Temptations VII – Stephanie and Branwyn

This is the continuation of the RP in Temptations from last week with Stephanie… In this part she meets my Daughter Branwyn whom is a Succubi interested in technology…




Stephanie did her best to cope with her new lifestyle, it did seem that if she just put her thoughts in a relaxed state that the new robot her coped more than ably with everything. But the AI (or was it her memories) just seemed to make it all seem a natural progression.
She’d been surprised to see Tera silver that morning, but why not, it was seemingly the natural way to be in the Future wing of the library. The hot chocolate had been nice, the fact that she could eat and drink even if it wasnt critical was a bonus, it did mean she could seem to be a nice mix of being and machine which appealed to her tremendously. She had no idea how, or in what form the drink would leave her body, though as she still had all her visible ‘genitals’ presumably it could be flushed out as before?

She had to admit the kiss from Tera had been sweet, she was sure she would get to taste those sweet lips again quite soon, and maybe even more?

The 3 robots methodically and diligently set to duties, Tera was right of course, visitors to her wing didnt seem shocked at seeing robots working there, not humans, and any questions she answered swiftly and efficiently, though she did giggle to wonder how she knew the answers. She knew of course, but it was funny to think it was all down to the new AI created within her. They had a ‘lunch break’, it was only designed to fool humans to think they were just dressed up as robots…and not because they really needed one.

Stephanie wondered what delights the rest of her life held for her, but she was certainly happy with her new life, and her new lovers!

Near the end of the day she heard a noise, she reacted but Katie and Monica, by now used to human whims barely paid any notice. Until…



A stern female voice pierced the quiet of the library.

“Good evening everyone.”

The voice sounded slightly odd in Stephanie’s ear. It had a strange timbre that seemed to send little sparks of energy shooting down her spine.

Smiles appeared on the faces of her her two helpers as they turned to face the young woman standing just inside the entrance door.

The first things Stephanie noticed were the woman’s eyes.  They were a brilliant green in color.  Even the anachronistic glasses that she wore could not disguise their intensity.  They were set in fairly attractive face, though her stern expression detracted from her looks.  Her bulky blue sweater and matching ankle length skirt served to conceal her figure. Her head was crowned with raven hair tied into a severe bun.  A pair of sensible flats completed the ensemble.  She clutched a pair of large book readers in her arms.

The door closed behind her and she took several steps forward until she was standing in front of the counter.  Her gaze focused first on Monica then it shifted to Katie.  Finally her gaze shifted to Stephanie and her expression of stern disapproval shifted into a pleasant smile.

“Katie, Monica, you naughty girls,” she said in a cheerful voice.  “You did not tell me that someone else would be starting here.”  Once again Stephanie could feel a tingle as her voice echoed in Stephanie’s ears

She placed the book readers down on the counter and turned to face Stephanie.

“Hello,” she said as she extended her hand.  “My name is Branwyn, and you are?” 



Stephanie tried to search her new database for information on Branwyn, but failed to gain any details, not realising that the mischevious Branwyn had deliberately (but only temporarily) blocked that route to see how Stephanie reacted. That fact baffled Stephanie even more because ‘logic’ said that if Katie and Monica knew her so well, then she should be able to know about her as well!

She decided on the friendly but firm approach, thinking it was wing manager like.

“I’m Stephanie, Tera has desgnated me as the head of the far future wing of the library, to work here with my assistants. Pleased to meet you Branwyn., how can I help?” and held out her hand in a friendly manner to greet her.

This was the moment Branwyn decided to let the ‘relevant data’ flow into Stephanie’s memory circuits and she let out a little gasp as she found who and indeed what Branwyn was. Branwyn swiftly slipped past the welcoming hand, and as Stephanie gasped planted a kiss on the new girls lips, teasing Stephanie with the intensity of it, and visions of what might follow. She’d been right about one thing, her projected image had given Stephanie no idea about her true nature and desires. Mind she was ensuring that her lips werent the only part of Stephanie tingling as she kissed her!

Tera had given her a mission to fulfil with this formerly shy, quiet girl and she had no plans to disappoint her. Katie and Monica were given commands to go and ‘do things’ in their living area, and the 2 women were left alone.

