Apr 19 2009

A… Stamp?

I’m just slightly confused, but this appears to be a real thing…

A Succubus or Demoness stamp for the US Postal Service system…


You can find this here…

I’ll refrain from the lick it and stick it jokes I think, but I wonder…

If they allow something like this…





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    I was sure I’d find something saying one cannot put lewd/pronographic/obscene images on stamps, but some quick research indicates that’s not in the USPS rules. The only thing that seems to be prohibited is copyrighted/trademarked images that one does not own. So intrepid US mailers will have to take their own licking and sticking shots.

    Though I suspect that, if anybody tried it, a rule might be created.


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    A few years the Post Office allowed a service (I don’t remember the name) where you could upload a photo to be put on a stamp. I think used to add about $10.00 to a sheet and the would mail a sheet of 20. I don’t know if zazzle has the base price or add extra on. As James said no nudity or copyrighted material, but some has gotten through.

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    I just find that a fascinating idea…

    And thank you for the comment Terry!



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