Temptations III – Anthony

Another in a series of RPs on the MC Garden that I did some time ago…

This one is with someone named Shaft whom I haven’t seen in almost a year now on the Garden…

Hoping you are well and kk!



You enter a library searching for a book. A book on legends and myths. You wander the shelves until you come upon a section of old books that seem not to have been touched in ages. As you look at the shelf, far above you a thick tomb edges closer to tipping over the edge of the shelf it rests upon.

Then it plummets down until it lands upon your head pressing you to the floor. The book opens to a page covered in a picture of a greenish mist. Then the mist explodes from the book and surrounds you…

Finally the mists clear and you find yourself in the middle of a black void. There is nothing to be seen and you call out, “Hello? Is anyone there?”

There is silence and then from behind you a woman’s voice answers, “I am always here….”

You turn and see…… Her. She sits there. A Succubi. A being of evil and desire. A creature of lust and erotic thoughts. Her red skin shimmers in the darkness drawing your eyes to her. She taps a long slim red nail on her throne rhythmically. A black latex bodysuit makes her breasts two shiny black globes on her body. Her long raven hair spills in wild curls around her, the occasion red streak of fire in them. Her long red horns glisten in the darkness. But it is her eyes…. Her so green eyes that capture you… That hold you… That focus on you and stare deep into your soul…

She sits on her throne and regards you with…. Amusement? Interest? It’s hard to say. Then her sultry voice drifts towards you, “I am Tera. Queen of the Succubi… You are within my realm…”

Her rose red lips are curled in a evil smile as she asks in a husky voice, “Care to play a game?”

Her red tail moves behind her like a metronome as she waits for you to decide…

Can you decide?

Will you decide?

Or won’t you?

Weaving through the sections of the library, I think to myself, “I can’t believe I told Heather I would come down and get that stupid book for her.  Oh, the things I do for that woman.  I guess it was nice to see that librarian when I walked in.  She was pretty hot.  Mmmm… hopefully I’ll get to see her on the way out, too.”

Finally arriving in the Mythology section of the library, the dusty book catches my attention before falling on me and bringing me into this void.  “Hello? Is anyone there?”

“I am always here…”  Looking up, I see the vision of equal parts sexuality and evil.  The red nails.  The latex bodysuit hugging her incredible body.  The hair.  And those eyes.  Wow, those eyes are so beautiful.   So green.  So sultry.  So magnetic and … entrancing…

“I am Tera. Queen of the Succubi… You are within my realm… Care to play a game?”

That smile … and still those eyes …

“A game?  What kind of game?”

The look of amusement on her lips was something that he would not soon forget. In a husky lust laden voice she asked, “A game that interests me… Perhaps you as well… If you are able to keep your mind on it…”

She rose from the throne and then walked towards him, her hands rubbing along her thighs as she walked. The green of her eyes shimmered and then little streaks of black swirled within them for a moment.

She walked up to him, the cherry scent of her wrapping around him. For a moment her could almost feel the touch of a hand around her cock even though she had not laid a finger upon him…

Or had she?

She stood there in front of him, the look in her eyes of anticipation as she said, “You enjoy having a look at beautiful women don’t you my dear…”

She raised a hand and he stumbled backwards to find himself sitting on a leather chair facing her. She slipped her hands over her latex covered body and said, “Do you think you can resist looking at mine?”

She then moved forward trapping his legs between hers as she said, “Or do you really want to?”

Her smell was intoxicating … and those eyes piercing right through him.  This woman knew she had him and he couldn’t hide his excitement.   Even the way she patronized him turned him.  Watching as she ran her hands up and down her latex-clad body, he started to feel like he might be in a “little” over his head.  This was more than just innocent flirting and more than lustily looking at a sexy woman.

Before he could gather his wits, her legs snapped shut around his legs getting his full attention.  “Do you think you can resist looking at mine?  Or do you really want to?”  His mind was screaming, “Don’t do it!  Don’t say anything!  Get away!” but he couldn’t help but look up at her.  Once their eyes met, it was obvious that he would love nothing more than to look at her body.  Every inch of it.  If his eyes didn’t give him away, the growing bulge certainly did.

