Temptations VI – Stephanie

This RP in Temptations was something a little bit different for me… I’ve never done a transformation like this one before… Many thank yous to Stephanie for letting me do this with her and create the image of her transformed self that you can find in the Hypnopics Gallery in my folder there…


Temptations VI

By TeraS and Robounit8


The end of the working day was drawing nigh, but today she’d drawn the short straw of tidying up the library and putting all the discarded books back on their appropriate shelves. It wasnt a job she minded doing really, and besides why did she want to rush off home…to herself! And the next bus wouldnt be that long a wait. Besides, it allowed her time to be alone with her thoughts, and in all honesty that quite suited Stephanie.
The blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes hidden behind the glasses led visitors to believe there was a rampant sex kitten hidden behind the ‘library worker’ image…but they were wrong! This girl was chronically shy, and accordingly found love hard to find.

But now she was heading for the last section of her floor, and then home to a ready meal and the TV for the evening! How romantic could that be?

Her eyes picked out this dusty old book on the floor just as she was about to finish, it was dropped in a secluded place and she assumed it had laid there a few days unspotted. Being the diligent creature she was she went to pick it up and place it where it belonged.
She picked it up, peered through her glasses to see where to place it, but a gust of wind (where from?) blew the dust into her nose, she sneezed and the book hit the floor and sprung open. There seemed to be an even greater explosion of dust that left her blinking, finally it began to clear and as she bent down to retrieve the book again she heard something, she tried to clean her glasses to see what it was when….



The sound of giggling came to Stephanie’s ears as she picked the book up off the floor. As she put her glasses back on she was greeted by a familiar sight in the library. Leaning against a row of shelves was the Head Librarian. If there was one thing about her, she was not in anyway shy.

A pair of red stiletto heels started the journey up the giggling woman. Next, Stephanie’s eyes roamed up a  pair of slim legs lovingly wrapped in a pair of black nylons. Just past the midpoint of her thighs, the almost florescent red skirt began that hugged her hips like a lover would. Then came a slim waist and then start of the red blouse that seemed almost painted onto her body. Then came those shapely breasts that always created a problem for people that spoke with her…. Well… Until there eyes reached her face. She always wore red rose lipstick. Glossy. When she spoke, your eyes were drawn to them. To watch them move. To hope for that little smirk that appeared from time to time when she was amused at something that you just didn’t understand. Then her eyes. So green. So so green. Emeralds were close but not as green as this woman’s eyes were. Her face was framed by raven black hair that she had tied into a long sleek ponytail that almost reached the midpoint of her back.

She tapped a slim red nail against her lips and giggled a bit more at Stephanie.

Stephanie remembered that for most of the staff in the library, the Head Librarian was know as Miss T. To the public, she was known as Miss Ray.

Only one person ever had called her by her first name… That person wasn’t at the library anymore. Rumor had it that she came in the morning after using her first name looking like a bimbo, and had left never to appear again.

Stephanie knew her first name, but never called her by it…. Tera

Tera gave Stephanie a wink and said, “Bless you… Need a hanky?”



“Thank you Miss T, I would appreciate it greatly, my vision seems to be all messed up by that large cloud of dust”

She cleaned her glasses with the proffered hanky and then blinked at the sight that greeted her. She recognised the woman stood there as her boss, but the clothes she was wearing? She thought Miss T had been in dull and staid clothes earlier that afternoon, but now…! These clothes were absolutely stunning, and so sexy. If Stephanie had fancied (or realised at this point she could fancy) women she would have got very aroused. As it was she feared Miss T must have seen her nipples harden under her top and a slight damp stain ‘down below’ as well.

“Call me Tera.” she whispered back to her as Stephanie handed her back the hanky. “By the way, do you like what I’m wearing?” she added in a seductive tone.

