Temptations IX – Remy

This RP was with a member of the Garden named The Riddle… Hasn’t been seen there for ages now…




Remy pulled the backpack up on his shoulder as he walked through the library. ‘Myths, why am I even bothering?’ Remy thought to himself as he made his way down the long aisle. Someone had told him that this library had the one and only copy of a book that would be sure to change his life. 

Change his life? A book about legends and myths? Ok, he could understand maybe, the Bible, or some philosphical debate on what the meaning of life was, but a book on legends and myths? He might as well start believing in Thor and look for his hammer as a way to change his life.

A few minutes later, Remy picked himself up off the floor after the falling book had smacked him in the head, leaving the backpack he had been carrying on the ground. His bright green eyes taking in the new surroundings and the incredibly beautiful woman sitting before him on some type of throne.

“A game? What is this?”

He questioned, trying not to let his eyes wander over her body. It wasn’t every day you went looking for a book and wound up staring at a girl from some fantasy. The most you usually could expect was a cute girl with glasses telling you to be quiet. He caught himself looking to see what type of legs she had… Then he realized, what the HELL was going on? Stop looking to see if she had sexy legs, freekish green mist has just sent you to some weird place with a girl on a throne, hello? Something WRONG with this picture?



Tera smiled and then her clothing shimmered as she stood up. The latex disappeared to be replaced by a slinky black dress with red trim. The dress was slit on both sides well above her hips revealing her long tanned legs. A pair of strappy red heels were on her slim feet. A pair of long black gloves covered her arms from the midpoint of her upper arms to the tips of her fingers. Her hair was a long flowing mane about her, a few bangs over her right eye, the green of her eye glowing beneath it. The dress left her shoulders bare as it looped around her neck, the dress moulding to her breasts and holding them proudly within it. Her red horns peeked out from her forehead into the mane of hair, her long red tail swishing behind her as she walked towards him.

She give him an amused smile and said, “Remy… You need a change do you? You need to see things in a different way do you? What would you do with a new life to play out? Good? Bad? Indifferent? What is it that you need to find to make your new life complete?”

She stopped just in front of him, her dress swirling around her, her long legs revealed to him, her bare hips betraying the fact that she wore nothing under the dress itself…



Remy bravely put on a face that he hoped didn’t show his thoughts… She was incredibly beautiful and he wouldn’t mind staring at her for an eternity.
 “Um.. well. I came here searching for.. what everyone searches for right? Meaning.” He coughed and ran a hand through his hair. “I wasn’t expecting beautiful women in.. revealing clothes though.” He looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “Are you going to tell me the meaning of life? Or is a guy with a hidden camera going to jump out and say surprise?” 



Tera smiled and then began to walk in a slow circle around him, the clicking of her heels echoing in the darkness around him. She reached her tail out and stroked it along his right arm as she walked behind him, “Remy… This is so very very real… It can be so very meaningful…. or not…. That depends on you…”

She turned as she came to his right and placed her hands on his shoulder. She placed her chin on her hands and then breathed hotly into his ear, “Trust me… There is no hidden camera….”



Remy shivered as the tail touched him. That felt real enough, this wasn’t a dream. He looked down at her heels as they echo’d off the ground, then back up to her. “I.. I want it to be meaningful.” He admitted, sort of surprised by it himself. When she breathed into his ear, he sighed, his eyes closing a bit. To tell the truth, this was like a dream of his. A beautiful girl, seemingly enticing him with promises of more. Why exactly was he not having fun with this? There was the whole horns and tail thing… 
He turned his head to look at her and swallowed. “I just get this feeling that you aren’t exactly the truthful or… good sort.” He wanted to take it back, but to late, he had said it.



Tera laughed softly at Remy’s concerns. She moved a hand to his cheek and held his gaze upon her as she spoke, “Remy… Have you ever heard of the old saying, It’s what’s inside that counts? You should keep that in mind my dear…”

She moved in closer to him and then butterfly kissed her way across his lips sending little bursts of pleasure into him with each kiss. Then she stepped back and in that sultry voice said, “It’s better to know what you face than to assume that which you have see is not real…” She turned around in a slow circle so that he could see all of her. Her smooth skin… The lights playing off the dress and her sleek form… The aura of sexuality that surrounded her and seemed to make her glow with power….

She finished the turn and then faced him again. As Remy watched her tail snaked out and slipped around his waist. She touched a finger to his lips and said, “You can ask one favour…. One only Remy… Ask it and I will allow it… If you ask the right one…”

Then she moved her finger from his lips and waited for his answer…



Remy was irritated with how easily he was distracted by her dress, her looks, her legs… hell, if she was wearing nylons and a short skirt he would probably be drooling. He glanced down at the tail that wrapped around his waist and raised his eyebrows as her finger touched his lips. 
“A favor?… That’s a deep question if you think about it…” He blinked a few times. “Ok, a favor… how about giving me purpose?” What could he loose by asking? That was the whole reason he came to this place anyhow wasn’t it? “Can you show me what ‘my’ purpose in life is? OR shoudl I ask for a milllion dollars?” Or maybe for a ben and an hour alone with this woman…. it was incredible how attractive.. no, seductive, she was.



Tera tilted her head slightly and smiled knowingly as she said, “I know your purpose Remy…. But you are not, as yet, ready to have it shown to you…. But you will soon… I promise you that…” She pressed against him, her breasts rubbing softly against his chest. Her lips moved to just beside his right ear and she whispered so hotly that his cock hardened almost instantly to steel, “The question is… Shall I wrap my lips around that long thick cock of yours? Should I lick and suck you down my throat? Will I make you cum so so much?”

She nibbled his ear gently and growled, “What shall I do to you Remy… How shall I take you?”



Remy swore silently. This woman was downright intoxicating… He stiffened as she pressed against his chest. He could think of a few things right now that he would like to be his ‘purpose’…
“How…do I become ready?” He asked, surprised at the shakiness of his own voice. He was also surprised that he asked! He coughed to cover up the moan that came when he felt his own body respond to her whisper.
He stepped a bit back from her to clear his mind. “Ok… I’m just having a hard time understanding why I am here, why an incredibly beautiful woman is offering to do these things…” His voice was still shaky… He had to force himself to step back though, he felt like he was doing something wrong in his questioing.



Tera didn’t relent as Remy tried to step backwards. To his surprise a pair of slim hands appeared from behind him and then her scent was around him again. He looked to see that she wasn’t in front of him any longer, but had appeared behind him. She nuzzled against his neck and then kissed her way up the right side of it, until her lips were again so close to his ear. Her tail slithered around his waist, and then the tip and a good length of it twined around his right leg holding him fast.

Then as she nibbled and kissed around his ear she whispered, “You learn some lessons Remy… And then if you pass the test then you will be ready for your future…” 

At his question of why she smiled and said in a so hot voice, “Why? Very good Remy…. That’s lesson one…. Why would someone as powerful as me…. Want to do something for you…. Perhaps it’s my good side appearing to help someone that is lost? Or maybe it is my bad side playing with someone that interests it….”

She kissed him again and whispered, “The point is…. I am here…. You are here… And you need to decide if you want to learn….. Or not…. It’s that simple….”



And  again… The RP ended here…



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    • James on May 12, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    It’s a shame that it ended there. You were just beginning to weave something that looked quite enticing.

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