He thought about Heather.  I came here for Heather.  I can’t do this.  I shouldn’t do this.  No…

Stuttering and stammering, he replied, “I … um … I really probably … I shouldn’t … my girlfriend …”  She didn’t let him finish, putting her finger to his lips and fixing those entrancing eyes of hers on his…

Tera tilted her head to the left and then said, “Heather…. Ah yessssss…. Heather…. A lovely girl…” She lowered herself to perch upon his lap and then placed her right arm across her waist. Her right hand cupped her left elbow and she rested her head on her closed left fist. With a smile of amusement she asked, “Are you sure that she didn’t know this would happen? That you might be drawn into my world…. That I would change you… Shape you…. Make you into something more…. fun?”

Her left hand reached out and she trailed her fingernails just barely over his cheek sending little sparks of pleasure through him. She moved closed until her lips were a hair’s breath from his. Her tongue darted out and pressed against his lips to taste him. She parted her lips and then whispered, “Imagine how much pleasure I could give you…. How I could change you into something perfect to make Heather so wet and aching for you all the time…. Wouldn’t that be soooo wonderful?”

She nibbled on his lips as her voice echoed in his mind, “Wouldn’t it?”

“Mmmmm…” was all he could muster.  Thoughts flooding his mind.  “Heather couldn’t have known this would happen.  She wouldn’t want this.  I can’t …. Pleasure …. wet and aching … Wouldn’t it?”  The feel of her tongue on his lips and then nibbling was driving him crazy.  As if it wasn’t bad enough she was on his lap and he knew she could feel the effect she was having on him.

He pulled away a little when it hit him, he hadn’t mentioned Heather’s name.  He just said girlfriend.  “I never said her name … mmmmm…”  Feeling her weight on him, he couldn’t do anything to suppress his growing bulge.  He was beginning to think he was trapped.  In over his head.  Still staring into her eyes, “How did you …?  What are you? Mmmm…. ”

Tera smiled and growled as she slipped a hand underneath her towards his hardness, “Heather knew this would happen to you… She wanted this…. Wanted you changed…. She wanted you to be so hard all the time… She wanted you so willing to please her…. Pleasure her…. Obey her… That’s why I’m here…. She sold me her soul for this to happen….”

Her hand pressed against the length of him and all that he could think for for a moment was the image of her lowering herself onto his length. Her pussy so wet and tight around him. His hips arching in need to drive himself over and over within her pussy… The need to cum and cum until all that was left was the desire to obey her and her commands.

Tera licked her lips and said, “I am the Succubi Queen…. This is my world…. And you are almost mine…”

He quickly realized what little resolve he had was dwindling.  Heather wouldn’t have wanted this.  She wouldn’t have sold her soul.  “Mmmmmmmm….” He felt her hand pressed on him.  Thoughts flooded his mind.  Tera’s sweet pussy wrapped around him so tightly … so warm … so wet.  His hips arching and thrusting.  His cock so hard and his balls so full.  He had never felt the need to cum like this before.  The need to explode … the craving to obey.

Watching her lick her luscious lips and getting lost in the passion of the moment and those entrancing eyes.  Then he heard “Succubi Queen” and “And you are almost mine…”  He was able to shift his thoughts back to Heather for a moment.  She couldn’t have known about this or wanted it.  She wouldn’t want me belong to this Tera.  I need to cum.  No, no … I need to fight…  Mmmmmm… I need to…

Tera smiled and then moved wrapped her hand around his length. She allowed her nails to press along his length so slowly. Inch by inch her nails traced along him until she finally cupped his sack with her hand. She raised her hips to allow him to be fully erect beneath her.

And then she truly teased him….

For a moment…. Just a moment…. She allowed him to have the tip of his cock against her folds. She shifted just slightly to rub the so sensitive part of him against her making him gasp and buck slightly beneath her…

But he didn’t have what his mind and body cried out for….

She smiled and looked into his eyes. Then she said in a voice dripping with promise and pleasure, “You need this…. I’ll turn you into such a perfect mate for her…. You will be joined with her forever…. Nothing will take you from her and you will never think of anything else but obeying her…. Tell me you want this…. I know you do…. Just say that one little word and all of your dreams and hers will cum true….”

