The Gallery of the Succubi is open!

Well it is finally open…

As of today, the Gallery of the Succubi is taking users finally!

There is not a lot of images there as yet however, as the software was causing me all sorts of issues…

For the moment, you can find Succubi images from myself, FreezeFrame and Callidus to view…

Should you want to post images in the Gallery, please note the gallery rules upon joining the site!



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    • James on March 29, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    It is
    just a picture
    flat, lifeless . . . compelling.
    She looks into me, opens me,
    moves me.

    Is she
    just a picture?
    Her green eyes arouse me;
    her long tail, two-dimensional,
    finds me.

    More than
    just a picture,
    she’s inside me, calls me,
    makes me her own, enthralls me, this

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