Temptations V – Marcus

This RP in Temptations was with a person called Vortex421…

We didn’t get far with this and that to me seems a shame…



It had taken Marcus months to finally locate the library.  Though he wasn’t a local, he was an admitted bibliophile and both libraries and bookstores had always been of interest to him.  He’d heard plenty of rumors over the internet about a library that was fabled to exist — one with the literary works of the Vatican library and the Library of Congress combined (and more) — and in whose shelves could be found just about any work on any subject and secret that one so desired.

Perhaps it was a good thing that it was summer and his grad work at the university wouldn’t begin until the fall.  That, plus the fact that this university was in the same city as the mysterious library, had given him plenty of impetus to look for the mystery library in his spare time.  He’d combed the depths of the college’s library looking at city plans, and had spent time at the courthouse and city hall reviewing deeds and demographics.  Finally, on a cold (unusual for this time of year), rainy evening, he’d found the place.  To his amazement, it wasn’t locked.  Letting himself in, he’d spent several hours wandering the shelves, looking at books both old and new.  The rumors seemed to be true, he mused after a time, there were books here on just about everything.

Somehow he’d found himself in the back of the library, where hardly any new volumes lined the shelves.  Each book looked to be at least a hundred years old or more, and Marcus marveled at how detailed the collection seemed to be.  No ordinary collector could have put together a collection such as this; surely, this was what Carnegie had had in mind when he had bequeathed millions of dollars to found libraries everywhere across the United States.  Marcus’ thoughts had been derailed then by a book that fell from the shelf to his right.  He hadn’t noticed that the book had apparently been on edge, but now it lay open on the floor…

…and a green fog was quickly filling the room, obscuring everything from sight.

Remaining still, wondering if this was terrorism or some sort of magical chicanery, Marcus waited for the fog to clear…



The fog cleared to reveal Marcus in the same place he was before, but instead of the book he found himself looking at a raven haired beauty holding the book in her hands. Her hair was in a tight bun. Her green eyes seemed to be examining his inch by inch as they peered at him through a pair of gold rimmed glasses. The white blouse she wore seemed to be almost painted onto her skin. A tight black leather skirt hugged her hips leading to a pair of black stockinged legs that ended in a pair of black stiletto heels with golden backs.

She looked at him and said, “Honestly Marcus… I would have expected better of you…”

She put the book back on the shelf and then walked towards him with a evil gleam in her eyes, “You will of course have to make amends for not treating the books with respect…”



‘Hello nurse,’ ran a familiar line from his favorite cartoon, Animaniacs, in his head as he took in the figure who now stood before him.  Waving his hand in front of his face to clear the last tendrils of the fog, he casually glanced her over.  Librarian?  Seemed possible, but she wasn’t entirely dressed right.  It likely had something to do with the falling book and the mysterious fog.

“My apologies.  I hadn’t realized that the book was balanced so precariously on the shelf.  There isn’t any damage, Mrs…?”  He bowed politely and trailed off, hoping for a name to put with this face.  It wouldn’t be polite to be on bad terms with the library staff so early into this new “relationship”.  Never mind that she mysteriously knew his name.



The woman smiled and said, “I am Miss Ray. I am the Chief Librarian. You are in my domain Marcus. I know everything about every person that enters here…” She  took another step forward and added, “You enter my realm by my will and by your needs… Tell me Marcus…. Do you know your legends? You myths? Your dreams? Your desires?”

She paused a moment and regarded him again with an amused smile playing at her lips, “Are you prepared to see them? Or perhaps…. Be them?”

For an instant something moved in the air behind her and then disappeared again.

Her eyes seemed to twinkle as she awaited his answer…



“A pleasure,” Marcus replied, smiling and nodding his head in greeting to her.  Her explanation of how she knew him and her questions confused him, but he did his best to not make it evident on his face.  “I’m familiar with legends and myths, yes.  But what do those have to do with dreams and desires?  Or, for that matter, seeing or being them?”  He frowned, attention momentarily distracted by movement behind her, but he quickly returned his attention back to her.  It could’ve been another patron or even staff member walking by.

Yet that did not explain why he felt a certain amount of fear, like one would feel walking into a doghouse dressed like a T-bone steak and smothered in barbecue sauce.  “Can you elaborate?”



She smiled and answered, “I could… But I don’t want to… It’s far more interesting to leave the path unlit and the surprises in the shadows….”

She seemed to be checking him over as if she was measuring him for something. Throughout all of it she kept that little smile tugging at her lips as if she knew something that was so amusing…. So unexpected….

Then she asked, “So Marcus… Tell me… What are you going to do to make amends for dropping that book on the floor like that…. You know that these books are so very precious…. So very very special….”

She took the last step so that she was almost touching him, a cherry scent in the air around her. But most of all it was her eyes. So green. So clear. Endless deep green that tugged deep inside of him making his mind feel like it was drowning in her will…

And that smile on her glossy red lips became a little bit larger…



So focused trying to figure out and answer her words was Marcus that he hadn’t even realized that she was approaching him until she was right beside him.  Her piercing gaze was like nothing he had ever expected, and he felt like a deer caught in the headlights, feeling trapped and helpless against her, until he’d finally figured out that she was asking him a question.