“Oh my god!!!” He felt what he wanted so badly right above him.  He had never known a craving like this before.  No one had ever made him feel like this.  Looking into her eyes as she spoke, he didn’t have a choice but repeating the words her sultry voice was cooing in his ear.  “I need this … perfect … obey … I want this… I need you … cum …”

Feeling her hand on his balls and her sweetness so close to his rigid member, he stared into those eyes.  He felt a slight twinge of regret and a bit of fear knowing that this couldn’t possibly be what it seems or be so easy.  That feeling faded as excitment and desire started to wash over him.  He had told her he wanted this … that he needed this … what was next?

Her smile was like that of a wild animal about to attack its prey. She growled as her need to have him began to envelop him as well. His mind was filled with images of her….

Her lips around his cock…

Her breasts wrapped around his cock…

Her pussy squeezing around his cock…

Her screams of passion and desire…

She placed his length at just the right spot to allow her to drive him completely within her in an instant. The head was just inside of her. The sweet wetness of her pussy slowly dribbling down his length making him slick and wet for her….

Her eyes flashed a bright green and she moaned, “The word… Nothing more before the word… You will not move…. Will not cum… Will not fuck me like you want to so badly until the word is spoken…”

She teased him a little bit more by rubbing her breasts against his chest. Her hips shifting and making him slip out of her heat and then back in again as she moved…

And again she growled, “Say the word….”

He couldn’t move.  Frozen underneath her.  She was flooding his mind with the images she knew would drive him mad.  He could hardly contain himself as he envisioned her taking his cock and milking it dry.  All other thoughts had abandoned him.  No longer was he thinking about how this couldn’t be right … about why he came here in the first place … about Heather.  No, all that was on his mind was Tera.  This Goddess.

Then he felt her wetness drip on him.  Her breasts against him.  The tip of his cock slipping in and out.  Her hot breath in his ear.  He had never wanted anything this badly.  But he couldn’t move.  He wanted to fuck her so badly as she said … wanted to explode … he wanted her more than anything else in the world at that moment.

She continued to tease the tip of his manhood by shifting those hips back and forth as she leaned back showing those electric emerald green eyes.  She seductively licked her lips once again and mouthed “The word…”

He knew he couldn’t fight anymore … she was toying with him … all he could manage to utter was “Please…”

Tera’s lips smiled and then she began… What he now wanted about all else in his mind…. She began to allow him that wish in his mind that had burned all other thoughts from him…

She pushed her so wet and slick pussy against the head of his shaft and then…. Oh and then she lowered herself onto him… The heat of her wrapped around him so tightly… Every ridge and vein of him slowly pressing against her so slick walls…. She squirmed slightly as she went… The sensations made his cock vibrate within her…. It was torture… It was bliss… It was everything now that she was taking him…

Finally she lowered herself down until she had taken all of him so deeply within her. Tera sat up on her haunches and smiled as she moaned in pleasure. A little wiggle of her hips as she cupped her breasts and then she said, “All of your will is seeping away now…. Bit by bit it will drain away the harder and more needful you become…. You will drive that cock of yours into me…. The pleasure building within us both until we cum together….”

Her eyes flashed green and she growled, “And then you are mine forever….”

His head was swirling.  His thoughts were no longer his own … her smile … the pleasure of being so deep inside of her … so warm … so wet … so perfect … her moans …. so hot … so sexy…

He had never felt so much pleasure in his life.  He looked up at her cupping her breasts and listened to her words.  Only some fully registered.  “… will… seeping away… harder… needful… cock… pleasure … cum together…”  He was floating and in a blissful daze.  His desire fueled him to thrust deeper and deeper inside of her.  He felt his will slipping away as his desire grew.

Then the weight of what she said hit him … “And then you are mine forever…”

“No will?  Belonging to her?  I can’t do this.”  As he tried to clear his head, he felt his body thrust deeply inside her again.  Mmmmm… “I have to stop…” Another thrust.  He tried to stop looking into those magnetic green eyes and all he could do was stare at those perfect breasts.  Another thrust.  “I can’t … mmmmm… oh my…” The pleasure was beginning to overwhelm him.  Another thrust. Was he moaning with her?  “Mmmmmm… but Heather… oh god … mmmm…”

Tera laughed as he thrusted into her so wet pussy over and over again, “Your mind is uncertain but your body knows what it wants…. You want to please me…. You need to fuck me until you cum…. You can’t stop…. Don’t want to… Don’t need to…. All that matters is the pleasure… You know it’s true….”

