Temptations II – Carver

This is part of a series of RPs that I did with members of the MC Garden. (Linky on the right side of the page) This one I did with Jord, a dear friend of mine from the Collective and the Garden, whom I think about and worry about everyday…

<snugs and hugs for Jord>


Temptations II – Carver
By TeraS and Jord of the MC Garden

At last, he thought as he stood before the doors, hands trembling in his pockets as he licked his lips, watching the sun fade into evening, casting a pinkish glow over the towering structure before him.  After such a journey, at last…

Carver reached out and grasped the weatherbeaten brass handle, surprised by its coolness.  It had taken him so long to arrive at this seemingly ordinary library – a lifetime, perhaps, or perhaps it just felt like one – and now that he was finally here, it seemed unreal.  Some dream taken form, mental energies coalesced into reality.

Doesn’t matter now, he thought, and pushed the door open.

The library was dimly lighted, piles of leatherbound books stacked on ancient tables.  Some of the titles he recognized; various tomes on a multitude of esoteric subjects – De Vermis Mysteriis, The Soul of Chaos, The Black Rites.  Others were complete mysteries, even the lettering embossed on their covers indecipherable.  Those books were irrelevant now, for none contained the knowledge he sought.  They were too limited, their authors too rigid in their thinking.

No, what Carver wanted was very special indeed.  Across the world he had traveled and then back again, many perilous journeys to the ends of the earth only to discover his prize had already moved on, lost once again to the fickle memories of time.

And now… here he was, his prize within reach.  At last, he thought once again, and stepped up to the deserted front desk.  “Hello?” he called out to the empty air…

From the office behind the main desk, there was the sound of a pair of heels clicking their way across a wooden floor. Slow measured steps that were almost mesmerizing in their tone.

As Carver awaited the owner of those shoes to appear, he noted the name on the office door. Miss Ray – Head Librarian

Then she walked out of her office door carrying a cup of something in her right hand. This women seemed to like red. She wore a fuzzy red sweater and red leather pants. A pair of red high heels adorned her feet. She wore red nail polish and her lips were a rose red color. Only three things broke the sea of red around her. Her well tanned skin, her long raven hair that fell wildly to play around her waist, and finally her green eyes…

She regarded him with amusement playing at her lips and said, “Yes? Can I help you?”

I, uh… I certainly hope so, Miss Red – Ray, I mean.  Miss Ray.”  Carver smiled, his cheeks reddening at the sight of this sacrlet-clad woman before him.  Social skills had never been among his strengths.  “I’m looking for a book, a very special book.”  He fumbled in his pocket for the sketch he’d made at Irem years before, the closest he’d ever been to claiming his prize, and gently unfolded it.  “This is a rendering of the Revelations of Carcosa… perhaps the rarest tome of the face of the earth… and somewhere on the shelves of this library, there is a copy.  Perhaps the last copy.”

Carver offered the sketch to the lovely Miss Ray, unable to keep his gaze from sliding down the curve of her hip.  “I realize it’s late, but I’ve traveled very far, and I would very much like to start looking…”

He sniffed at the wonderful scent wafting through the air.  “Pardon me, Miss, but is that…?”

She took the sketch out of his hand and regarded it quietly for a moment. She held it in her left hand and sipped at her drink slowly. Every so often she would look at him in silence before taking another sip.

Then she crossed her arms. placing the cup against her chest. She said in a voice tinged with something like raw seduction, “Revelations and Misdeeds… Goals found and gifts received….”

She continued in a warm voice, “This is a large library sir. I have many many books within it…. Can you tell me what you wish with this one?”

At the question of the drink she smiled and said, “Hot chocolate? it is…. My… special concoction…”

The hint of a smile tickled her lips and she asked, “Care to have some?”

“I would be most grateful, Miss Ray,” Carver said, and accepted the warm cup into his hands, well aware of the low, smoky tone of her voice and her provocative clothing but trying not to let them distract him from his goal.  The aroma of chocolate filled his nostrils, sweet and hot, spiced with cinnamon and… something else, unidentifiable and pungent.  “As for my intent… well, I suppose there’s no harm.”

He walked over to one of the ancient tables and pulled out a chair, offering the seat to the librarian.  “I am a seeker of knowledge, knowledge which has largely become lost over the eons.  Burned by the ignorant and the fearful… suppressed by the powerful… or simply forgotten and buried in the earth.”  He pulled out the chair opposite her and sat, his aching feet finally allowed some relief.  “Sometimes I thought it’s all been a fool’s errand, that what I sought was lost forever.  The Revelations… show the true nature of the universe, unpolluted by science, by the dogma of rationality.”

Another drink and the hot liquid coursed down his throat, warming his core and spreading through his body.  Carver shifted in his chair, his gaze drawn to the gentle curve of her neck, that tanned skin and raven hair.  “The universe is, by its very nature, irrational and chaotic – why should one expect the laws that govern it to be rational?”

Tera sat down in the offered chair and listened to his tale. She raised an eyebrow on occasion as he spoke, but did not interrupt him. At the mention of rationality she smiled and then still with that amused look upon her, began to trace a slow pattern on the table top in front of her.

