Shadow Succubi by JHB

I still haven’t figured out a really good text for the manip I posted yesterday, but in the Forum of the Succubi, James wrote a wonderful piece that I wanted to share with those not part of our forum here on…

Shadow Succubi

Just a shadow
in the darkness,
at the edge of my perceptions,
yet most clearly “she.”

Just a shadow?
Feel the boldness.
Even there, twists my sensations.
How can such strength be?

Just a shadow,
yet the greeness
of her eyes . . . are they illusions?
What is this I see?

Just a shadow:
growing hardness
of arousal, palpitations,
all betraying me . . .

Just a shadow,
still, with brashness
that belies her dark intentions.
I’ve no chance to flee.

Just a shadow,
dark enchatress
making wanton calculations.
I fall to one knee.

Just a shadow;
true succubus:
her smile breached my mental bastions.
I am no more free.

Just a shadow.
Feel her warmness
even here. Arousal fashions
chains without a key.

Just a shadow . . .

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    • James on March 23, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    Your taste in poets puzzles me, Majesty :wink:, but I am flattered.

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