May 28 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 75

This week’s Succubi is… Well… A bit of a question mark…

Blonde Demoness by Unknown Artist

Now, I have seen this image all over the web. Some in black and white, some coloured like this one, but not one of the images has her name or anything about her. Nor is there artist information for that matter.

And that brings me to my question mark…

I know that she’s a well known character in some comic book series, but for the life of me, I can’t put my finger on the title of it…





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    No help from me. But she is interesting . ..

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    I can’t help either, Mistress. She’s not bad, but I’m not crazy about her, either. Her horns are a little long and seem to come out of her brow. Her hands are all wrong. They seem to be clawed at the fingertips and, if I’m not mistaken, webbed. Nice ta-tas though. 😉

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    I think the artist is Jim Balent but I am not 100%… He has done a lot of Catwoman and Wonder Woman comics.

    No sure who the character is … maybe someone from Chaos Comics?

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    google image search

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