… A long sensual probe deep within…

There was no reason to hurry… She wanted this moment to be a beginning that Ari would cherish forever….

She drew a breath and then hummed through her throat. She vibrated her tongue quickly and then twisted it within Ari’s so hot sex until she was thrashing in the pleasure that Tera was pouring into her like water from a pitcher.

Tera tilted her head back a bit, and then curled the tip of her tongue. She rubbed it against Ari’s heat before so slowly drawing out of Ari’s pussy. Just before her tongue left Ari’s sweetness, Tera let out a long mew of happiness and then pulled free with a loud wet slurp.

She whispered in need to Ari, “You are soooo tasty my love….”

Then she nibbled and licked at her clit before sucking on it needfully…



Ari felt herself open up with each stroke of the tongue she felt.  Her body met it, trying to latch onto it and hold.  Each time, failing but getting so close with each push of her hips.  She could only moan feeling the pleasure and devine torture of being tied up as she was.  Not to mention the masterful tongue that played her so well.  

Her body buckled again and again, feeling her insides being teased and caressed in such a manner. A loud moan came forth from her throat out into the air.

Another buckle and then she felt the cool air against her heated body.  She tried to catch her breath.  

Ari heard the words and felt her body spasm just at the praise.  She looked to where she knew Tera to be and wished she could see her eyes but knew this was for the better experience.  She moaned and sighed happy.

“I am glad it pleases you my Queen.”  Ari stated, and pushed to the mouth that spoke, feeling little tingles and spasms.   The fire burning with passion that was only hers.

Her feet curled a bit and her legs tried to find a comfortable spot, within their confines as Tera sucked and kissed her clit.  Ari held onto the bonds tightly again as she felt wave after wave of tiny pleasure beat upon her open and exposed body and mind.



Tera’s fingers played around Ari’s navel for a moment and then began to stroke at it in a strange pattern. Ari felt little hot trails of pleasure sear into her flesh as the pattern continued. Tera’s voice came to her mind as her tongue continued to bring Ari more and more pleasure.

The words were clear and Ari understood them completely, “I mark you now Ari… My mark is around your navel. All will know that you are mine… My love…. My heart… My pleasure… My passion… But there is a price… Your name will disappear with the last mark I draw… Choose a new name and a new existence is yours Ari… Or you can say no and I will return you to what you were once before….”

Tera’s lips pulled free and she crawled over Ari’s body. She straddles her hips and then reached a hand to remove Ari’s blindfold. Tera’s tail curled around in front of her and then tip began to stroke below her navel as if preparing to draw on her skin….

And Tera awaited Ari’s decision quietly, her eyes locked on Ari’s…



A moan left her lips as she felt the burning sensation on her stomach.  Her body arched slightly.  Her mind feeling nothng but pleasure as her body exploded.  

The words followed into her mind.  Lingering so she understood.  She nodded her comprehension.  She would no longer exist, she who fell into this world and into Tera’s domain.  Ari understood all she was would be gone.  Was that so bad?  She wasn’t no one special in her old life.  Here, she felt special, loved, and she knew Tera would care for her like no other.  No one could come close.

The moment of reflection seemed to last but a second.  She felt the blindfold come off and first thing she saw were those eyes, the ones she somehow fell into when she gazed at them.

It was so clear what she must do, what she wanted to do.  without reservation or sadness, Ari opened her mouth to let one last moan out before speaking.

“Like love’s flower that represents passion, call me Rose.” 



Tera’s tail touched just below Ari’s navel as she spoke, “You are now and forever my Rose… You are in my heart as my Rose of my Passions. You are changed now from her into the person you deserve to be…. My Rose….”

Ari’s last thoughts as the transformation washed over her were all that Tera could make them. A promise to Ari that she would never be lost… Never be harmed… Never be without love in her heart…. Tera would protect her and hold her always as the precious one she was to her…

A green light flooded into Ari’s mind and for a moment all thought was frozen within her. Her body froze in mid gasp as an orgasm paused at the moment of release to wash Ari’s personality away….

But then time restarted and Rose came wildly as all that she was poured into her. She was Tera’s One. She was Tera’s Passion. Tera’s Rose. Tera’s only. Tera’s forever…..

And nothing in any universe could break that bond..

Rose opened her new eyes revealing the royal purple that they now displayed. Her hands glowed with little flecks of pink light and the bindings holding her released her completely.

Tera remained there on top of her. Her tail pulled away and with a happy smile of love, Tera traced Rose’s mark slowly with a finger. She looked into Rose’s eyes and said, “Welcome home Rose… I’ve missed you so much for so long….”



Rose gave a sigh as her goddess’s lovely voice.  She smiled ever so wickedly as her arms snaked up to her and pulled her down so she could taste her mistress’s lips.  She missed her so much.  It did not matter she just arrived or been bolttled up in some other person.  She was here now and free.

Rose kissed and nuzzled Tera.  She wrapped her arms around the one she loved with all that she was.  

“I forgot how this felt….glad I remember now.  Mmmmm”

Rose licked her lips tasting Tera and the essence of herself. The taste of passion that was her own, living only for her godess.  She wondered how long she slept before Tera woke her.  The thought faded as the scent faded from her lips.  

She held Tera close to her, loving the feel of her body near her.  She looked into those eyes that told her she was everything.  Her hands stroked Tera’s body and she nestled into Tera.  She waited for Tera’s wishes. 



Tera moaned happily and then said, “Rose my love…. It’s been forever since I have held you… Touched you…” Her lips pressed hotly against Rose’s for a time, their tongues entwining together. Rose felt Tera’s passion for her grow into a wildfire of pleasure that surrounded them in bliss. Tera’s lips pulled free and she quivered as she said, “Kissed you… Oh Rose…. It’s so good…. mmmmm….”

Tera giggled a bit and then trailed a hand between her legs to stroke over Rose’s clit with her fingers. A smile tugged at Tera’s lips and she said, “mmmm…. Your pussy is so wet my Passion…. As wet and hot as mine… Whatever are we going to do about that?”

Tera pushed two fingers inside of Rose’s pussy and then curled her fingers as she giggled and kissed Rose’s hot pink lips again….

An image of Rose – You must be a member of the Collective to see this image…



The story of Rose does not end there… If you have been following along, she has appeared before in this stories and she will again next time…




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    • James on June 2, 2009 at 9:31 am

    This is just lovely, especially when both the principals are so dear to me, as well.

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    such wonderful memories… so enjoyable…. mmmmm

    than you so much tera. *snuggles*

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