“Do you like the image?” Branwyn asked Stephanie, a teasing glint in her eye, “Or would you like something sexier, err…tastier?” she added with a grin.

Stephanie wasnt sure how to answer, alright the clothing and hairstyle wasnt the sexiest image known to women, but this woman, under that look just seemed to be…so incredibly sexy, a hot woman just ready to burst, probably quite literally, from her restraints. Just the idea of this woman dressed sexily was causing her arousal to come to the boil.

Branwyn continued to softly tease her, “And of course it might be nicer if we got you out of your working clothes and into something more comfortable as well, wouldnt it Stephanie?”

Stephanie gulped, by now she could feel stickiness on her thighs, this woman was turning her on dressed like this, what would she do to her if she was dressed in a sexily provocative manner? And this was a woman who was rigidly straight sexually up until yesterday when…Tera had changed her…so much for the better! And this woman knew it.

She was just about to decide to say that slightly sexier would be nice when Branwyn beat her to it,

“Well I need to get to know the new member of staff ‘better’, so if she wont decide on the clothing look for both of us then I will have to decide for her. And Tera told me robots could make instant decisions, maybe I need to ‘tweak’ her programming a little, along with a few other things…”

A bright light filled the room, Stephanie could hear Katie and Monica giggling in the background, and as things returned to normal Stephanie looked over at Branwyn to see what she had created within the room,



Stephanie looked across the table at Branwyn, her raven hair was no longer wrapped up in a bun and fell in a black waterfall down her back.  Behind her the light over the danced floor pulsed in time with the throbbing beat that pounded through the club.  The dance floor was filled with couples, their bodies gyrated against each other as the music played.

Stephanie’s eyes focused once again on Branwyn.  She immediately noticed that the shrouding sweater was gone,  replaced by a strapless black dress that hugged her like a second skin.  The makeup on her face was tasteful, serving to subtly enhance her beauty.  A Golden necklace around her neck ended in a pendant framing a perfectly clear crystal..

“This is a great place,” Branwyn said in a cheerful voice.  “I am glad you invited me tonight.”  Branwyn’s voice continued to have it’s effect on her.

Stephanie looked around in confusion,  Her mind was telling her that this could not be happening, that she had just been in the library.  She felt the gentle touch of Branwyn’s hand on her thigh and a strange sense of calm flowed over her. The fact that she was not in the library no longer seemed to matter.  The only thing that was important to her was that she was here with Branwyn, and that she was there to enjoy herself. 

Branwyn gave her a sultry smile and continued to slowly stroke Stephanie’s thigh.  Her fingers started to creep closer and closer to Stephanie’s pussy only to stop just before she reached her goal as they were interrupted by the clearing of a throat.

The two of them looked up to see a waitress standing in front of their table.  Her name tag read “Monica”

“Pardon me,” she said to Stephanie.  “I love your robot costume,  It looks so realistic, I wish I was brave enough to go out in public like that.”  She paused for a moment, and a slight blush crossed her cheeks.  

“Oh I am sorry,” she said.  “Can I get you anything?”

The two made their orders and watched as she made her way though the crowd. Branwyn leaned closer to Stephanie and spoke in a low voice.

“ You could help her become like you. Would you like to help her Stephanie?”  Branwyn sat back to await her answer.

In the library Stephanie stood at attention with her eyes closed.  Branwyn stood behind her with her hands reaching around her to massage her breasts.  A pair of silver horns poked out of her hair and a silver tail reached out from behind her and had snaked it’s way under Stephanie’s skirt.  Katie and Monica looked on with mischievous smiles knowing full well what Stephanie was going though



Branwyn’s question only seemed to succeed in shaking Stephanie from her dazed state, surely this couldnt be real, or could it, having seen and indeed felt what had already happened to her. Besides which it looked like the Monica she knew, and she was …already a silver robot!

She tried to dodge the question for now, “You could have dressed me more suitably for a posh club like this!” she said to Branwyn, still wondering if that was a good idea…

“As you wish my dear.” was Branwyn’s reply, and with a hint of a smile on her face she dressed Stephanie in a metallic blue dress that so neatly complimented, and clung to her body.

“Ooh!” was her only reply.