Shaking his head and blinking rapidly, he took a step back from her and struggled with the fog that seemed to slow his mind.  “I was hoping that you could tell me, Miss Ray.  It is your library and your book, after all.”

Meanwhile, despite suffering from slower mental reflexes than he’d like, he was trying to figure her out.  She looked human enough… he had barely begun to muse on this when her remark about myths and legends struck him.  It was a long shot, and he hadn’t heard of any myths existing in real life, but what if she was actually one of those myths.

“May I ask you a question?”



Miss Ray chuckled and said, “Certainly… This is a place of learning after all….”

She touched his right shoulder and said, “I’ll answer any question correctly phrased and presented to me…”

Then she turned and began to walk away, “But do try to keep up with the tour will you? I haven’t had dinner as yet…” 

Miss Ray walked away, her bum swishing from side to side as she walked down an aisle towards the main floor of the building, her heels clicking as she walked away from Marcus leaving him in the darkness of the library, the silence almost deafening as she left him behind…



He turned to catch up, wondering what she had meant about a tour.  Though he wanted to know more about the library, the seemingly sudden change in topic had left him a bit off balance.  Finally, after half a dozen steps, he found himself right behind and to one side of her.  “You mentioned myths and legends.  Do any of these reside in this library?”




A smile tugged at her lips and she replied, “There are no myths or legends that reside in this library… Everything here is quite real and quite alive Marcus… While the books may be dusty in places…. This is a living library…”

She turned a corner and soon approached the main staircase for the library walking towards the downward spiral of the stairs. She called back, “Tell me Marcus… What is that you seek here…”



He’d had his fair share of word games before, and picked up on this one almost immediately.  ‘There are no myths or legends that reside in this library.  Everything here is quite real and quite alive.’  The words could have been taken to mean that myths and legends were not myths and legends after all, but honest reality.  But if that was the case, did that make her anything else?

They reached the staircase and started down it, Marcus keeping a few steps back in case he lost his footing on the wooden stairs.  “Here?  Mostly the sum of knowledge as opposed to knowledge itself.  I wanted to see how large this library was, since I’d heard so much about it.”



Miss Ray answered as she walked down the stairs, “Above you there are 4 floors and below you another 3…. Anything else you wish to know about the size of the library?” As she continued down the stairs she removed a pair of hair pins from her hair. Her bun unravelled into a wild mane of raven black hair with the occasional red highlight in it. She turned back to look at Marcus and asked, “Are you interesting in joining me for dinner?”



Such a literal answer, he thought to himself, but filed the information away.  The movement of her hand caught his attention and he watched as her hair come loose and flow behind her.  It reminded him of a cape, he decided after a moment, a cape of long and flowing hair.  She was certainly more attractive with her hair down than with it up.  “I have a lot more questions on the library,” he said after listening to her offer.  A soft gurgle from his stomach reminded him of just how hungry he was.  “But I suppose, depending on what is for dinner, I could join you for dinner and save my questions until later.”



Miss Ray smiled as she stepped into the main lobby and replied, “There are answers to the right questions of course Marcus…. I’m sure you will be able to exercise them…” She walked towards a pair of large black oak doors on the far side of the lobby from the main entrance. On the wall beside the left door was a golden nameplate with the words Serving Room written on it. She paused in front of the doors and then said with a strange little smile on her lips, “After you Marcus…”



The woman was quite the enigma, Marcus had already decided.  What was her angle, truly?  Her behavior so far had been fairly tame, but he suspected that behind the glasses lay something a lot more wild and untamed.  It reminded him a bit of his ex, Jennifer, who had been quiet and reserved when in public or at work.  However, in private, she had been quite the hellion.  It had been too bad that she had chosen to go study overseas.  That had been the reason their relationship had ended — it was hard to spontaneously take someone to a movie when they lived 6,000 miles away.

There was something about Miss Ray’s smile as she stood in front of the doors that made Marcus feel a bit wary.  In a sense, it was like knowing that something awful awaited you, yet you were too caught in the moment to do anything but enter the room and see just what it was.  He could have been polite and offered for her to go first, but she was the host and decorum dictated that the guest be the first to enter.  So, with that, he smiled, nodded his head in appreciation, and opened the doors, stepping beyond to whatever awaited him, awful or otherwis



The doors opened to reveal a darkened room. The size of it was difficult to say as all that was visible to him was illuminated by a single wide beam of light that emerged from somewhere far above him. It displayed a red oak dining table. Upon it were two silver place-settings. They faced each other separated be a distance of perhaps five feet if that.

From behind Marcus, Miss Ray’s voice came to him, “Sometimes what you see is what you get you know…”

As he turned to look at her he realized that her clothing had changed. The severe clothing was gone, replaced by a flattering red dress that hugged her curves tightly. Her cleavage was displayed to effect with a diamond necklace that seemed to caress her neck, the large single main stone nestled between her breasts drawing attention to them. A pair of red stiletto heels shaped her legs invitingly making her bum press against the red fabric that covered it.

She smiled and said, “And sometimes what you see isn’t exactly what it seems…”


And so it ended…

And so we never find out exactly what my words mean at the end of the RP…

Were would it go?

Dinner and then most likely submission to the Queen to follow…


But we will never know…



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    • James on April 14, 2009 at 8:58 am

    “Sometimes what you see isn’t exactly what it seems . . .” A wonderful jumping-off point for something.

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