Mar 15 2009

The Succubus Kiss…

I was flipping through a search on the word Succubus on YouTube and came across a short film called The Succubus Kiss…

As described by it’s creator it is:

The concept for this is the vision of the Succubus as expressed by the Pre-Raphaelite artists and writers. Lilith, the ancient goddess, turned into night roaming demoness in the guise of a beautiful woman, said to drain her victims of their physical strength, their blood, their nocturnal emissions. Thorough consumption, as it were. Sort of a Victorian era reflection on the idea of a woman’s sexuality being a dangerously consuming animal in itself.


I thought this turned out quite sensual…at least, I hope it comes across with a bit of sensuality! 

In case the embedding doesn’t work you can see it here:


It strikes me when I watch this that while it is sensuous and the music does make it feel like something from the Victorian age, I do wonder about this some. I don’t recall myself that in the Victorian age that a connection with draining of blood was made with Succubi. It’s not generally accepted as I and most understand it…

So that brings me to the question that seems to crop up so often…

Did they confuse Succubi and Vampires again?


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