“So before our cute waitress comes back with our drinks and I tease your hot silver body I need the answer to the question, Would you like to help her become like you Stephanie?”

Branwyn ensured she had full control over Stephanie’s systems, she wanted the honest answer, not anything Tera may have pre-programmed into her. Stephanie still thought all this couldnt be real but she had to answer assuming it was,

“Only if she wanted to become like me, I wouldnt want to force her to become a robot unwillingly.” she replied, gasping as she did so, as ‘something’ touched her slit and began to play softly with that luscious, and now dampening opening.

“A sweet, and indeed correct decision my dear,” and seeing the waitress approaching them with their drinks added mischeviously, “Why dont you ask her if she would like that?”

Stephanie blushed an even brighter red now, “I…I cant do that, she might cry, she might laugh. And I’d be hurt by that. So please dont ask me to.”

Branwyn squeezed her leg tightly, “Aww go on, just for me, ask her. You might get a nice surprise.”

Stephanie gulped, a few moments later the waitress reached the table and sat their drinks in front of them, it was now or never…

“Would you really like a robot costume like mine, I could put you in touch with the person who created it for me if you would? I will warn you though, its…err very skintight, and not too err…easy to remove!”

Monica smiled back, “I’d love that, I’ve always said working as a waitress was something a robot could do, and though I’m not sure I could wear it to work it would be fun to do so. Your suit is amazing, its just like a second skin, in fact if I didnt know better I would say it was your skin. You arent really a robot are you?”

How do you answer a question like that in a public place?

She blushed brightly again, placed her mouth over Monica’s ear and whispered, “Yes I am a robot, well as much as I can tell anyway. If, and only if you would like it I’m sure I could arrange for you to become one as well. But I’ll warn you, you wont be able to change back again afterwards.”

Monica kissed her on the cheek and whispered in Stephanie’s ear, “I’d love to, how and when do we get started?”

Stephanie looked across at Branwyn for answers.

Meanwhile in the library Branwyn slipped her tail within Stephanie’s damp pussy, and the end of it began to seek out her clit. It wasnt hard to find, it was screaming for attention! Branwyn took the opportunity to make a firm squeeze and caress of Stephanie’s firm cleavage. Monica moved in closer, Katie remaining in the background enjoying the entertainment.

From somewhere came the answer,”As soon as you wish my dear.”. Stephanie heard the words but had no idea whether she, Branwyn or perhaps even Tera had said them…



Branwyn smiled at Stephanie and stood up.  She walked around the table and placed her hands on Monica’s shoulders.

“It you are certain of this,” she whispered. Then we need to have a little privacy,  Unless of course you want everyone here to get a free show.”

She grinned as Monica’s cheeks turned red with a furious blush.

“Follow me,” Monica whispered. “I know just the place.”

Monica lead the two of them through a locked door and into a back room.  It was obvious from the decor that this room had seen a lot of use as a get away for a secret liaison  A large queen sized bed dominated the room. Padded handcuffs were attached to the headboard, and a slight open closet revealed that it was full of a variety of toys.

“Very nice Monica,” Branwyn said.  “I would not be surprised if you had spent a lot of time here.”

Monica flushed again, and lowered her head, clearly embarrassed.  Branwyn smiled at her and suddenly the scent of cherries reached Stephanie’s nostrils.  As the scent flowed through her she felt her nipple start to harden and her pussy start to moisten.

“Now Monica,”  Branwyn said,  “Before you can become what you want to be we need to get you ready.  First, you need to remove all of your clothes.  They would only get in the way.”

Monica hesitated for a moment before she moved to quickly pull her shirt of.

“No Monica,” Branwyn said.  “You need to do it slowly, Like a strip tease.”

 Her eyes flashed green and Monica’s movement slowed down. Her body language went from embarrassed to sultry.  She started to move and strut to a beat that only she could hear.  With each thrust of her hip another piece of clothing was slowly removed from her body.  By the time her dance was done, her erect nipples and swollen pussy gave evidence to her arousal. 

“Excellent,” Branwyn exclaimed in a husky voice.  “Now I need you to lay down on the bed.  While she does that Stephanie, You need to remove your clothing as well.”