“Err, yes I do, greatly.” Stephanie replied blushing a bright red at the thought of what the vision of that sexy outfit was doing to her own body, “But surely…Tera, you were dressed differently a few minutes ago when we were open?” she’d hesitated before saying her name even when commanded to do so, knowing what was supposed to have happened to the last woman to do so. But it was her boss, and she’d told her to do so, so surely everything would be fine?

Tera laughed, a laugh that slightly chilled her, but at the same time sent her pussy went into hotness overdrive,

“Yes sweet Stephanie, but those were my work clothes, and now the library is closed. So I changed into something more comfortable. And the signals from your body suggest you like me dressed like this, is that true?”

Stephanie would have loved to deny her feelings, but suspected Tera could almost read her thoughts as well as her body signs, so what was the point in doing so?

“Err yes I do, its just I…I never dreamt of you dressing this way. Or that I could feel like THIS about another woman. But you look amazing and so sexy dressed like that. I just wish I had the confidence…and the looks to do so as well. I might find a man in my life if I did.”

Tera looked her over, alright this blue eyed blonde wasnt a stunner like her, but on the other hand that meant a nice palette to build upon. And at least she had curves in all the right places. She knew from work the girl was chronically shy, but again…that could always be ‘improved’ upon.

“If I said I could make your life so much better would you let me, become putty in my hands to change your life forever?” Tera asked her

Stephanie assumed she just meant make up, clothing and the like, but not anything more. Of course she didnt know…

She nodded, Tera gave a wicked smile, an equally wicked laugh, and a cloud of silver dust enveloped her. Tera knew what was happening, and would happen very soon, but Stephanie didnt. She felt a pleasant tingle in her head, then as the dust began to die down she heard Tera say…




Tera smiled and said, “Fantasies can become reality Stephanie… All you have to do is believe in them…”

She moved away from the bookshelf and approached Stephanie as the last of the silver dust settled around her. She pondered for a moment and then said, “The first thing I think you need is a better outlook on the world…” She raised a hand and gently touched between Stephanie’s eyes. Then to her surprise her vision blurred until she was almost blind. Tera said in a gentle voice, “The eyes are the windows to the soul… You should see the world around you without blinders on….”

Stephanie moved to remove her glasses, but Tera placed a hand on hers and said, “Just leave them on for the moment my dear…” Although her vision was really poor at the moment, Stephanie could make out Tera’s shape. But it seemed a bit redder than before and something seemed to be moving behind her.

Tera touched a finger to Stephanie’s forehead and said, “I think the other thing we need to change is that you need to loosen up a little bit…  Open your mind to the possibility of having some fun…. But we’ll talk about that soon enough…”

Then to her surprise, Stephanie watched as Tera came closer and then brushed her lips lightly across hers. There was a tingling that swirled around them for a moment and then Tera said in an amused voice, “mmmm… I like that colour for your lips….” Then Tera’s fingers ran through Stephanie’s hair and she felt a little bit of a pull as the hair lengthened and grew until her hair was long and straight, the ends flicking around her bum invitingly.

Stephanie heard Tera snap her fingers and something appeared to her left. Tera turned her that way and then removed her glasses….

Standing in front of her was an ornate mirror that was easily five feet wide and 10 feet tall. For a moment, Stephanie didn’t look into the mirror because of what framed it. On either side of the mirror a woman in silver pressed herself against the glass as if making love to it. Their faces frozen in a moment of bliss and pleasure for all eternity. It took some time, but then Stephanie managed to look at herself…

To Stephanie’s surprise she found that her lips were covered in a metallic red lip gloss with little flecks of silver within it. But it was her hair that really caught her attention. It was long and sleek and shiny. A smooth honey blonde colour that called out to be looked at… But the strange thing was that within it, there was little streaks of silver catching the light and making parts of it shimmer and glint in the light almost hypnotically.

Tera stepped around to stand behind her and said, “I think that’s a good look to begin with Stephanie…”



Stephanie tried desperately to take in all the amazing changes happening to her, and trying to work out if they were dream or reality.

