May 22 2009

One Hundred Thousand Succubi Tail Strokes…

Sometime overnight, A Succubi’s Tale was viewed its 100,000th time…

The Tale is about one and a half years young now, and I really didn’t expect that I would have that many views by now…

Succubi tail must be very popular…


Succubus.net now has the Tale, the Gallery of the Succubi and the Realm of the Succubi Forum up and unning along with the Wiki of the Succubi…

But there is another part of the site that I want to create that needs help from those that might be interested…

I really want to have a storysite for Succubi. All of them.

I’ve been sending out requests to authors on other sites around the web, asking if I can post their Succubi stories with full credit to them and so forth…

I’d like to open the Story part of Succubus.net this summer with a good selection of stories, so if there are any authors of short Succubus stories that might be interested in this, please contact me?

Thanks much!



  1. avatar

    Amazing! I hope they enjoyed themselves!

  2. avatar

    A great milestone, Majesty! And the story site sounds like an exciting project. You know you can count on me for whatever you want or need.

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    Great job, Sis! I love coming here, so that’s awesome. Maybe I could write some stories for you…

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