Temptations VIII – Matthew

Another of the Garden of MC Role Playing stories from the Temptations thread…

This one I did with a member named aiboh who has disappeared from the Garden…


Matthew sits up, rubbing his head sorely. He sits up with a sigh, taking in his strange new surroundings while pushing his hair back out of his face. He glances up, noting the female shape on the throne not far away, and sits up a bit straighter, surprised. He locks eyes with her for a moment – wow, what eyes… – before standing up, nodding at her in a gesture of confused, stunned greeting.

“Care to play a game?” she asks.

He rubs the back of his neck thoughtfully. “A game?” he asks slowly. “Maybe…maybe you could tell me where I am, first? I’m a bit disoriented…” He stands, looking back up at her as he brushes the dust from his clothes.



Tera smiled and traced a fingernail along the arm of her throne. In a sultry voice she said, “Isn’t that obvious Matthew?  No matter where you go, there you are… Simple really…”

An amused look passed over her lips as she slowly licked her lips making them shiny and wet. Then she said, “Would you prefer that I claim your soul now and you try to win it back?”

Her tail twisted around and then the tip pointed directly at him over her shoulder as she asked, “It’s not like you are using it or anything…”



He sighed at little at this, rubbing two fingers into his temple. “Thanks for that…very useful,” he muttered under his breath, glancing back up at her. Something very distracting about the way she spoke, he thought absently.

He found himself watching her tongue rather intently as it slid across her lips. He tried not to make it too obvious as he caught himself, willing himself to breathe normally, to not be so entranced by such a tiny motion…besides, the things she were saying were certainly a bit worrisome…
“My…soul?” he asked with a note of disbelief. “Ah, no, I don’t think I’d prefer anyone claimed that for themselves…I think I’d rather hang onto that myself, if it’s all the same…” He let the statement hang a bit, weakly. He felt more and more out of his depth, rather quickly finding the situation getting more surreal on him. He wasn’t a religious person, and not one with any huge interest in the occult or anything like that, so this talk of souls and claiming was not really something he knew quite how to handle.
“Besides…I’m not using it? What does that even mean?” he asks, his voice somewhere between offended and confused. He didn’t like the sound of that, but wasn’t really sure what she meant. He stared back at her expectantly, trying to keep his eyes from focusing too much on that tail.



Tera tilted her head the the right and then nibbled a leg red nail as she said, “You have no passions within you… You have no desires surrounding you…. There is an absence within you that needs to be filled somehow…” Her tail twined itself around her left arm, the tip brushing against her palm. She sighed and said, “The game is to fill that emptiness with something useful… But what would be useful for you Matthew?” 

Her eyes glowed a bright green and his attention was drawn to her. It took but a moment and he was transfixed by her eyes, the light from them boring into him. Then her voice seemed to echo in his mind, “So empty Matthew…. We need to add to this place within you.. Something just to start with…. How about this….

Matthew felt a wave of desire build within him as his eyes focused on Tera’s soft lips, the red of them glistening and wet.  Her tongue licking at her fingernail. The thought of his lips kissing hers began to push all other thoughts from his mind. Tera parted her lips and whispered, “Why don’t you come here and receive a kiss Matthew….”



Matthew stood a bit straighter, that same mixture of anger and confusion running through him again. No desires, no passions? Absence? How the hell would she know that sort of thing? That wasn’t quite fair, either way, he thought. He was about to tell her this, to let her know how wrong she was, and to be on his way.
He got a bit distracted first, though.

As her eyes brightened, his widened. What the hell…, he thought vaguely. Her eyes were…well, he had never seen anybody’s eyes do something quite like that before…interesting. Hard not to watch them, to look at them. Very bright. He didn’t really notice that she wasn’t just speaking anymore – was she speaking at all, or was he just hearing it in his head? It was tough to tell.

His breath seemed to catch a bit in his lungs, eyes locked on those lips. He felt himself nod. He was just a passenger in his body, things seeming to move of their own accord. His feet, for example – they seemed perfectly content to start slowly across the floor towards Tera, his languid mind not providing much in the way of either direction or resistance.
Slowly, he made his was over to her throne…



Tera smiled and played her tongue over her lips as he came closer to her. He heard the whispers in his mind again, “One kiss Matthew…. It’s not going to hurt you I promise… You want that soooo much don’t you? All you can think about is what it would be like to have my lips against yours…. My breasts pressed against your chest…. How hard your cock would be when my pussy grinds against it slowly….

She pointed a finger at his clothing and said, “But for all that to happen you need to be properly dressed don’t you Matthew… All that ordinary clothing must be done away with…. You need to present yourself to me properly, don’t you?”

As he watched her eyes, little flecks of black sparkled within her green eyes and she said, “Come closer Matthew…. Just relax and listen to all of the things that are running through your mind…. You need to….. Want to….. Have to….”