She tossed her head back and began to play with her nipples as she rode him, drawing out his pleasure, making his world the need for the pleasure as she moaned in passion.

Then she looked past him into the darkness and smiled, “But Heather? Oh yessssssssss….. Heather…… Whatever will you be without her…. You want her too…. You want to taste her…. Have her body against yours…. You know how wonderful that would be don’t you? Don’t you?”

From the darkness behind him, he heard the clicking of heels again the floor. The sound drew nearer and nearer until it stopped directly behind him.

Tera’s voice commanded him, “Look behind you…”

As his head tilted backwards he was stunned to see Heather standing there. Her blue eyes sparkling, her body nude and glistening in the light that fell upon her. The only bits of adornment on her body were a pair of red five inch CFM heels and a metallic red collar around her neck.

She kneeled down beside him and then drew her lips to his. She kissed him in that teasing way that she did and then said, “Anthony…. Is Mistress good? Is she making you so hard and hot for her?”

He was unable to control his passion any longer.  All thoughts faded as her words became his thoughts.  He found himself repeating whatever she said as his will faded away.  “My body knows… I want to please you … I need to fuck you until I cum … I can’t stop …. Don’t want to … Don’t need to …All that matters is the pleasure … I know it’s true …”

He was thrusting feveriously and echoing every passionate moan she made.  He watched entranced as she teased him by playing with her nipples as she fucked him more and more into submission.  All he could think about was the pleasure that she was giving him.  The she mentioned Heather.  Maybe he shouldn’t be doing this.  He continued to buck wildly as he answered her questions.

“Yes, I want her too…  Want to taste her…  Have her body against mine…  It would be so wonderful…  Yes, I know…  If it pleases you…”

When he looked back and saw her he got even more excited.  She walked up with just her collar and heels on.  She started kissing him and teasing him.  He couldn’t take much more.  Was he really going to give up his will?  Did he really have any choice?  Then as Heather licked his lips, she asked “Anthony… Is Mistress good? Is she making you so hard and hot for her?”

The pleasure was getting to be too much.  He could do nothing but answer these questions honestly as the passion enveloped him.  Heather teasing him with her words and her tongue and Tera taking over his body.  So close to milking all of his will through his cock.  He was defenseless.

“Yes, Mistress Tera is so good.  I have never felt anything like this before.  She is making me so hard and hot for her.  I must give in to the pleasure.  Must give into Mistress Tera …” With this, Tera started riding his hard cock with that hot and wet pussy even faster and Heather kissed him so deeply that his head was spinning.  The pleasure was so incredible…  “That’s it pet, give in to your new Mistress … Give in and you will be mine…”

Tera moaned lustfully and then said, “Yessssssss….. That’s right Anthony… You need to please me… Just like Heather…. The pair of you will be the perfect playthings won’t you? Heather is soooooo gooood at licking pussy…. And I know….. Oh yessssssss…. Your cock is just perfect now to please me…..”

She tilted her head and smiled at Heather. Then she said, “Heather….. His tongue isn’t busy…. Let him lick your pussy…. guide him to give you the pleasure that you need…. mmmmmmm….” She tightened her muscles around his length and gasped, “Go on Heather…. Let him taste you and know who he serves…”

Heather nibbled at Anthony’s lips and then whispered, “Anthony…. Listen to Mistress… You love her voice…. You love to obey her…. You know that’s the only way you can be her perfect toy…. And you want that as much as I do Anthony…” Then with a smile, Heather crawled overtop of his body placing herself between him and Tera as she rode him on and on. She wiggled her pussy closer and closer to his lips and then moaned, “Taste me….. I need to feel your tongue Anthony…. Mistress wants this… I want this…. You want this…. Just obey and you can finally cum Anthony….”

As he looked up at Heather, he saw Tera’s hands cup her breasts and pinch her nipples just slightly….

And Heather melted into the pleasures that Tera enveloped her with…

Mmmm… plaything… pleasure… perfect toy … obey ….