She wondered out loud, “Rationality. I wonder if there is truly such a thing in the universe as that. Rational beings can be irrational easily enough… I have seen many examples of that…”

As Carver took a drink she said, “Lovely warming drink isn’t it? Do enjoy it…. Right to the very last drop will you?” The tone of her voice made it seem more like a command than a suggestion. She raised a hand and pushed her hair over her right shoulder slowly. Then she turned her hand on edge, the lights in the room glinting off her nails catching his eyes and dazzling him for a moment.

She asked, “Are you sure that you can accept that the universe may not be exactly what you think it is? People have been wrong before and then their perceptions change. Some accept the change. Some fight it. Some can’t live with it. Which are you I wonder Carver?”

“I… don’t know.  That’s why I’m here.”  Carver tipped the cup up, letting the thick concoction slide down his throat until the cup was empty, unaware he was doing so until the last had been drained.  “Mmmm…” he said, licking his lips, savoring the lingering taste.  “Call it a test… or perhaps a challenge.  To see if I can accept the reality, even if it’s not what I thought it was.  To experience the truth.”

Carver watched as Miss Ray moved her hand slowly, the pattern of reflected light quite fascinating in the quiet, cavernous room.  “Do you think… do you think that people can change?  Become more than what they are?”  More than just slaves to their passions? he thought as visions of kissing her exposed neck filled his thoughts, tasting the flesh, savoring the sweetness no doubt confined within those form-fitting garments.  He shifted again in his seat as his hostess smiled, her red hair like fire as the setting sun framed her from behind.  He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to will his growing hardness down.  I’m so close… can’t stop now, he thought as he set the cup down.  The truth is so close…

“… and it shall set me free,” he whispered without even realizing it.

Tera sat there comfortably listening to Carver explain himself and then said, “Truth. My truth? Your truth? Another truth? I wish to be clear on this point. What is the most important truth? What is the one truth that matters? And why?” She crossed her arms over her chest and slowly a smile creeped across her lips, “Truth and consequences Carver. They do go hand in hand…”

She continued, “Can people change… Given a reason or desire or faced with a fear, certainly. Which of these effects you Carver? Which of the three is yours alone?”

She leaned forward and placed her elbows on the tabletop. She laced her fingers together and then rested her head on them. Her eyes glinted in the light as she asked, “Focus is so hard to do when your passions are filling your mind Carver… But you want that don’t you?”

Tera’s eyes flashed brightly and for an instant Carver’s mind was filled with an image he wouldn’t soon forget. Tera laying on top of him rubbing her naked pussy lips against the length of his cock as he laid upon a red bed, the need within him to have his cock deep within her driving all other thoughts from him until all there was in him was the need and nothing else…

Then reality snapped back into focus and Tera was where she was before the image assaulted him. Sitting in a chair at a table rubbing a nail slowly across her lips and looking at him curiously as she said, “Would that set you free?”

In response, Carver reached out and took her hand, staring intently at the fingernail that had just a moment ago been grazing those oh-so-ruby lips.  He leaned forward, pulling Tera’s hand toward him at the same time, and gently kissed the tip of her finger, his thoughts filled with the vision of sharing her bed, sweat-soaked bodies tangled in silken sheets.  “Hand in hand…” he murmured, his tongue darting out to taste the tiniest bit of her flesh.  “Mmmm… so sweet…” he murmured, his desires drowning out rational thought.

Truth and consequences, he managed to think.  The truth carries such a cost… and the consequences… so much more than we might have guessed…

Then he looked into those green eyes and found himself unable to turn away, even had he wanted to in the first place.  He gently drew his fingers down the length of her hand, reveling in the tender flesh he held, at the secrets she held within.  “What must I do?”

Tera’s lips quivered a little bit and then she said in a husky voice, “So it’s the passion is it Carver? Interesting… Just how much passion is there within you?” Tera raised her right leg and began to slowly stroke the tip of her foot along Carver’s legs. She asked, “What must you do…. That’s a very simple choice really when you think about it in truth…”

She pulled her finger back from his lips and then placed it upon his lips closing them. Then she said, “Remain there Carver. Quietly and do not move. You don’t want to move…. You don’t need to move… All you need to do right now is think about how much you want me…. Need me…. Desire me… Wish to serve me…..”

Tera stood up and then walked away from the table disappearing between two bookcases nearby….

“Serve you…” Carver repeated as he watched Tera vanish into the darkness, her ass shaking tantalizingly beneath the skintight material.  He so much wanted to stand, to run after the delicious creature, to touch her, taste her… but he did not.  He could not, rooted to the chair as he was simply by the force of her words.

Images whirled through his mind:  succulent red lips forming a perfect seal around his cock, moving up and down in the perfect rhythm as he moaned in ecstacy, slow, then faster, then just as he threatened to cum, slowing again, denying his release –

I can’t move.

– Now she was before him, sitting on the table, her skirt pulled up to expose the silky flesh between her thighs, one hand stroking her slit as she invited him to taste that which she offered –

I won’t move.