He found himself standing just in front of her not knowing how exactly he had arrived there. She stretched out her tail and then snaked it around his waist holding him from moving anywhere that she didn’t want him to go. With a soft giggle she said, “You don’t mind that you are here…. Do you Matthew?”



Her last question seemed to snap him back to reality a bit. How had he moved across the whole room like that without realizing it? Odd…
…his mind drifted. He didn’t really worry about it. “Mind?” he asked slowly. All his thoughts seemed to be coming slowly. He didn’t mind that he was here. “No. No, I don’t mind..” He sighed a bit, staring up at her, licking his lips without realizing. The one thought that didn’t seem slow for him were the ones about touching her…her lips, her skin…the images assailed him powerfully. He shifted in place, almost able to feel her hot body squeezed against his…but no. His clothes would be in the way, he thought sharply. 
He felt to sluggish to do much about it, though. He just stood at her throne, staring up at her. Maybe she’d help him figure out what to do. He tugged at the collar of his shirt uncomfortably. “My, um. Clothes?” he said slowly, mind too full of images of her for any other eloquence.



Tera smiled and said in a sultry voice, “No… Of course you don’t mind my dear…” Her tail glowed green slightly and a wave of desire began to build within him. She leaned forward and cupped his cheek in her right hand. Her eyes seemed to bore into his and then her voice came to his mind and ears drowning out all other considerations from him.

You want me Matthew…. You need me… Your body is enflamed for me… Your thoughts are about me…. There is nothing else but me in your world now….

He swayed slightly as her powers pressed against him lulling his mind and body…. Moulding them into the form that would make him please her and bring him the pleasures his thoughts focused on

Then her voice came again, “Remove your clothing and fall to your knees Matthew…. Your cock is becoming so hard at the thought of pleasing me…. Obey and you will have rapturous bliss within you…”



He stood stiffly, staring at her, his breath coming long and slow and shaking. One hand clenched a bit, then unclenched relaxing, languidly. Other than that there was no show of resistance. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, shedding it, and undid his belt without ever lowering his eyes from her. He kicked off his shoes and stripped his jeans and boxers off together, his cock striking forth fully erect and hard as steel.
Obey. The word roared within his mind, loud and powerful as the ocean. Obey.
He dropped slowly to his knees, feeling her tail gliding sensually up his back as he did. He looked up at her, into her mesmerizing eyes, and waited.



Tera smiled and then stood in front of him. As he watched, her clothing turned into red cherry smoke and then evaporated into nothingness leaving her completely nude in front of him. Her tail slipped from his back so slowly leaving waves of pleasure coursing through him. She took a step closer so that his eyes traced their way up from her legs… Teasingly past her sex… Roll sensually over her tummy to her firm full breast and hovered there for a moment.

Then her voice came to him again, “You want me Matthew… Your cock deep within me…. My pussy so tight around your length… Your desires and needs for that are all now… You need to have all that…. forever…”

Her right hand moved to place a single finger on his forehead as she told him, “Accept that you are mine and the passions you will receive will be yours always Matthew…. What is your desire?”



His back arched involuntarily as her tail slid up it. His skin tingled. His entire brain felt wrapped in fuzz – warm, pleasant, magical fuzz. He could only stare, watching the languid motion of her tail up her body, his mouth watering with desire. He let out a quiet, inadvertent moan as it stroked her breast.

He felt his head moving as she spoke, nodding as if of its own accord. A quiet “yes…” escaped his lips.

He slowly tore his gaze away from her nude, perfect body, up to her face. Up to those mesmerizing eyes. “You.” he said softly, then with a bit more conviction, “I desire you…I am yours.”



Tera smiled and in a husky voice said, “That’s right Matthew… You want me… The only thoughts building within you are to do whatever it takes to please me…”

A red fog rose up from the stone floor and a moment later he found himself as naked as her. She lowered herself to the floor until they were both on their knees facing each other. Her tail moved to wrap around his waist as she reached a hand towards his length….

She held her hand a few inches from the tip and then twitched her finger slightly….

And an instant later he was so hard for her, his cock aching for release in any way she wished….

She cupped her other hand against his cheek and said, “If you are mine… You will obey my wishes… Fulfill my needs… In doing so you will be in ecstasy forever… You will become… Say the words that mark you as mine utterly and then you may pleasure me as your reward Matthew…. Say them now…”


And so it ended…


Shame really…




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    • James on May 5, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    Yes, it is a pity. And, on reflection, I’m wondering if I got “Temptations” all wrong . . . 😕

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    • andy on February 14, 2012 at 6:37 am

    A sensual appetizer that leaves you so very hungry for the main course.

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    • TeraS on February 29, 2012 at 2:32 pm


    Thank you…


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