Temptations IV – Sean

This is another in the series of RPs that I did on the MC Garden’s RP Secion. This one was with a member named Hess42, Someone that I have spoken with on and off over the past few years, but have no seen recently I regret…


Temptations IV – Sean

“Christ,” Sean thought with equal parts annoyance and amusement, “I really shouldn’t have had that last drink.” This was a dream, obviously enough, probably brought on by his incessant worrying over his dissertation. Pursuing an advanced degree in folklore and mythology was, he had been informed, a rather odd choice. Then again, after a BA in Philosophy, it’s not as though he had had job offers beating down his door.

Still, say what you will about the subject – and his family had had plenty to say – it certainly made for an interesting show come dreamtime, particularly coupled with a few too many drinks on a Friday night and – he did a quick mental calculation – twenty-three days since his girlfriend left for a month long sabbatical. Booze and hormones and some “light” nighttime reading (there’s no such thing for a PhD candidate, of course) had led to…this.

Sean hadn’t had a good lucid dream in a long while, but this one had possibilities. He was surprised, on the level of consciousness that didn’t accept the images as reality, at the realism of it all. The smell of the dusty tomes. The glint in the “Succubus’” eye. The – might as well own up to it – almost palpable erotic charge in the air. He felt himself settling into the oddity of the situation easily enough, and why not? It would make good fodder for his dream journal, if nothing else.

“A game?” he asked the creature before him. “I think I’ve heard this one before. A game of chance for my immortal soul, something like that?”

She traced a fingertip along her throne and said, “If you’d like… I’m game if you are my dear…”

She tossed her hair over her right shoulder with a slim hand and said, “Would you care to do it the old fashioned way and scream your need to be mine as I take your will from your cock? Milking it for a time and then having your soul drain through it? Or would you rather that I make it interesting for you?”

She smiled and then said, “I am very talented you know…”

She raised her index finger into the air and said, “We could begin with you getting nice and hard for me… It’s only a dream after all isn’t it? You have nothing to fear right?”

The tip of her finger glowed green and then he felt a wave of pleasure wash from the tip of his cock to the base and then back again. She looked almost innocent for a moment and then said, “None of this is real… Is it?”

Sean’s cock practically jumps to attention at the movement of her finger. And no surprise, really, considering how long it’s been, he thinks. Besides, look at her. I’d be just about this hard even if this -wasn’t- a dream.

“Well,” he says after a judicious pause, “neither of those really sound like games to me. For it to be a game, we both have to have a chance to win. As it is…” Sean trails off for a moment at the almost predatory gleam in Tera’s eye. For a moment his mind’s eye flashes on an image of not just being taken the way she described, but begging for it. He shakes his head to clear the image and the chill that comes with it.

She looks at him with a patient expression, as if she has all the time in he world to wait for him to compose himself. After a few seconds, his lips part in what he hopes is an easy smile and he says, “What I mean is, what do I get if I win this game of yours?”

Tera smiled and said, “If you win Sean… I’ll make sure that you have a girlfriend that you will never be able to forget. She’ll suck cock and be ready to do anything at the drop of a hat. She’ll be a beauty queen and pornstar all rolled into one… And she’ll be with you forever….”

She stood up and began to walk towards him, “She’ll dress so hot that your cock will be hard all the time as you imagine the next dirty little thing that she will do to you. Any position. Any kink. Any lust. All of your wishes and desires will be fulfilled…”

As she came closer a hint of cherries rose in the air around him. His cock grew harder and he could almost feel it being drawn towards her. She stopped just in front of him and said in a lustful voice, “Fair enough Sean? You’ll just have to manage to resist me and not let me make you do what I want you to do….”

She licked her lips as her eyes glowed a bright green, “Are you game?”

Sean blinks and says, “I already have a girlfriend…” before his voice trails off and he shakes his head. Arguing with a dream manifestation of a succubus and the thing he decides to point out is that he already has a girlfriend? Not exactly the most compelling argument in the world to a creature like this one. And there’s something in her words that tugs at a chord.

…beauty queen and pornstar all rolled into one…any kink. Any lust…

It’s not as though things with Catherine were bad, not at all. She was smart and sweet and funny as hell, “and if she doesn’t stop looking at me like I’m something to be feared in bed, I don’t know what I’ll do.” Sean thinks loudly enough that he’s half-convinced Tera can hear him. Even the thought feels like a betrayal, but once voiced even in his head, it’s difficult to shake. Part of Sean’s mind is already pondering the possibilities.