“Good look, its well…amazing to me.” she thought to herself

Tera spoke, leaving Stephanie to know she was either reading her thoughts, or was deep within her mind and soul, “Of course if this new reality doesnt suit you, I can always change you back again. But from what I can see this dull but diligent library worker likes her new look? But then, is it a new look or just the Stephanie she hid from herself?”

Stephanie tried to answer that for herself, her inclination was to say new look, surely she didnt look this good before? But was that really the case?

“But…but surely this cant be me, I dont just look pretty, I look stunning, and surely whatever I did I couldnt look this good, could I?”

Tera’s eyes just twinkled mischievously, and she didnt reply for now.

“But they say the reflection of the inner you can be seen in the mirror, and this inner me looks fantastic. Loosen me up, I assume you mean fun sexually which I cant deny would be nice. But however good I look can the mind follow suit? But this metallic red lipstick, the long stunning hair, how  much are you going to change me, I’d hate to become umm…promiscuous?”

Tera smiled and said softly, “Not a slut then Stephanie, no I think something more precious for you would be suitable. But open you up sexually, oh most definitely. Now should I make you straight, lesbian, or give you the best of both worlds?”

Stephanie blushed like a beetroot, now up to now she’d always thought of herself as straight, but Tera stood in front of her like this was causing the heat to flow in her sex and her body turning to jelly at the thought of close contact with her…even now her mind was trying to tell her this sex symbol couldnt be her boss…but she knew she was.

“Whatever you think best for me.” was the only answer her disbelieving brain could come up with given her own reflection, “But can I ask a question?”

“Of course.” smiled Tera smiling, suspecting (or maybe knowing) already the question she would ask.

“This inner image thing, what then is the significance of the silver ladies either side of the mirror to me? And though I love the way it shimmers, the silver streaks in my hair, the way it plays in flecks on my lips, I dont understand how it relates to me?” wondering if there was some fantasy lurking dormant in her mind that even she hadnt realised? But how would Tera know even if there was?

Tera smiled, “If you open your mind you would see the significance, but maybe I should just tear down those barriers you’ve built up for yourself and let you see them. Would you like that?”

Stephanie nodded nervously, she knew what silver bodies usually meant, she had seen plenty of sci fi films after all. But that hardly seemed to fit in with loosening her up! That image usually meant the opposite.

Tera seemed to (or maybe did) read her thoughts on this, she smiled and in a seductive voice spoke…



“Stephanie my dear… You have a fantasy inside of you…. Several to be honest… But they all come back to you becoming something that you are not.. At least…. Not now…”

Tera’s hands played slowly along Stephanie’s sides until they rested on her hips. She leaned a bit closer and said, “The next thing we need to do is change those clothes you are wearing… Something a little stretchy and shiny would be nice to match that hair and lips of yours don’t you think?”

As Stephanie watched in the mirror, Tera’s fingertips glowed a silvery green for a moment. Then to her surprise the clothing she wore began to shimmer and shift slowly. Ripples of silver and green began to envelop her making little gasps of pleasure escape Stephanie’s lips as they did.

The glow concentrated at her feet and then slowly rose up her body. The first thing that happened was a pair of shiny sparkly boots with a medium heel appeared raising her slightly in height and reshaping her legs a bit making them sleeker and shapelier. The silver of the boots swirled and caressed their way up Stephanie’s legs making them a little bit weak as the pleasure pressed into her. Just below her knees, the boots stopped growing and then seemed to seal themselves around her legs leaving them glossy and sparkling silver. The glow moved over her knees and about a inch or two past them leaving them bare for the moment. Then a tight fitting silver PVC dress formed there are rose higher and higher. As the glow paused over Stephanie’s sex for a moment, she felt a spark of pleasure twirl around her sex teasing her for a moment…

But then the glow continued upwards. The dress hugged her curves and then she felt a shock as the glow reached her lovely breasts. She felt as if a pair of hands were cupping them and raising them to sit proudly on her chest. The glow passed over them and continued on, her nipples two hard bumps in the dress. The dress opened at that point revealing her cleavage before closing around her neck like a collar to complete the dress.