Stephanie froze for a moment as her modesty briefly struggled with her desires.  The struggle was over all to quickly as something seemed to just wipe her resistance away.  With nothing holding her back, she quickly removed her clothing.

While Stephanie stripped down, Monica had laid down on the bed and Branwyn had fastened the padded cuffs around her wrists. Stephanie found the sight to be highly erotic.

Branwyn called Stephanie over and grabbed her by the hands.  Stephanie felt a strange tingle flow through her fingers.  Branwyn then placed a kiss on Stephanie’s lips while one hand slid down to stroke her pussy. The strange tingling sensation flowed into her lips and pussy as well.  Branwyn pulled away and turned Stephanie around until she was facing the bed.

“Now Stephanie,” she said”  I am sure that you have heard of the tale of King Midas and his touch of gold.  Well my dear, you now have the touch of silver.  However it will only work on people who want to become like you.  Try it,  touch her on the cheek.”

Stephanie reached out and placed a finger on her cheek. The flesh on Monica’s cheek turned silver where the finger rested.

“Now that the process has been started, it must be finished.  Use your fingers and lips Stephanie to make her silver like you.  Once that is done she must bring you to orgasm with her tongue, finally you must return the favor, then she will be like you.”

Branwyn stood back to see what Stephanie would do.

In the Library Branwyn’s tail had burrowed its way deeper into Stephanie’s wet and needy pussy.  It’s tip started to stroke and massage her clit.  Branwyn’s hands continued to knead Stephanie’s generous breasts,  Yet Stephanie showed now outward reaction to Branwyn’s ministrations.  Monica moved in closer and placed a passionate kiss on Stephanie’s lips while Katie’s hand drifted down towards her own wet pussy



Stephanie’s mind was in a total whirl, part of it was still telling her that Monica was already silver, just like she was, and indeed had been a silver robot even longer than she had, but the sight that greeted her suggested otherwise. Apart from that one spot on her cheek she looked well…human! It didnt help that the sight of this pretty girl restrained tightly in those cuffs moaning with the pleasurable thoughts of what Stephanie was about to do to her wasnt turning on Stephanie herself in quite a dramatic way. And the thought that she had to touch, or kiss every ounce of that stunning naked figure was only turning her on more.

Her resistance to the idea didnt last long before she bent over the restrained girl and kissed her on the lips passionately. She broke the kiss, looked at her to see the girl smiling back at her with silver lips and signalling with her tongue to ‘come inside’ and pay a visit! She did just that while at the same time allowing her hands to sweep tenderly over the girls naked body, thinking to herself that she could always ‘touch up’ any missed places later. Eventually the dam broke in her mind and she literally jumped on Monica grinding her damp and needy pussy into the other girl’s mound, now equally damp, knowing that if what Branwyn had said was correct that move would help speed up the wonderful process of changing her. After 10-15 minutes of lip ‘contact’ Stephanie broke off the kisses and admired her work. Most of the body was now silver, she just touched a few spots needed, then signalled to Monica to close her eyes so she could touch her eyelids as well, she obeyed eagerly.

Then blushing she thrust 2 sticky silver fingers deep into Monica’s snatch and turned that silver as well, her clit feeling like a firm button as she touched it, Monica letting out a loud moan of delight as she did.

By now any latent shyness had disappeared.

“Now for stage 2 of the process!” grinned Stephanie, and realising that Monica was unable to move lowered her dripping sex over her mouth, trying not to put too much weight on her in the process, not realising that her weight, to a robot, was insignificant. The feel of Monica’s tongue as it slipped inside that damp crevice was amazing, especially when it touched her clit. It felt like several thousand volts surging through her, and it was all she could do not to cum instantly. She resisted for a few minutes at least before giving Monica the chance to feast on her silver nectar. Before lifting herself off fully she kissed Monica on the lips, tasting her own juices, giggling at the slight metallic taste to them.

“And now its my turn.” said Stephanie, and eagerly set to work on Monica’s body as tongue, fingers and lips worked to bring her off. Branwyn at least ensured Monica held out for a few minutes before rewarding Stephanie with a feast even though she was so aroused she would have cum in seconds without her influence.