But something about this offer of hers (well, something other than the fact that it’s patently impossible) rings false. His perfect woman to fulfill all his fantasies? It feels…crafted, somehow. Artificial. Either a shell, or a woman given no choice but to be what he most desired. He won’t be – can’t be – a party to that.

“Not good enough,” Sean replies with a twinge of regret. “And besides, what would that cost -you-, Tera? You’re asking me to stake my freedom on this game of yours. Will you do the same?”

She laughed softly, “Freedom Sean? What is that exactly… And whatever makes you think that you or I have any at this moment?”

Tera’s tail slipped around from behind her and stroked along his leg slowly as she spoke, “Not good enough? But this is a dream remember… What have you to fear? You don’t expect to lose do you?”

She nibbled a nail and then said, “Catherine is an interesting woman… Lots of potential within her… I’m sure that with a little assistance she can find her true self… Wouldn’t that be fun? Admit it my dear Sean… The thought of her crawling up to you… Slipping your cock between her red lips… The feeling of her tongue as it swirled around your cock… The pleasure of her deepthroating you over and over again… You want that more than anything… Don’t you?”

Her eyes glimmered as she said, “It’s worth the risk…. Isn’t it?”

The question about freedom is an interesting one, and Sean finds himself answering without thought. “Well, I don’t know, of course. That’s the nature of the universe – I believe that I have freedom, and so do you, but we could both be slaves to our own natures. Or the figments of another’s imagination. Or,” he smiles wryly, “I could already be in your thrall, could have been for ages. This might all be a little game you play, to toy with me.”

Suddenly the sensation of her tail on him is terribly distracting. He continues, “Or vice versa. The point is, ultimately I choose to believe that I have freedom because it’s a lot more fun to believe that than to believe myself a slave. And the same, I suspect, is true for you as well.”

When she mentions his girlfriend, Sean wonders at the turn of topic for a moment, then shakes his head This whole screwed up thing is coming from his subconscious. Of course Catherine’s name would come up. He shivers involuntarily, biting his lip at the thought of Catherine in the position that Tera suggests. He wouldn’t have described it as his greatest desire, but the image is almost oppressively hot all the same.

“A-all right,” he says in a strained voice. “Let’s play your game, then…”

Tera laughed a bit, “Well then… First of all I think that you need to be comfortable…” There was a flash of green light behind him and then Tera took a single finger and pushed him backwards. Sean found himself sitting in a straight back chair with Tera looking down at him.

She licked her lips and said, “So…” The latex on her body rippled a bit and then she reached a hand to cup his cheek. She leaned closer until her rose red lips were so close to his. He could feel her warm breath against his skin. Her cherry scent blanketed his body.

She darted her tongue out to lick at his lips and said, “Are you uncomfortable Sean?”

Later, he would never be quite sure if she was really strong enough to push him back into that chair (and where had the chair come from, anyway?) with just a finger, or if he was so eager to comply with her suggestion that he fell back into it at just a nudge. In either case, the wood of the chair is smooth and cool against his flesh, and Sean finds himself gasping a little at the difference in temperature between its surface and her breath against his lips.

He parts his lips unconsciously, trying and failing to capture Tera’s for a moment. She only smiles and pulls away, obviously waiting for an answer.

“Uncomfortable?” he asks with a slight smile. “Sitting here with a beautiful creature such as you this close to me? Somehow ‘uncomfortable’ isn’t the word that comes to mind…”

Tera tilted her head and allowed her mane of hair to fall in a wave of black to her right side. Then she said, “I’m quite happy about that Sean… Quite happy with you…”

For an instant he felt somehow very happy about that. Happy that he pleased her. The thought passed through his mind, “If she’s happy… Then I’m happy… If she’s aroused… Then I’m aroused…. If she cums… Then…”

The thought were interrupted as Tera asked, “What would make you happy right now Sean? Kissing me? Touching me? Losing yourself in my eyes? Or does it matter since all of this is a dream and all that matters is the happiness?”

