An Easter Poem from The Realm…

An Easter Gift from my heart James….

<huggles and love for him and his family always>






Easter Joys

By James


The joys of spring spread ‘round the Lake of Fire 
as snow retreated from a bold array
of multi-colored blossoms. These inspire,
it seems, the angel kitties in aggressive play.
No need for rabbits there; 
they leap without a care 
and, just like any hare,
mate, male and female fair,
blissfully unaware
of any but their fun this Easter day.
On wav’ring wings, they frolicked ever higher.

In fact, throughout the Realm, soft lips touch warm necks
and breasts and horns, and tongues tease pussies proud,
and tails twist, and skin meets skin, silk rubs latex,
to celebrate life, free from winter’s shroud.
Their limber legs entwined.
Each hand managed to find
some special spot, the kind 
where touch can melt the mind.
Their bodies so aligned, 
they charm each other. Now one naughty crowd,
the populace enjoys this day with wild sex.

Behold the Queen, ensconced upon her porch swing
(Who else would have a castle furnished so?),
awaiting her Eternal with a sweet thing
or two or three (a basket, don’t you know?).
She’d help him to relax,
enjoy life to the max,
with lots and lots of sacks
of jelly beans. The facts
were, many chocolate snacks
could only give her lover the same glow
as she could, herself, doing her favorite thing

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    • James on April 13, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    Thanks for giving it a title, Dear One.

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