Then the glow moved over her bare shoulders to her upper arms and a pair of arm length silver gloves formed to her skin. The glow finally ended at her fingertips and disappeared into nothingness leaving the changed clothing behind. As Stephanie looked at herself, she could see where the silver clothing was not, her skin was well visible. The clothing was indeed clothing for the moment….

But what would it be in the future?

Tera nuzzled against Stefanie’s neck and said, “You look so good like this Stephanie… So very very goooood….



Stephanie knew what her clothing now made her look like and giggled inwardly to herself. She could see what Tera had in mind, and it was true a sexy looking robot wouldnt have the emotional hang ups that she certainly did…because robots dont have emotions! But for her that might be a very good thing. But then the other reaction entered her mind, arent robots totally controlled machines, no thoughts of their own, was that wise given she wasnt sure what she was getting into?

But there was one thing she couldnt resist doing, was this her choice though or Tera already controlling her? Her gloved hands cupped her ample breasts, and as her fingers touched her nipples it was like tiny electric shocks passing through them. Funny thing was, it didnt hurt at all, in fact it was just the opposite! And touching where her sex was hiding beneath the suit caused even more stimulation than before! She just hoped this suit was proofed against her sticky juices!

She had to admit it, though she suspected Tera already knew in her thoughts,

“It feels good too I have to admit. Alright it feels incredible if I’m being honest. It felt like…felt like well err…electricity pulsing through me when I touched myself.”

Tera laughed and smiled, “Well what do you think makes a robot function Stephanie, of course it was electricity. But dont worry, it cant harm you as you are the source of that power?”

“You mean that came from me, but humans dont do that, do they?” adding though not quite certain she wanted to know the answer, “Or arent I human anymore?”

Tera laughed loudly, “Yes my sweet innocent thing, you are still human…for now at least. Maybe I should have said the power emanates from the suit rather than you. But judging by your reaction it seemed you would enjoy it if it did flow from you.” and added with a giggle, “I thought you might blow a circuit!”

Stephanie blushed, so she had known about the orgasm that took over her body when she’d touched her sex. She decided to play the innocent card as best she could, so fine, Tera knew about her innermost fantasies, and indeed how to bring them to life, but how would they open her up, rather than take total control over her?

“Well yes, I guess there is a robot fantasy lurking in my mind somewhere. But arent they emotionless creatures, and didnt you say you were going to ‘open up and liven up’ my umm…sex life a little, and surely robots arent like that? And arent robots err…totally controlled by someone else?” and added though she suspected she knew the answer, “So who would control, and hopefully care for the robot?”

And then a question she knew she didnt want to know the answer to, “This suit, the boots and everything, will it only be clothing, or would it…err could it become more?”

Tera knew the answers to all 3 questions, but how much should Stephanie know for now. Not that she could get out of the suit unless Tera permitted it, but of course Stephanie didnt, and indeed wouldnt know that now…or for a little while.

Stephanie looked up at her in anticipation, though secretly wondering just how much she did…and didnt want to know! 



Tera nibbled a fingernail and said, “It’s an interesting thing about robots Stephanie. People assume that they have no free will… No desires…. Nothing to take away from the cold logic within them…. I don’t subscribe to that view….”

She trailed a fingernail slowly down Stephanie’s back and said, “A robot is a more than a shell…. More than a device… Much more….”

Then Tera snapped her fingers loudly. The two silver women holding the mirror let out a long moan of pleasure and then stepped away from the mirror. Then walked towards each other and slipped into a loving embrace. As Stephanie watched with amazement, she suddenly realized that the women were completely silver. Even their eyes and lips were silver. Their bodies looked human but for the silver and the moans from their passions as they rubbed their hands over each other’s bodies were completely human sounding.