It sounds so reasonable, put like that. If she’s happy, then I’m happy… is a simple enough lesson, after all, and god, if it made him feel this good, why not? Except…

Even as he squirms under her gaze, his thoughts already swimming with the idea of being lost in her eyes, pleasing himself even as he pleases her, a memory swims to the surface.

She said, “You’ll just have to manage to resist me and not let me make you do what I want you to do….”

That’s what she had said before, when explaining the rules of her ‘game’. He looks up at her, suddenly scared for the first time. If she can manipulate his thoughts this easily, he’s going to have to be far more careful than he had originally thought. Part of him is still confident that this can be nothing but a dream, but even so…it feels so REAL. What would happen if she did make him do what she desired from him? An insistent, worrisome part of him thrills at the thought of finding out, and he stifles that internal voice as best he can.

“Why don’t you tell me what you want, Tera?” Sean suggests. If he can get her to say it explicitly, it should be easy enough to avoid giving it to her.

Shouldn’t it?

Tera laughed as the latex on her body disappeared in a puff of cherry scented green smoke. She stood in front of him wearing nothing but a pair of black stiletto heels upon her feet. She moved towards him as she moaned, “What do I want?”

She pressed his legs together and then sat onto his lap feather light there. She raised her left hand to his cheek and made him look into her eyes. Little streaks of black mixed with the green until spirals formed within her eyes. They began to turn slowly as Sean watched. then the glow expanded from her eyes as Tera whispered, “Whatever Tera wants…. Tera Gets…..”

The spirals began to take all of his attention as the hint of a smile tugged at her lips, “And I want you…. All of you… Mind… Body…. And Soul… Forever….”

Somehow Tera seems to weigh almost nothing at all, and yet he can feel her heat, feel her flesh through his clothing as she settles onto his lap. Sean lets out a soft sigh when she lays her hand against his cheek, and feels his gaze drawn to hers like a compass’ needle to North. He begins to bring his hands up to her hips instinctively, but can’t even complete the movement before her eyes start to…

Spin. Her fucking eyes start to spin? Sean has a sudden, irrational urge to laugh. Until, that is, her words sink in, and he feels a sudden weight in his chest. What seemed like a parlor trick for an instant swiftly becomes something else entirely as his heart pounds and he becomes aware that his hands have stopped halfway from the chair to her hips, and he knows on some level that even if he could touch her, it is more likely that he’d pull her closer, not push her away. It’s not as though he feels paralyzed, exactly, but he can’t quite convince his body to move under his control either. Not while he’s looking at her eyes, or while her voice is trailing along his mind like fingernails at the back of his neck.

He can’t fight her while he looks into her eyes, and he can’t look away. He doesn’t try to look away, exactly, but the voice in the back of his head tells him he can’t and he finds himself listening to the voice. All he can do, with a sense that the water is already up to his chin, is force his eyes closed, biting his lip almost hard enough to draw blood in an effort to stifle the moan of disappointment as he cuts off the fascinating vision. It’s his dream, his mind, what should be the seat of his power, and still Sean seems to have none at all save this bit of avoidance – and already that feels increasingly tenuous.

Tera smiled and moaned, “Cum now Sean… I can see those thoughts in your mind… The idea of having me riding you… Making you so hard…. My pussy wrapped around your cock… The desire for me to command you…. Transform you… Turn you into my perfect fucktoy is so inviting isn’t it?”

She drew her right hand between her breasts and whispered, “Or maybe it’s that thought of your cock slipping between my breasts…. My lips and tongue swirling around the head of your cock on each stroke…. You’d love that wouldn’t you?”

She slipped her hand down over her navel and then her fingers played with her folds slowly. She licked her lips and said, “It’s all there in your mind isn’t it? How hot it would be to pound into my heat… The pleasure building into you… The desires overwhelming you until you cum sooooo hard…. All those silly thoughts in your mind washing away as I suck that hot cum from your cock…. My tongue playing with the head until the last words you speak as you become my fucktoy are Yes Mistress…”

Tera quivered and then lifted her right hand to her lips. She licked her tongue over the wetness that covered them and said, “You’d love to taste me Sean…. Just say two little words and I’ll suck your cock…. It’s can’t hurt to say the words…. Just say them…. Fuck yes….”

