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Temptations – Feawen

Years ago I started an RP on the Garden (Linky is on the right under the links section). It is still ongoing… Sort of… As I can at least…

Anyway, I wanted to post some of the RPs here on the Tale so that they have a home on my site as well… I might also post them to the Wiki, but that has to be seen… I also was thinking about cleaning them up and making them part of a story on MCStories. (Again, linky to the right)

The very first person that RPed with was Feawen… Someone that I have not heard from for some time… I do worry about her and hope that she is well and safe wherever in the world she is…

<huggles and love>



Temptations – Tera and Feawen

You enter a library searching for a book. A book on legends and myths. You wander the shelves until you come upon a section of old books that seem not to have been touched in ages. As you look at the shelf, far above you a thick tome edges closer to tipping over the edge of the shelf it rests upon.

Then it plummets down until it lands upon your head pressing you to the floor. The book opens to a page covered in a picture of a greenish mist. Then the mist explodes from the book and surrounds you…

Finally the mists clear and you find yourself in the middle of a black void. There is nothing to be seen and you call out, “Hello? Is anyone there?”

There is silence and then from behind you a woman’s voice answers, “I am always here….”

You turn and see…… Her. She sits there. A Succubi. A being of evil and desire. A creature of lust and erotic thoughts. Her red skin shimmers in the darkness drawing your eyes to her. She taps a long slim red nail on her throne rhythmically. A black latex bodysuit makes her breasts two shiny black globes on her body. Her long raven hair spills in wild curls around her, the occasion red streak of fire in them. Her long red horns glisten in the darkness. But it is her eyes…. Her so green eyes that capture you… That hold you… That focus on you and stare deep into your soul…

She sits on her throne and regards you with…. Amusement? Interest? It’s hard to say. Then her sultry voice drifts towards you, “I am Tera. Queen of the Succubi… You are within my realm…”

Her rose red lips are curled in a evil smile as she asks in a husky voice, “Care to play a game?”

Her red tail moves behind her like a metronome as she waits for you to decide…

Can you decide?

Will you decide?

Or won’t you?

Feawen’s awareness of her body snaps back to her, and she shuffles to match this Tera’s confident posture — at least she hopes to. She clears her throat and takes a few steps closer to make sure her legs still work.

“So, Tera,” she says without meeting Tera’s gaze, “what kind of game do you have in mind?” Her voice smooths as she continues. “A fun one, I hope. I do so hate to be bored.”

Her eyes come back to Tera’s, and Feawen doesn’t notice that her lips part slightly as her face relaxes.

Tera smiles, “Oh it can be so much fun… Would you be interested in the rules of the game?” She stands and begins to walk towards Feawen. Her eyes sparkle and shimmer the closer she comes. She tosses her hair over one shoulder and casually traces a hand between her breasts. With a slight moan she asks, “I promise the rules are so very simple to remember….. Forever….”

Feawen’s eyes widen at the display. She only nods softly in response.

Tera steps closer to her and then pauses just in front of her. Her tail moves around from behind her and then touches Feawen’s upper thigh so gently. Little shocks of pleasure begin to vibrate slowly from the spot Tera’s tail touched her.

Tera licked her lips slowly and said, “One so simple rule my dear… One so simple need that you have to follow… You can do that… Can’t you?”

Feawen brushes at the pleasure-spot Tera placed on her leg. She stares at it and begins to wonder what she’s gotten herself into. The pulses of ecstasy make their way up her leg, though avoiding her pussy for now. She takes a step backward, then realizes that she didn’t. It feels so much more wonderful to stand and let the pleasure flow down her calf and up her back.

She turns her attention back to Tera. Softly, “Yes.” Then clearer. “Yes, of course I can follow one little rule.”

Tera’s lips sparkled as her words began to twine around Feawen, “Yessssss…. I’m sure that you can…” She moved closer and then Feawen could sense the smell of cherries in the air around her. Tera’s smile became a bit wider as her tail moved out to slip around Feawen’s waist. She tilted her head a bit and then brought a long red nail to her lips to nibble it slowly. Then she said, “And I’ll bet that following that one little rule is soooo exciting to you isn’t it?”

She wondered if the feeling enveloping her was Tera’s tail — A tail! What the hell was going on? — or the little fingers that started at her thigh now fluttering over her skin, massaging and cupping and pinching and caressing…


With an amused look on her, Tera’s fingers began to brush along Feawen’s hips. Inch by agonizing inch she trailed a finger against her, the clothing between Tera’s fingers and her skin not existing as she did. She drummed her fingertips over her slender waist and then moved a finger to move in a slow circle around her bellybutton sending pulses of pleasure into her. Tera’s eyes glowed a brighter green and she said, “Yesssss…. You love to obey…. You love to just let go and let someone else show you…. Yesssssss…..”

“Show me…” Feawen closed her eyes and arched her back so slightly that she didn’t notice, but let her body open up to Tera’s advances. “Yes, please show me.”

Tera pressed a bit closer and then her hands moved to slip around Feawen’s waist. She gave a little moan and then her wet shiny lips parted, her wet tongue ran across her lips and then she barely, just barely touched their lips together sending a spark of ecstasy through Feawen’s lips to trail down her throat and into her body to meet the pleasure drifting up from below. Tera moaned, “You want this? You need this? Then you will have to repeat the rule after me…. Are you prepared? Is the need building until all that remains within you is the need?”

