Temptations X – Tobias

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This RP did not go far regretfully…




To say that Tobias was a little lost and confused at the moment would be a tremendous understatement.

He wasn’t aware of the campus library having a section this old…it looked like something out of Harry Potterrather than the modern building he knew….but then, it did fit the information he wanted.

It was all for a girl, too – a real cutie named Kristina – that he ventured to ask the librarians about “books on the Occult.”  She wasn’t one of those extreme goth-types who hated the world, or some deluded individual who thought she was a vampire…she was sweet, pretty, and claimed she practiced spellcraft, among other hobbies Toby had no idea about.

That was all this venture was for – to understand where she was coming from.

And he wound up with an encyclopedia-thick book falling on his head.

Clutching his head and moaning, he did not notice the mists that spilled forth from the open pages.



The mists surrounded him for a moment and then disappeared leaving the library seeming the same as it was when he had entered. Then there was a sound in the distance.

Click… Click…. Click…

It was obviously the sound of high heels clicking across the wooden floors of this particular level of the library…

Then she came around the corner and looked at him on the floor. She was dressed very casually. A pair of low slung red heels, a pair of tight fitting faded blue jeans and a red fuzzy sweater that did nothing to hide her curves from his eyes…

She came closer and then offered him her hand. It was slim with medium length red nails. When he stood up he found himself looking into a pretty woman’s green eyes and rose red lips…

She looked him over and then said, “Are you alright? What happened to you?”




Tobias looked up at her, and for a moment he thought the bump on his head was causing him to hallucinate a little.  It seemed like something out of a teen movie, such a beautiful woman coming by at just the right moment.

“Oh!”  He caught himself with a shake of his head.  “Yeah, I’m…fine…”  He reached out to take her hand, lips parting a little as her nails tickled his wrist, and made it to his feet.

“One of the books must have fallen…I’ll be okay, I think…I’ve been told I’m hardheaded.”  He gave her a grin and tapped his head with a knuckle for emphasis, prompty swaying a little as his head swam.



She smiled and then said, “mmmm…. Well… Try not to get clocked over the head too many times or you might lose your way…”

She kneeled down and picked up the book that had fallen from the shelf. Looking at the spine of it she said, “Is there something in particular you are looking for? Perhaps I can help in some small way?”

She held the book to her chest and said with a smile, “I am Miss Ray, the head Librarian…”



“Head Librarian..?”

He sounded confused, and was.  Since when did the University hire full-time staff that were this young?  Or at least, young-seeming…

…and hot…

He blushed a little, both with the thoughts that ran through his aching head, and with the embarrassment for lack of direction.  “Well…in truth, I have very little clue what I’m looking for…I didn’t know this particular subject could be so….narrowed down.”



She chuckled a little and said, “Well…. Someone has to be in charge you know….” She turned and slid the book back onto a shelf, “These books don’t get collected and filed on their own you know…” 

She when onto her tippy toes for a moment and managed to push it back onto a shelf, then she used a single slim red nailed finger to push it the rest of the way into it’s place. She turned in place and then asked, “Well…. Without a clue of what you are looking for you will be wandering around here quite a bit you know…”

She smiled and then offered, “Perhaps you need a guide to help you search?”



His ears burned a little as he watched her return the book to its proper place…for some reason, it seemed to suggest something…well, proper adjectives failed him at the moment.

“I’d…like that.”  He managed to stammer out.  A guide would be nice, but then, he still wasn’t sure how to broach the subject of his occult research.  Especially to someone as pretty as her….



Miss Ray smiled and said, “A guide…. But then I need to have an idea what you are looking for then don’t I?” She led him towards a card catalog and then said as she leaned against the side of it, “Vegetable…. Animal…. Mineral… or….. Something else?”

The smile never left her lips, “After all…. This is a rather large place…. And I’m sure that you have not a lot of time to spend walking around mindlessly….”



“…’something else’ is an accurate summation, Miss Ray…”

He seemed awfully abashed at the moment, and rightly so.  For your average well-mannered boy, admitting the reasons for his search was at the same time romantic and uncomfortable.

“I’m looking…well, I don’t suppose you have a copy of ‘The Occult and Spirit World for Dummies’, or something like that?”

“Well, it’s not for me!  I…I mean, it is, but….”

“You see, there’s this girl, and she’s….um….yeah…”

He gave a nervous grin, forcefully clamping his jaw shut to stop his rambling.



Miss Ray smiled and said, “Probably so…. It’s amazing what has been filed away over the years here…”

When he admitted that it was for a girl, she smiled and said, “Tell me a little about her would you? Maybe I know her? It is possible… Most of the people that come in here looking for books on that subject find their way to see me…”

She leaned against the bookcase beside her, “You really shouldn’t be embarrassed you know…”



“Shouldn’t be, I know…”  He muttered.  It wasn’t his fault he blushed so readily.

“Let’s see…well, she’s blonde….kinda cute, in a mysterious sorta way…has a really nice laugh…”  Tobias smiled, remembering one of the few times he actually talked to her telling a joke that went over quite well.

“Really the only thing I know about her is that she’s into the occult…pagan spirits and spells, incense and tarot…”  He shrugged a little.  He didn’t feel like his own religious beliefs were threatened by her, which was a good sign.

“I’m just looking for…well…anything that might help me hold a conversation…”

He glanced down at the floor.

“Maybe attract her interest, too…”

Tobias felt a little surprised with how open he was being, especially with someone as attractive as Miss Ray herself.



Now at this point I am going to stop telling this tale because there was another friend that came into this story at this point…


That’s next week…




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    • James on May 19, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    Well, it seems to be moving along nicely, and I expect there will ba a pleasant twist . . .

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