Sean clenches his fists, closing his eyes even more tightly as if doing so will dispel the images brought about by Tera’s words. Part of him feels it may already be a lost cause, as he can’t even remove the sight of the spiral in her eye from his mind. He’s not even sure at this point if the thoughts of her heat around him, or of tasting her juices, or her lips wrapping around his cock, were there before she began describing them, or if she’s simply planting them in his head.

It’s so hard to keep his mind focused when he can feel her warmth against him. Somehow the sounds she makes when her fingers play with her pussy make him able to see what she’s doing. And the spiral, which he caught only a glimpse of before closing his eyes, is so clear in his mind that it seems like there’s no point in keeping them closed anymore.

Another thought that his rational mind is quite certain was planted by Tera. He’s shivering – practically trembling under her now, in a combination of excitement and fear that he’s never come close to feeling before. It’s an intoxicating cocktail, one that threatens to wash away what’s left of his coherent thought.

Almost without realizing it, Sean opens his mouth and speaks two words, his voice ragged as he whispers them aloud. “Please…stop…”

Tera smiled at his words and then reached a hand to cup his cheek. She drew his face to look at her and she said, “Why stop Sean? This is all a dream right? Nothing can possibly happen to you here can it?” She tilted her head and continued, “You are in bed at home aren’t you? Sleeping peacefully while a pair of candy apple red lips are pressing against your cock… So slowly sliding from the base of your cock to the tip and then back again…”

Her tail peeked over her left shoulder as if to look at him and she said, “Those lips lifting away from your cock enough to allow a slender pink tongue to slip out between them…. That tongue licking and twirling it’s way along your ridge making you vibrate in need…. Making you so hard… The need within you for release building until you awaken to the sounds of a woman sucking on your shaft.. Pumping your length in her hand… Her need for your cock so hot within her…. Your need to sink yourself into her pussy….”

She brushed a finger over his lips, “Don’t you truly want that Sean?”

Sean’s breathing quickins as Tera taunts him with the claim that this is a dream. That may be so, but his certainty of that has long since passed and it feels like it hardly matters whether this place is real or “merely” in his head anymore. The images around him change too quickly to focus on for any length of time – lips on his cock, his arms pinning a slender woman against the wall as he comes deep inside her, his neck arched to offer up his throat to an unseen lover. All of it stokes his passion even higher, and it feels like it’s passing farther beyond his control with every second. The images are all either dragged from his subconscious by Tera or planted there by her.

If he truly is dreaming, there’s one thing he knows for sure. He doesn’t control what’s happening around – and to – him. Sean’s lips part instinctively, drawing her finger into his mouth. A moment later, his conscious mind catches onto something patently obvious. He can see her. His eyes aren’t closed anymore, though he has no memory of opening them. If, in fact, he ever closed them at all. Perhaps he was captured from the moment the spiral began to take her eyes.

Perhaps he was captured long before then.

As Tera pulls her finger away, the image of her lazy smile sears itself upon his mind. Sean whimpers, “Please…” barely aware of what he’s asking for…

Tera placed her hands in her lap and smiled. The next thing that Sean realized was that he was as naked as she was. She took two fingers, one from each hand and began to slowly stroke up and down the sides of his cock. She only allowed her nails to touch him. A slight pressure on the skin of his shaft was all she allowed him. She moved her fingers perhaps an inch, but to Sean it seemed like she was quickly pumping his cock with her hand bringing him closer and closer to cumming as she wanted him to…

But then she stopped moving her fingers and then spoke to him, her fingers only twitching slightly as she spoke, “Sean… You can have the passion you want… The pleasure you seek… The desires filled to overflowing…. But you need to step over that point in your mind that is keeping your from what I am offering you….”

Tera’s eyes flashed green for a moment and then she said, “Perhaps it’s Catherine that is the problem…. Maybe I should bring her here and show her how much fun she could be having with you….”

She moaned and rocked her hips as she said, “I can teach her all kinds of things…”

Every motion of Tera’s fingers seems to send shockwaves through Sean’s whole body. Her eyes look right through him, his mind and desires laid utterly bare as he squirms helplessly under her teasing caress. Rational thought is utterly impossible with just her hand on him, and the very thought of how it would feel to have a more…intimate touch is almost too much for him to bear.