His head was swirling.  His resistance was long gone.  Succumbing to the pleasure, all he could do was nod in agreement to whatever Tera and Heather said.  He was thrusting so hard as Heather straddled his face.  As he looked up and saw Tera play with Heather’s breasts, he had no choice but to plunge his tongue inside Heather.  He felt Tera’s pussy grip him tighter as he licked and sucked Heather’s pussy.  Nothing had ever felt so good.  Nothing had ever tasted so sweet.  He could feel his balls filling up with his cum and he knew as soon as it was released, he was hers.  As he continued to thrust and lick, he felt Tera’s nails start to tickle his balls.  He wanted to cum.  Needed to cum.  But somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he needed her permission.  He needed it so badly.  Thrusting, licking and aching to submit…

Tera purred as she thrust herself over and over again onto his shaft, her body vibrating and arching on every so deep wave of bliss that burst from her clit as she bottomed out on Anthony’s cock.

Heather squealed as Tera’s fingers pinched her nipples, her hands clutching at Anthony’s head. She guided him this way and that until she squealed, “Oh YES!!!!!!” At that moment he knew that she was right on the edge of cumming. The collar around her neck glowed a bright green and then Tera snaked a hand to  tug at it a moment. Then suddenly there were two collars. One in Tera’s hand, the other around Heather’s neck.

Her eyes were completely white as she mindlessly thrust her hips to help drive Anthony’s tongue deeper within her as she had to. Tera moved the collar to Anthony’s neck, sliding it underneath his busy tongue and lips as they continued to pleasure Heather. The collar seemed to become like a liquid as it flowed around his neck and then returned to a solid form around his neck marking him as Tera’s plaything as much as Heather was….

Tera returned her hand to his balls and raked her nails along them bringing Anthony just that little bit closer to the point of no return. Tera growled, “When you make Heather cum…. You will as well Anthony…. Your Mistress has spoken and you will obey…… Now!”

He continued thrusting mindlessly as Tera continued to fuck him into submission.  His mind was so clouded from all of the pleasure, he couldn’t do anything but continue to pursue the release his body yearned for.  He didn’t even notice the collar slip around his neck but his body responded to Tera’s nails as they raked across his balls.  His pleasure intensified as he heard her speak.  His lips and tongue working so hard to make Heather cum so he could explode … so he could obey … so he could finally become hers.   As soon as he heard Tera say “Now!” he felt Heather quiver as she came so hard … with that he exploded furiously inside of Tera.  Inside of his Mistress.  The one he now served and obeyed.  The only one who mattered.  The only one who had ever made him feel so good.  The tidal wave of pleasure washed over him as he felt all of his will being milked from his cock by Mistress Tera.  Her pussy milking every last drop from him…

The pleasure was everything to Anthony and then at Tera’s word all that was his will… His strength to resist her exploded and she laughed in pleasure as he was claimed as hers… Heather’s screams of release mixed with Tera’s and then when he reached the height of his pleasure, a roar of release escaped his lips…

The edges of his vision turned black and then a wave of white began to roll across to cloud his sight before it completely disappeared for him… The screams of passion from the three of them continued on and on as if pouring itself into eternity….

Then Anthony heard his scream and then a voice….

“Anthony! Snap out of it! Please!”

The scream ended as his breath came to an end. He blinked his eyes and found himself looking upwards at a white ceiling with a large single light hanging down from it.

A shadow of a woman’s figure was silhouetted against the light and he was confused by her voice for a moment… It was familiar… Sort of… Then his mind snapped back into focus as Heather’s voice came clearly to him, “Come on… Wake up…. You have to…. Cum on….. Come on…”

His eyes focused and then he saw Heather sitting there with a look of worry on her face. She was wearing her hair in a ponytail, her green eyes filled with worry about him….

And a red collar around her throat…

He was dazed and struggling to focus.  He had never felt so spent in his life.  He turned as he heard Heather’s voice, “Come on … Wake up… You have to… Cum on… Come on…”  As he heard these words, he felt his cock immediately become erect.  He saw her beautiful face.  Her incredible green eyes.  Green eyes?  Had they always been that color?  The question faded away as he thought about how much he loved it when she wore her hair in a ponytail like that.  He loved the way it showed off her neck and shoulders.  How it showed off her collar… Collar?  As he shook his head to try to rid himself of the cobwebs in his mind, he couldn’t help but feel something around his own neck.  As he reached up to touch it… no, it couldn’t be… it felt like another collar … what the?…

He looked back at Heather and… was she smiling?