– Tera astride him as he sat motionless on the chair, her long red hair falling over his face, gasping as she slowly settled upon his cock, her passage tight and wet and oh so wonderful, rising and falling in an endless cycle of pleasure –

Carver moaned helplessly as he came, mewling, “Please… please come back… tell me what you wish of me… what I can do to please you…”

A few moments later and Carver heard Tera’s heels clicking as she returned to him. In her left hand she held a old dusty book. With a smile she moved the table away from Carver and then leaned against the edge of it. Carver couldn’t help but look at her breasts as she stood there for a moment. She put the book across her chest and then said, “You are looking for this book Carver… You have spent so much time searching for it… Congratulations… Here it is. Right in front of you…. But there is a cost… You will have to decide which is more important to you.. The book serving you… Or you serving me…”

Tera reached a hand to his cheek and turned his eyes to look at her own. She said in a husky voice, “Your logic wants the book. You will then be ruled by your logic never to have your passions enflamed again…. Or your passions can win and you can have all those fantasies in your mind fulfilled… And more if you are worthy of it…”

She lowered a hand and rubbed a single finger along the length of his cock and said, “Are you spent already Carver? That is sooo disappointing… How will you ever please me if you cum just from your fantasies?” Her fingertip glowed green for a moment and then Carver was rock hard again, his cock vibrating in need as Tera’s single finger continued to rub along the ridge.

She tilted her head and said with a smile, “You will have to be taught a lesson you know Carver…..”

Carver watched her smile, those red, red lips curved up in pleasure when she saw his plight.  The book was so close… years of searching, of waiting, of wondering… right there, held in her arms.  He reached out, ran his hand over the cracked leather binding, and shuddered at the coldness of the iron straps which held it closed.  He let his hand wander… cold… cold… then warm, and Carver realized that his hand had wandered past the edge of the book and over Tera’s breast, warm and supple beneath the tight material.

He paused, feeling the blood pulse just beneath his hand, and felt her shudder just a bit.  His cock began to throb again, this time keeping pace with the pulse beneath his hand.  He had never seen her before this day, never known of her… and yet it seemed that all he wished to do now was bask in her presence.  Whatever she wanted, whatever she wished or desired… he wanted to make it happen for her.

And the book?  Perhaps it was enough that he had found it after all.  Perhaps it was enough that he could take the secrets within if he should choose to… and yet did not.

He did not pull his hand away, letting it wander over mor of her curves.  “Passion…” he whispered, looking into those green eyes, lost in them.  “Yes, passion.  Show me your lessons…”

Tera’s lips twitched a bit and then she put the book on the table beside her. She shimmied onto it and then said, “I need to be fair before I bring you to learn Carver… You have no idea what I am or what you face in your future…”

She touched a finger to his forehead and said, “You cannot move Carver… I don’t want you to run away… Not before your decision is made…”

As he watched, the clothing Tera wore began to sink into her body. Her skin began to turn red and then she said, “I have been in your dreams Carver…. I have haunted your thoughts for some time now… You believed you were searching for the book… You were looking for me…”

Her eyes glowed a bright green and a pair of long red horns grew from her forehead, “I have tasted you in your dreams… I have fed on your wants for a time….”

A long slender tail rose up behind her and she smiled, “Now I want all of you… I want not just what you offer but what you need to have in return…”

She crossed her slender legs and leaned a bit closer to him, “I am the Queen of the Succubi. You are so close to being mine Carver…. But I will ask you again…. The book or me… This is the last moment you have to decide…”

She waited for him to answer, the tip of her tail tapping the book’s cover rhythmically…

“You… always you, it was always you…”  Carver whispered, leaning forward, stroking the tail with the tip of his finger, letting it entwine around.  He brought it to his lips and flicked out his tongue, reveling in the taste of her, feeling the appendage move almost like a finger, almost like a tongue itself.

“Take me, my queen… use me as you desire… let me worship you…”  Carver reached for her, that red skin so warm even from a distance, and she smiled as his fingertips grazed her flesh.  “Please…” he whispered, cock so hard it felt as if it would rip right through his trousers, wanting nothing more now than to touch her, smell her, taste her, be with her, inside her, always…

“Please… let me… take me…”

Tera’s tail snaked out and twined itself around his arm. She slid off the table and then onto Carver’s lap. Her breasts pressed against his chest, the nipples two hot points against him. She shimmied her hips and then pressed her naked sex against his cock, the heat and wetness of it seeping through his clothing. She placed her arms on either side of him, her hands gripping the back of the chair.

She smiled lustfully and said, “You must say the words Carver. You must say them with all your heart…”

She kissed at his lips and murmured, “Say the words and I will have you…. Say the words and be mine… Say the words and be taken by me…. Forever…”

Tera touched her forehead to him. Her green glowing eyes bored into his mind…. Into his soul… All that existed was the green and Tera. Then her voice echoed in his mind pushing all thought from him but the words…

Whatever Tera wants…. Tera Gets….


And that is where this RP came to a close…

Where would it have gone from there?


We’ll probably never know…


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