The women drew into a long slow passionate kiss and then finally seemed to realize that Tera and Stephanie were standing there watching them. Without a hint of shyness or concern they held hands and faced Stephanie with a needful look in their eyes.

Tera let Stephanie absorb the scene in front of her and then said, “That is a possible future in front of you my dear. If you follow one particular path to the future that is what you will create. A race of robots that are as human as you are right now. A race that is kind and passionate and loving. A race that is everything that you wish to be… Whole…. Unafraid…. Content  with themselves…”

She stroked her fingers along Stephanie’s breasts and said, “You just need to take the first step… Accept that you can have this fantasy as reality… I will give you the experience…. The passion…. The existence that you seek…. If you truly want it…”

Tera fell silent as Stephanie looked at the future women in front of her and considered her fate…



She gazed at the sight not quite sure what she wanted to do, or have happen to her. Her clit knew what decision it wanted her to make, it was throbbing, almost painfully so and Stephanie suspected juices were trickling down her thighs at the thought of…of what? Having these 2 silver clad (was it clothing or was it…their skin?) women eat her out, kiss her passionately on the lips leaving a silver mark on her…or would that be within her? She suspected Tera wouldnt tell her either way until she’d made that decision. But she’d told Tera she was an open pallette for her to ‘paint’ so how could she say no to her ‘artist’? Especially as Tera was telling her that her inner self wanted, no desired this for herself.

She had to admit these 2 women (are they women or machines she thought to herself, not sure of the answer) were confident, sexy and erotically sexual, everything the human Stephanie wasnt. But she’d just been told she could become like that. She just had to make the decision! She wanted to make it, but…that dark thought that robots could be totally controlled, mindless, sexless machines filled her thoughts, and though Tera had said that wouldnt be her fate, how was she to be sure that once she said yes, and she wanted to, that Tera wouldnt do otherwise than turning her into on of these incredibly sexy, silver…yes silver creatures. 

She remembered Tera’s words and asked, ” You said that was one path I could take to my future, you mean there are others?”

Tera smiled, “Yes Stephanie there are, but not the ones you are thinking of. Forget those thoughts of being turned into mindless, emotionless blank machines because that is not a future I envision for you. There could be, indeed will be in time mindless drone machines but you will not be one of them. Think positive, think confidently as you make your choice, think instead of say, being the most perfect surgeon in the world because your decisions can never be flawed by human concerns. To have the most perfect and intelligent mind…within a robot body. Just think of the positive sides of being a robot, not the negative ones my dear. But I believe you deserve love in your life, and that you should be rewarded accordingly.”

Stephanie stroked her body again with the silver gloves and felt her whole body ripple as the electricity passed through her, so powerful she thought she’d faint. But she didnt…in fact calmness seemed to fill her mind and body. She felt no need to ask which gender would give her that love, despite until all this had happened assuming she was straight! Indeed given their looks and desires she hoped it would be a female lover.

The 2 silver women were still stood admiring her, smiling at her, 1 even licked her lips and Stephanie imagined that silver tongue playing deep within her sex and smiled.

Tera looked inquisitively at her, she showed no signs of impatience but Stephanie knew she had to decide whether to go on, and fulfil her long held fantasy, or go back to being a dull library clerk assuming Tera would let her of course! 

“So Stephanie, have you decided? Are you going to go on and fulfil your fantasy, allow love to enter your life, be unafraid of your sexuality and desires, or will you choose to go back to being a dutiful library clerk with no love in your life?”

“I want it.” Stephanie replied trying to sound confident.

“Want what?” Tera asked for confirmation, though of course she knew.

“To be like them, to experience life as a robot.” she replied, “To feel love once more.”

Tera teased, “You know its not reversible if I change you?”

Stephanie smiled, “I know, but I still want it.” she replied.