After another sticky kiss of their now intermingled juices Stephanie turned to Branwyn and asked, “Have I done my duty, is she changed to be like me? Will she…can she…be my lover now?”

Branwyn smiled and turned to speak to her…

Back in the library Branwyn was planning the moment to re-sensitise Stephanie’s body knowing what her reaction would be when she did so. She was also planning to then let Stephanie realise just what ‘theoretically’ she had just done and see how she reacted. Monica moved from kissing one set of lips to another, she knew what would happen very shortly and looked forward to a taste of her. Katie’s fingers were now well buried in her wet snatch, she too was approaching boiling point, Branwyn’s plan was for both girls to cum at the same moment, interfacing their orgasms to heighten the intensity of the moment for both. Without telling her she interfaced Monica as well, to see how she reacted. She was tempted to include herself in this moment but wasnt sure that the intensity of 3 heavy robot orgasms might not be just a little too much, even for her powerful mind!



“Yes Stephanie,” Branwyn said, “you have done well. She is like now you now.  Your touch transformed her skin,  your nectar changed her body, and her orgasm gave her the energy to complete the transformation.  She is just as robotic and complaint as you now.”  Her smile took on a mischievous undertone.  “As for being your lover, well see for yourself.”

Stephanie heard the sound of snapping metal as two silver arms embraced her from behind.  A felt lined cuff attached to a broken chain adorned each wrist.  Soft, but sticky lips started to gently trail kisses on the back of her neck.  Stephanie twisted around in the embrace and came face to face with Monica who wasted no time in giving her a passionate kiss.

An electric feeling washed through her as Monica slipped her silver tongue past Stephanie’s lips.  What felt like sparks of electricity were released as their tongues dueled for dominance.  Monica pulled her in close and their breasts pressed against each other.  Their hardened nipples digging into the their strangely supple silver skin.

The two of them stayed that for what seemed to be an eternity before Monica broke the kiss and leaned back on the bed.  She looked up at Stephanie with her silver eyes.  Stephanie could see that they were filled with love, lust and submission.

“I am for you Stephanie,” Monica said in a reverent tone. “You are my Creator, My Sister, My Mother, my Lover and my Mistress.  It is because of you that I exist.” She lay back down on the bed, totally open and waiting for Stephanie to use her however she saw fit.

Before Stephanie could take advantage of Monica’s offer, the door burst open and another women rushed inside.  

“Monica,” She yelled! “What are you doing in here, you are falling behind on your tables, if you don’t get out…”

Her voice trailed off when she saw the two silver women on the bed, with a shocked look on her face, she opened her mouth to scream.

With a flash Branwyn made a throwing motion and a black and silver collar appeared around the woman’s neck. The moment the collar latched the women let out a load moan of pleasure and sunk to her knees.  Her eyes rolled up in the back of her head as her face faded into a vacant expression

Branwyn walked over to her and closed the door to the room.  “Now my dear,” she purred, “Why don’t you tell us your name?”

The woman’s response was a barely audible “Katie.”

Branwyn reached down and touched Katie’s collar.  The vacant look transformed into one of devotion as Katie lifted her head to gaze upon Branwyn.

“Katie,” Branwyn said, “I am afraid that you saw something that you were not supposed to see.  I am afraid that you are going to have to join us now.”

“Yes Mistress,”  Katie gushed, “Whatever you want Mistress.”

“Good Katie, be a good girl and join the others on the bed.”

Without hesitating Katie stood up and walked over to the bed, where she joined the two silver women. Branwyn smiled and turned her attention back to Stephanie.

“Stephanie,” Branwyn said with a smile, “it is time to use your touch of silver again.  Katie here needs to be like you and Monica.  Why don’t you and Monica take care of that for me.”

As Stephanie looked at the smiling girl on the bed, A feeling of wrongness washed over her.  Suddenly it hit her, Katie needed to be silver as well.  The desire to make her silver grew until she was no longer able to hold herself back.

In the Library Branwyn continued to stimulate Stephanie’s immobile form. She had linked their arousal levels, so each one was feeling the other’s stimulation.  A sly smile crossed her face as she reached out with her mind and blocked their ability to climax.  Their pleasure would continue higher and higher until she removed the mental block.


And at that point, this RP came to a close…


Shame really…



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