The things that NPR talks about…

A comedian and a show about Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll…

There is a little bit about Succubi in this, which I found… Fumb…


SIMON: I must say parenthetically there are few funnier words than succubus.

Mr. DAVIS: I would agree with you there. It’s very pleasant to speak. it’s why I feel magnetically pulled towards that word. It’s physically pleasing to utter.

SIMON: And is it Succubuses or Succubi?

Mr. DAVIS: I believe it is Succubi. 


SIMON: Oh? Really? Okay.


Mr. DAVIS: And here we are conjugating



<rolls eyes>

But you can make up your own minds…

They also discuss an app for the iPhone called iExorist… Which exists by the way…


Apple refused my idea of having an app to summon Succubi and Incubi… Something about being a little too XXX-rated for the EULA…




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    • James on May 17, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    Well, I feel a session of Succubi Word Court coming on . . .

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