Betty Boop as a Succubus?

I’m always looking for Succubus figurines…

I came across this on a Google shopping search…

Boop Devilish

This is of course Betty Boop in a Devil Girl / Succubus outfit…

You can find this figurine at this link.
Betty has been drawn or modeled in various devilish outfits, but there is only one that I have ever seen that really stuck me as being something I really wanted in our collection…
Redder Betty
You can find this figurine at this link.

The only thing that has always bothered me about Betty as a Devilish Girl is that her hair makes it look as if she has a bunch of horns on her head…

But you can’t have everything of course…


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    says on March 25, 2009

    While her looks may not lend to devilish ecoutrements, her personality, with its playful sexuality, is most definitely succubish. A cute find, Majesty.

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