Apr 06 2009


Couple of things randomly this fine snowy day here in the Realm…

First of all I would like to remind writers that a Succubus is female and an Incubus is male. I read two eNovels this past weekend where on one page a character claimed that he was a Succubus, and then in the following page was referred to as an Incubus.

Proof read. And know the terms you use please?

Secondly, I have found myself pondering a somewhat different story idea that involves Succubi. I had the oddest idea that someone buys online a Halloween costume, which has horns, and so on attached to it. Then at the stroke of midnight the costume melts into their body making them a Succubus in reality. I see perhaps that the Succubus that is created goes on a spree which results in some of the more traditional things happening. But in the morning the woman that bought the costume has no memory of what happened. So this continues on through the story, the reality of the costume merging with her reality until finally the woman awakes in the middle of the Succubus feeding and has to make a choice. Be herself or be the Succubus. Needs some work I know, but it has some appeal in some ways…


Enough with the snow already!


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