“An excellent choice.” Tera said, and moved towards her…



As Stephanie watched Tera’s form changed. A swirl of silver began at her shoes and then passed up her body. To her surprise within a few moments Tera’s body was as silver as the other two women. Tera was completely nude as the others were as well.

Then Tera said, “The past is past Stephanie… Your old life is ashes in the wind now…”

The a long red demoness tail appeared behind Tera and a pair of red horns appeared of her head. She smiled and said, “I am the Queen of the Succubi my dear… You have worked her for a long time… I have tasted your needs for some time now… I know that you are unhappy in your old life… Now you have a new one to explore….”

Tera reached out a hand and touched Stephanie’s left gloved hand. Then the gloves vanished leaving only silver skin and nails behind. The dress vanished soon after and the silver passed over her until she was as silver as Tera and the other women were.

Tera turned Stephanie around slowly and then said, “Perfect. You will fit right in my dear… Your assistants Katie and Monica will see to that…”

Tera took a step back and said, “Welcome your fellow SilverGoddess my dears.” Then the two women that Stephanie suddenly realised were her roommates, enveloped her in a passionate loving embrace. She gasped in pleasure as her pussy pulsed in excitement at the thought of Katie and Monica lapping at it in need and want for her…

Tera’s tail snaked out and then twisted around Stephanie’s wrist. She began to walk through the library with the three silver women following her. As they left that corner of the library, Tera turned towards a pair of silver doors and then passed through them.

On the other side a wing of the library that Stephanie had never seen before appeared. It was all silver. Silver bookshelves. Silver walls. Silver chairs. Nothing but silver except for the books on the shelves.

Tera explained, “This is your new job Stephanie. This is the Far Future Wing of my Library. You are now the Chief Librarian here. Katie and Monica are your assistants.” Tera gave a little smile, “In anyway that you can imagine…”

Tera then said in a husky voice, “The girls will take you home for the night, but I expect the three of you to return tomorrow morning… There will be people looking for your assistance I am sure…”

She came close to Stephanie and then pressed her silver lips to hers with a soft moan, “And I trust that you will assist me when I need you too…”



Stephanie smiled back at Tera and said in her best attempt at a robot type voice,

“Yes Miss-Tress Tera.” then gasped as Monica tried to give her an early ‘idea’ of what that night might hold for her. Her days without love were seemingly over!

Tera giggled at the sight, “Well if you wish to talk just like a robot Stephanie I could easily arrange it. But I thought for work purposes…?” her words broken up by Stephanie’s soft giggles.

“Thank you Tera…Mistress…Controller…oh whatever, but I think you are right human speech might be better at work. It is really your choice, I am only your obedient and loving robot now, you my Controller.”

Tera grinned, “Yes I am, thats nice! But as your assistants will tell you tonight I care for my robots very well and make sure they are very happy…as well as controlling them of course!”

This caused all 3 to giggle contentedly.

“I cant claim to understand all this.” Stephanie admitted, “But I know this makes me the happiest I’ve been, probably in my whole life.”

“That was the idea, and your assistants are ‘programmed’ to keep you that way, as you desire them to.” Tera said, finishing with a wink in Stephanie’s direction, clearly she didnt intend the girl to return to work in the morning as a ‘lesbian virgin’!

“Can I ask a few questions before I take up my new role as Chief Librarian here, things I dont understand?”

Tera nodded.

“My new body is amazing, and I assume my arousal levels are coming to the boil because of whats happened to me?”

Again Tera nodded.

“But what am I beneath this silver skin? Am I still flesh and blood or am I circuitry and wiring? Or something inbetween? I just wondered because…will I age at all or am I now like this forever as a robot being. Not that I’m complaining at the idea! And I guess you’ve ‘programmed’ me to be a lesbian, or at least bi, might need it tonight judging by the desire in my new assistants eyes!” she added with a giggle. “And you, you my Queen of the Succubi, I assume your silver body will return to normal at your wish, but I assume my change is permanent?…I hope so!”

