Apr 24 2009

Another one of those odd story ideas…

And I can blame a comic book for it…

Most people will I assume know about the comic book Vamperella…

And what caughr my attention is Issue 49 which has  a story in it called The Succubus Stone…

A quick synopsis of it is:

 “The Succubus Stone” by Ramon Torrents (art) and Gerry Boudreau & Steve Clement (story). It features a number of young men that suddenly turn old and die after going to a whore house. A detective studying the case eventually tracks down the whore house, finding it occupied by succubuses possessing a mysterious stone. When he shoots the stone, destroying it, they all age and die.

Now I don’t think the story that is brewing in my mind will go that way, but the idea of the stone does intrigue me…



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    Sounds like an intriguing idea, Majesty. I look forward to it.

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