Apr 29 2009

Pin the Tail…

Well, it’s that day of the year when I have travelled once more with the Earth on its path through the universe…

Which means that I have a Birthday Manip to post….

Two years ago I popped out of a cake…

Last year someone on the Collective hypnotized Nikki to give me Paddy-wacks…

This year… Well….

Pin the Tail by TeraS

Succubi  cum up with allllll sorts of interesting party games…





  1. avatar

    Ready for the blindfold, Mistress. 😉

    *tons and tons of love and huggles for your Birthday*

  2. avatar

    Let angel kitties dance and mew
    and do a charming cha-cha.
    Let Realm folks do the things they do,
    improving tantric karma.
    Let us be tranced by bright green eyes,
    lost in their luscious vista.
    Let each soft snug bring grand surprise,
    sparks from our “A” to “Zeta.”
    Let us fete friendship worth more than
    all loonies, pounds, yen, lira.
    Let us today shout out again
    our Happy Birthday, Tera!!

    Many birthday huggles . . . many more huggles for that lovely manip.

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