There is a twinge of relief along with his frustration when she stops moving her hand, giving him just enough respite to be able to understand her words. For a moment Sean is honestly confused – Catherine’s name actually takes a while to connect as someone he knows, much less the woman he’s spent the last 18 months with. When he finally realizes what Tera is suggesting, the conflict in him only intensifies. His soul seems to be crying out for Tera to take him for her own, driving the thought of anyone but her from his mind, but at the same time the thought of Catherine being here, participating in all of this, seems equally compelling.

And on some darker level, Sean admits that just the idea of Catherine seeing him like this – exposed, helpless, begging – only adds to his hunger.

After a moment’s hesitation, his lips part in a wry smile. “Dare I ask what…lessons you would want to teach her?”

Tera’s nails continued to twitch against his shaft as she said, “What lessons…. Oh…. I’m sure that I will cum up with something interesting for her… Perhaps a simple fucktoy? Maybe not… I haven’t had a set of lovers for a while as slaves in my realm… That would be fun…. You both in total need for each other, but neither of you can be truly happy unless you are serving my needs… My desires…. My wants…. Forever…”

She leaned back sightly and then her voice changed. It became sweeter. Became something familiar. Someone familiar. So very familiar as she said, “Or perhaps I’ll just take over her life… Become her… Wouldn’t you like that Sean? Having me keeping you hard all the time… The one thought in your mind being that of what you will do to please me… Just so you can have me on all fours…. Ramming your cock into me….”

Sean blinked only once as Tera spoke, but that was enough. To his suprise, sitting on his lap was Catherine. Medium length blonde hair, not overly shapely but cute. Pouty little lips. A cute little woman…..

She pressed herself tighter against him and asked, “Sean…. Don’t you want me like this? I’m sorry that you have waited so long…. Here I am…. So wet for you…. So hot for you…”

She giggled in that way she did and then kissed at his lips moaning softly as she did…

Sean lets out a soft groan at the the thought of what Tera suggests – Catherine just as thoroughly in her thrall as he knows he will be before too long. The succubus manipulating both of them, leaving them seeking to serve her will, a matched set of slaves for her to play with.

Part of him wants nothing more than to see her do that to his girlfriend. He is just about to say as much – to ask, or perhaps even to beg – for the privilege, and then she changes.

It’s Catherine’s voice, but somehow it’s not the same. Something about the intonation of her words is a little off, and that wakes up a corner of his mind that had been effectively shut down since the moment Tera perched herself on his lap. Yes, he had always wanted Catherine just a little more uninhibited (or a lot more, truth be told) but did he want her like this? Did he want her without a choice, a vessel for Tera to fill with her own whims and desires?

Shut up, he told the part of his psyche that was screaming “Yes!” to each of those questions.

Sean clenches a fist, hard enough that his short nails threaten to break the skin. The pain clears his mind for a moment, at least enough for him to say, “Not her. Do what you want with me – do what we BOTH want with me – but not her.”

Tera… Or was it Catherine? Smiled and began to tease her breasts with her fingers as she spoke, “But Sean… It’s me…. I’ve learned so much from her… I know all the ways to please you… Make you so hard…. I know exactly how to ride your cock… How to press my so hot and wet pussy against your length…. That one spot on your cock that if I tease it with a fingernail I can make you gasp and cum wildly after you fuck me and make me scream….”

She raised a hand and then licked and sucked on her fingers as her wet pussy pressed against his shaft. She giggled as she began to slide slowly up and him…..

And then Tera’s voice came from behind Sean, “Isn’t she a good little fucktoy already Sean?”

To his astonishment, Tera walked around from behind him and then stood behind Catherine. She smiled as her hands reached around from behind Catherine to pinch her nipples, making her gasp and quake in Tera’s hands…

Tera’s eyes glowed a bright green as she said, “Poor poor Sean… You have no idea what’s happened have you…”


And so this RP came to an end…

Where was it going? Mostly in the direction that his girlfriend was an Angel that had made a deal with me to experience mortal life in exchange for something she cherished…

After that?

Not sure really…



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    This is very intriguing, Majesty. My humblest apologies for neglecting to respond yesterday.

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    I hadn’t *forgotten* about this, exactly, but I didn’t quite remember just how hot it was. It’s a pity that my schedule got complicated enough that I couldn’t get back to the storyline. It was really quite delicious.

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