Mar 16 2009

Looking for a NekoSuccubus piccy…

This morning I came across an image using Google of what is best described as a Neko Succubus… Or in other words a Catgirl Succubus…

Neko Succubus

I have nothing more than this small image to go on of her, so if anyone has a link to the artist, if you recognize the work, or something else, please post in the comments?

Any help would be really appreciated…

Mostly because I am considering this as being one of the AngelKitties in The Realm of the Succubi…



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    No information on the artist, Majesty, but it is an interesting concept, I think, someone who is somehow, both angelkitty and succubi. Would that make her–to paraphrase Mawg, the half-man-half-dog John Candy character in “Spaceballs”–her own best friend? 😉

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    Its from Alicesoft’s hentai game ‘Shimaima’. Game isn’t available anymore, but you can hunt down the artwork for it. I just uploaded a FAR larger version of her at my photobucket page:


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    Thank you soooooooo much!!!!



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