Another rant on Vampires and Succubi…

I was doing some looking around on various RP sites and came across something that just drives me mad.

People are combining Succubi and Vampires into a new being…

Again, how is this possible?

I read all sorts of ideas about doing this…

One that made me laugh was that a Vampiress drank the blood of a Succubus and in doing so gained the abilities of the Succubus on top of what she had.


How are you going to transfer the powers in that manner?

Then there is the “a mage cast a spell on two captured beings and merged them into a new one…


Seriously… What is the point of doing this? What you wind up with is a Succubus that will be destroyed if sunlight hits it. Or one that needs to feed on blood and souls, which is dumb because the person they are feeding on will die from the blood loss before the soul can be claimed, or the soul is taken making the body die which makes the blood unusable…

Do people think about this stuff?

Oh but then we can discuss the really aggravating part of most of these transformations which is…

The end result looks like a vampire!

No horns, no tail, nothing to represent the Succubus side of things at all…

So again, why do this?

I really wish that Rpers and other users of this particular method of myth wrecking would stop and ask themselves what is the point to what they are doing!

A Succubus is.

A Vampiress is not.

The two should never meet.



  1. I blame Morrigan. Most people don’t know the difference between a succubus and a vampire, and they look at her bat wings and predilection for blood and think “oh well, same thing”.

    …but then she looks at me with those eyes and I instantly forgive her. x_x

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    • BFslave on March 30, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    It doesn’t look like they’re ever gonna get it right, does it my rightfully frustrated Mistress?

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    • James on March 30, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    But, Majesty, you are being so restrained about all of this. What do you REALLY think?? 😉

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