Tera could see that Katie and Monica just desired to whisk Stephanie away for some passionate sexual contact, but stopped them for now so she could simply answer the girls questions before they released all Stephanie’s hidden sexual needs that were just begging to be released…



Tera smiled as her red tail twined around her silvery leg, “In truth Stephanie… Your part of the library is in the far future. There is an entire world for you to explore in your off hours. Katie and Monica will guide you should you need it and help you to become accustom to it.”

A sultry smile and then, “You are something that could be only imagined in your old time Stephanie. You are completely artificial in nature. Not one bit of your humanity save one piece remains.”

She touched Stephanie’s chest with a single finger, “Your soul is as it was. Your form is now as it should be.” Her hand moved to trail around her navel, “My mark will appear on you soon. All of those that are indebted and desire to act in my name receive the mark. You have your own mind. You have your own will. You can do as you wish Stephanie… But when I call… When I ask… When I suggest… You will obey those commands…. It will be all-important to you… But you will still have a mind and a will to do so…”

Her hand came away as she said, “Once the mark is upon you… You are forever in that form… You and Katie and Monica will outlast the Earth because of how you are created. The universe itself powers your bodies. As long as it exists… You can…”

She then stroked her fingers along Stephanie’s right arm, “What you are is a human being made of living metal. You have the same pieces as you had as a human being… Just transmuted into a new form… A better form… A more…. pleasurable form…”

Tera moved closer and then pressed her silver breasts against Stephanie’s sending bursts of pleasure through them both. She then kissed her lips and said, “Now.. You have two hot robots wanting to take you for a ride… Don’t keep them waiting my sweet….”



Stephanie wanted to speak again, but clearly Katie and Monica were now instructed by Tera to take her and induct her into her new life, and this time they werent going to be stopped, even by a sister robot. She seemed to be picked up easily by them and was only surprised as they moved towards what seemed to be a wall of this ‘far future’ library and closed her eyes expecting a collision with said wall. This meant she never saw Monica stretch out a hand and touch a panel, near invisible to the naked eye which glided open. This panel was designed of course only to be opened by robot beings, and Tera of course! She heard Tera giggling faintly as the panel shut behind them.

She looked around and smiled, she should have known that the robots didnt live in, or around the city, they simply lived within the library, and that was of course why she’d never seen Monica or Katie go home at night. They’d always either been gone when she left, or made an excuse to go after she had left. Now she knew why!

The large apartment (for want of a better word) was simple in design, decorated mainly in silver, but set off by other colours, but all of a metallic sheen. There seemed no kitchen or bathroom, but then her mind (or was it her logic circuits) reminded her that robots have no need to eat, or indeed go to the toilet and the like other than for ‘human image’ and that wasnt necessary when they were at home. There was a couple of TV screens, and she smiled to see 3 computers in the room, it seemed she had been expected! These did seem to have a couple of extra ports to a normal machine, she suspected (and would in time find out) their purpose was for her to connect up to for downloads.

But seemingly Monica and Katie had decided (or was that commanded?) that she should only get a brief look at her new home before…they showed her some ‘pleasure’ in her life. Stephanie found herself being tugged towards a room that she discovered a large bed in, all the bedlinen naturally was in silver, metallic to the touch and sending a tingly sensation through her body as the girls pressed her down onto it. Katie grinned wickedly, pointed a remote at Stephanie and suddenly she found herself unable to move, and when she tried to open her mouth to cry out no words came out.

“Relax Stephanie, your assistants wish to show their gratitude to their new boss in the best possible way. Besides Tera has told us its been a long time since you felt true love and we wish to put that right.” Monica told her.

Stephanie guessed she had little choice but to obey so did exactly as she was told. Funny thing was, before kissing Tera she’d never done ‘anything’ with another woman so she had no idea what it would be like, though she suspected Tera had included a ‘little something’ in her programming to ensure she did!