Pleasure swirled through her body and thoughts. Stripes of wanton need filled the void in her body where Tera’s ecstasy had yet to find her. She wasn’t sure whether she was begging only in her mind or if she was on her knees at Tera’s feet. Bliss thrust itself through her body until only her pussy remained untouched.

Feawen said yes, but what came out was a whimper. She opened her eyes and gazed into that beautiful green abyss. She tried again. “Please.” Her hips bucked toward Tera. “Need it… I need it. Please.”

Tera smiled and then began to kiss along her cheek slowly. She moaned, “Whatever….” Her lips trailed in a slow burn down Feawen’s neck and she panted, “Tera…..” Then she kissed across her chest, With each kiss, Faewen’s clothing faded away leaving her bare skin beneath. Tera’s lips pressed hotly against her sending goosebumps exploding across her skin…. She sucked a little bit and then allowed Feawen’s skin to fall away as she growled, “Wants…..”

“Whatever…” Feawen felt the fires that sprang up under Tera’s lips. “…Tera…” She gripped Tera’s arm, though whether to pull her closer or simply keep from collapsing, Feawen couldn’t say. “… wants.”

Tera smiled as her tail snugged around Feawen’s waist a bit tighter to hold her close by. The tip of her tail snaked down her body and then twined once around Feawen’s right thigh. As it did, the clothing there began to disappear that covered her legs. Then the tip of Tera’s tail turned flat and began to rub so softly against her folds, the clothing there fading away so much more slowly extending the teasing and caressing movements as it did…

Tera kissed her way slowly down Faewen’s chest and then kissed and licked her way between her breasts making them ache for the touch of her lips. She whispered softly, “Tera….. Gets…..”

The blackness around Feawen receded as her nakedness grew; the fires on her skin engulfed her and turned her world blindingly white. “Tera…” Pleasure mounted her and rubbed itself against her pussy. “… gets.” Her mind emptied as the flames took her pussy.

Tera felt Feawen’s mind give way, but she wasn’t finished with her yet. Tera moved back slightly, and then her hands moved to cup Feawen’s breasts. Her long red glistening nails began to stroke the outside of her breasts as she said, “Yesss my hot little toy…. You love this don’t you…. All those thoughts emptying out of your pussy… All of your needs turned to the pleasure and the want for more of it…. Yessssss….”

Tera’s fingers spiraled in a slow circle until her nails traced around Faewen’s nipples making them ache in need so much that she would do anything for them to be kissed by Tera’s wet lips. Tera held her there for a moment and then leaned down. She swirled her tongue around Feawen’s left teat as her left hand covered Faewen’s right breast. She spread her fingers and then gave the nipple a quick squeeze sending another flame of pleasure into Faewen’s pussy….

Feawen moaned in response. Her hand moved itself to gently hold Tera’s tongue to her nipple. Her other hand caressed Tera’s slick latex suit.

Tera sucked a bit harder as her free hand moved behind Feawen. Then she trailed a single nail along her spine enflaming Faewen’s needs more and more. Then her hand moved down until it cupped her soft bum and gave a little squeeze. She paused a moment before running her nails over the hot sexy bum under her fingertips. As Faewen’s fingers explored, the latex covering Tera’s body began to slowly disappear and then Faewen could feel Tera’s smooth red skin beneath her fingers.

Then her mind began to hear words whispered into it from the powers that surrounded Tera, now being fully unleashed upon her….

Hot….. Wet….. Needy….. Obey….. Serve…. Pleasure….

Feawen fell to her knees as she welcomed the new thoughts into her mind. Each was a firework that flew to her core and burst into the bliss that she now knew so well. She leaned her head against Tera and looked up at her with pleading eyes. Feawen now only knew that she needed more of the pleasure that only Tera — her Queen — could give.

Tera smiled lovingly at Feawen. That was the only thing about her. It was never going to be dark, never hurtful, never truly evil. But it was going to be unforgettable for her…

She looked down at Feawen and then cupped her cheek in her right hand. She tilted her head upwards and said, “Faewen…. Do not fear… I promise that you will have only pleasures in your world as long as you wish them….”

She gently raised Feawen to her feet, her legs quivering slightly as she did. Tera raised her left hand and then cast a spell over Feawen. A moment passed and then she was dressed in white lace, her hair braided in a ponytail behind her, her body presented as befitting a maidmaiden of the Queen.

Tera leaned in and then kissed Faewen on the lips. In Faewen’s mind she heard Tera’s voice echo, “Service is pleasure…. Pleasure is service…. You will join me in my bed tonight and give me both…..”

She took Faewen’s hand and led her into the darkness. They walked for a short time and then a green portal shimmered into existance. They passed through and then Faewen found herself in a bedroom…. The Queen’s bedroom… As she watched, Tera’s latex clothing disappeared until she was completely naked save a pair of black stiletto heels on her feet. Tera touched a finger to Faewen’s forehead and said, “prepare my bed….”

Behind Tera, Faewen saw a large four post bed. Large enough for four easily. Blood red silk sheets lay across the bed with large white pillows at the head of the bed. The four posts of the bed where ornate carvings of sensual women’s bodies twining around the posts….

Tera awaited Faewen to prepare her bed…..


And that is where the RP ended regretfully…

<huggles for Feawen>

Next week RP #2 of Temptations…



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    • James on March 17, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    Very hot, and very lovely writing, Majesty.

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    • Taniniver on March 18, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    Aye, very well done.

    I wonder If I will be turned in this way..

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    • TeraS on March 18, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    *smiles and evilly nibbles a fingernail as I ponder what I shall do….*


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