Heather smiled and gently trailed her fingers through his hair. As his vision cleared he realized that they weren’t where they had been…. Or had they? It was all so confusing…

Then Heather said in a soft voice, “Welcome back to the land of the living….” She traced a finger slowly over his chest and purred, “Are you feeling alright? You had me really worried… When Mistress takes someone like that it’s…. Special…. Isn’t it? I’ll bet that you can still feel her pussy milking you dry…”

She kept that odd smile on her lips as her fingers trailed slowly lower and lower, “Mistress told me that when she is away, that we can do whatever we’d like to do… Now I know that she’s probably worn you out for the moment….”

Her fingertip brushed  against the very tip of his cock for an instant and then pulled away again as she growled, “So…. Shall I tell you what we’re going to do or will you let that cock of yours figure it out for you?”

He was still so confused and dazed.  Why was his body reacting like this?  When Heather mentioned “Mistress” and “her pussy milking you dry”, his cock became so erect.  Heather’s odd smile had him feeling as uncomfortable as he was aroused.  He couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on.

As her fingertip brushed against the tip of his cock, he bucked wildly.  As she sexily growled her question, the look in her eyes told him everything.  He no longer had any control.  His cock was begging for her and there was nothing he could do.  She saw the look of helplessness in his eyes and her smile devious smile grew.

Heather purred to him, “You can feel her can’t you? Out of the corner of your eye you can almost glimpse her eyes watching can’t you?” As she spoke, her hand wrapped around his cock and began to pump it slowly…. Up and down….. The sensations drawing his attentions to her completely. She lowered her head onto his stomach and moaned, “You are mine now Love… Mistress has given you to me…. She said that I can do… anything I want with you….”

She blew her warm breath towards the head of his cock, the need within him growing as she did so. Then a little giggle, “But whatever will I do?” She turned her head away from his cock, still being drawn closer and closer to the point where he would cum so hard and long….. Because he needed to please Heather…..

Oh yessssss….

That he would do so soon….

“Mmmmmmm….” Heather’s hand pumping him was working him into a frenzy.  He had just awakened from the most incredible and passionate experiences of his life and Heather was bringing him back to that state again.  His mind was flooded with images of his Mistress.  His body was flooded with waves of pleasure.  He was clearly unable to think straight as Heather continued to tease her cock so feverishly.  Did he just call it “her cock”.  Wow, it feels so incredible.

“But whatever will I do?” she asked teasingly.  All he could muster was, “Whatever you want…”  He didn’t have much, if any, will remaining from before and now all he could think about was the pleasure Heather was giving him right now.  He would give or do anything to continue feeling this way.  He wanted to cum so badly. He needed to cum so badly.  He would do anything.  “Anything…” he mumbled as he continued to writhe with Heather’s hand masterfully taking him deeper under.

Heather growled softly and then in one quick motion pressed her lips against his cock and then inch by inch devoured him. She growled and mewed like a wild animal the deeper and deeper his cock slipped into her mouth and down her velvet throat. She raked her nails over his sex before slipping a hand between her legs. She dipped a slim finger into her so wet pussy making her twist her body like a snake as she did.

Finally she sucked on his cock so much that when she finally allowed him to pop free of her lips, the sound was like the crash of thunder in his ears. Heather drew a finely manicured nail along the ridge of his cock as she said, “Mistress wants you to learn… Wants you to be a good slave for her… You are so very good aren’t you? Then you should show your devotion to your Mistress through me…”

Heather crawled up his body like a cat and then mewed into his ear, “Worship my pussy like it was Mistress Tera’s and I’ll let you cum….”


And so this RP ended…

Where would it have gone from here?

Honestly I can’t remember anymore just where I was going with it, but I suppose that it would move the mythos of my Succubi towards the pets they keep…

Interesting thought really…



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    • James on March 31, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    Yes, a very interesting thought, Majesty. And a nicely hot RP. Thank you for sharing these.

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    • andy on February 13, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    Extremely erotic! A fantastic fantasy! Irresistible and very enticing. Intensely entertaining!

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    • TeraS on February 29, 2012 at 2:32 pm


    Thank you Andy…


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