She let out a moan of pleasure as Monica pulled gently on the lips of her sex and let her tongue do a dance therein. It was only when her tongue hit Stephanie’s newly highly sensitised clit that she let out a gasp of delight, or at least tried to. The reason for that being the moment her mouth opened Katie took this opportunity to try and kiss the back of her throat! Her hands began to play with Stephanie’s nipples, turning them into little silver bullets as her arousal began to grow. The sensation was amazing, there was just one strange thing, everytime she thought she was going to climax heavily she just ‘went off the boil’ slightly for a few moments before it built up again. What she didnt know was that the other 2 girls were controlling this.

Finally, finally, after about 2 human hours of sheer passion they released her ‘orgasm button’ and demuted her and Stephanie let out a loud, almost animalistic scream of pleasure as a multitude of orgasms raced through her, her two assistants watching in delight, knowing they had completed Mistress Tera’s work well. That was indeed the moment Stephanie felt true love and wild passion for the first time in her life.

Katie and Monica smiled, cleaned her up and then the 3 of them rolled up in a ball of sapphic pleasure on the large bed. There were pods for the girls to rest in overnight, but for tonight at least the bed was far too tempting for all. Besides there was always tomorrow…or the next day to show that means of ‘sleep’ to Stephanie.

The next morning as all 3 were preparing for work duties Stephanie heard a voice she knew well, her Mistress and Commander’s,

“Well Stephanie…?” 




Tera walked into Stephanie’s section of the library with a broad smile on her lips. To Stephanie’s surprise she was still in her ‘boy form. She explained, “I’m in a silver mood this morning… But when I exit this part of the library I’ll shift forms again.” She giggled, “Appearances and all…”

She was carrying a tray of four mugs of hot chocolate for them to enjoy. At Stephanie’s confused look Tera said, “You can still eat and drink if you want to my dear. Especially drink.” She gave each ‘bot a mug and then took her own. Then she explained, “You need to take in a bit of liquid every day to allow for certain functions of your new body Stephanie.”

She took a sip and then said, “Now then Stephanie. You will find that people entering this part of the library are normally not shocked to see a sexy looking ‘bot here. Monica and Katie have been looking after things in your absence, but you are the head of this part of the library. You will find that information about the entire collection of the library including your own is within you now. So most any request you should be able to fill….” She paused for a moment and then said, “Normal requests. Magical ones you will recognize and will refer to my attention if necessary or to Rose, my assistant if I am not available to take care of it.”

She sipped a bit more and then said, “Now then. We have a number of people in the library that are out of time with you Stephanie, and it will be a bit of time before their time meshes with yours. But it will and when it does….” Tera smiled, “Well… That would be telling…” She moved closer to Stephanie and then traced her mark slowly with a finger. She said, “You are mine forever Stephanie. Rose is my Passion. You are my Curiosity. Remember that nothing in any universe will change what you are. You are always under my protection…” 

Tera stopped speaking for a moment and Stephanie heard Tera’s voice in her mind, “And I am with you always…

She leaned in and then kissed Stephanie deeply, the chocolate taste mixing with Tera’s own cherry taste. Their tongues slipped hotly against each other while Tera’s tail slipped around Stephanie’s waist to hold her close for a moment. Tera finally broke the kiss and then whispered, “Have a good day my dear… I’ll see you again very soon…”

Then Tera walked away with a smile on her lips and a spring in her step quickly passing through the doors to the main library leaving Stephanie, Monica and Katie to begin their day.


Now that technically was the end of the RP, however, there is more to come another week…

A manip of Stephaniebot can be found at:





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    • James on April 21, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    I think this is my favorite of these entries so far, Majesty; quite poetic. No surprise, given the caliber of the two writers.

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    • Jacob on June 1, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    This is one of the best stories I have read so far. It is poetic, just really…heh. I don’t know the word. Great story 🙂

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