May 13 2009

And now these thoughts…

I am really quite shocked at the number of… Well… I’d call them eBay scams really…

I mean… Just for the heck of it, try searching Succubus or Succubi on eBay…

It’s amazing just how many so-called spells and so forth are available on it, they are of course said to be for entertainment, but honestly?

Too much blech…


In other thoughts, why is it that Blogs with nothing to do with Succubi wind up highly listed on the Google Blog search when looking for Succubi or Succubus?


I think… Not sure, but I think, that I will have a manip up Friday and there is a possibility of having a story up on Saturday about a witch encountering a Succubus… NOT a succubi…. I got a really weird series of ideas for the story, but I can’t quite figure out how to put it together…


But the sex scene?







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    pokies for making us wait in breathy anticipation 😈



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    Your editor awaits if needed . . . and FF has covered all the pokies. 😉

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