Amy’s Transformation…

Way back long time ago on the Collective I did an RP over chat. It was between myself and a member of the Collective who I call SisAmy…

It was the story of her transformation into one of my Succubi…

Hope you enjoy reading the Tale…


A New Succubi Joins The Queen
By TeraS and Amy

Amy: Amy entered the library. it was fairly late, but it was the only time she could get by. Closing was in another hour, but she simply needed to check out some resource material for her latest report. leaving her book bag on the desk, she makes for the reference section, figuring about where her topic is, and headed there, eyes lazily looking over the titles. It had been a LONG day…

TeraS: From the librarian’s desk a tall raved haired woman watched Amy as she walked the aisles. She smirked slightly and then wiggled a finger in Amy’s direction. A old tome shifted from the shelf above her

Amy: Jumping, Amy almost startled back into the next bookshelf, before she got her balance and glancing down, kneeling curiously to look at the book, picking it up and looking the cover over in a casual attempt to determine exactly where to slide it back. At least, that’s her intention at first.

TeraS: The book was old and the cover was slightly cracked. It was old obviously and the leather of the book was cool and yet warm to the touch. The pages within it seemed to shimmer with a red glow that faded as she touched it.

Amy: The glow had her attention. Curious, Amy wandered back to her seat. She had some time… Sitting, she sat back and opened it, looking at the interior front cover with interest before flipping through a few pages as the glow faded from them.

TeraS: The inside cover was black with faint red lettering within it. All of the pages were a deep deep black with lettering on them that was almost at the edge of being able to be read, but not quite.

Amy: She settled on a random page, and leaned in, intrigued, perhaps irrationally by the book, straining her eyes to make out the lettering… Hopefully it’d be English, with all this effort she was using.

TeraS: From behind her, Amy heard the sound of heels clicking across the floor.

Amy: The clicking was distracting, and she looked up, a little annoyed, behind her. “Hmm?” Who could it have been?

TeraS: All that Amy saw was a long slender leg covered in dark hose and ending in a blood red heel disappear into the head librarian’s office behind her.

Amy: Something sort of bothered her the way she could remember the leg so vividly with just a flash, but she pushed the thought aside as the weird actions of a tired mind and redoubled her attentions on the book, leaned over it, with a sigh, as she brushed her long hair from her eyes. “What is this thing?”

TeraS: A warm breeze came from nowhere and seemed to caress her bare skin on the back of Amy’s neck.

Amy: Amy sighed, finding it comforting, but her attention was rapt on the book, the breeze registered as odd, but it was nice so she ignored it, focusing on the hard to make out text, starting to feel like the effort was futile.

TeraS: The page she was looking at seemed to shift and then three words became clear on the page. answers…. once…. always…
Amy: She murmured each word aloud, and sat back, trying to let her exhausted brain absorb just that much… Answers Once Always…. That much effort for something so cryptic….. but she could see the letter snow.. she leaned forward, intent on gleaning more, from another page.

TeraS: A soft sultry voice drifted into her thoughts “Eager aren’t you?”

Amy: “Huh!?” it’s actually pretty loud, and she looked about, swiftly, nervousness coming out of her voice… “Who’s there?”

TeraS: There was no one close, but the shadows on the tables around her seemed to twist like snakes…. or tails…. across the tops of them and then seemed to vanish after a moment. The voice replied, “Someone… perhaps if you are the one… You will meet the one you seek”

Amy: “W… What do you mean? What ‘one?'” She murmured it, feeling concern that she was hearing voices, and she cast a suspicious glance at the book… and again, she just felt the oddest urge to keep reading it. So she did.

TeraS: A soft giggle ran through her mind as she read the book. More and more words came clear… love…. pleasure…. fun….. Su… the rest of the words Still weren’t clear….

Amy: She sighed,and smiled a little at the words, Love… pleasure… Fun.. Hmm.. Su.. Su? She focused harder, reading the words over a few times, before intently trying to make the last bit make sense.

TeraS: “My… you are eager….” A warm finger seemed to trail down her spine inch by agonising inch until it reached the base of her spine and then seemed to twirl in circles there slowly

Amy: Amy only murmured in reply, her back gently arching at the touch as she read.. Su.. su… Sub…mission? That was a nice word too.. it made sense now… Submission? She blinked a bit, refocusing on the word. “That… can’t be right… this book’s so strange..” she murmured.

TeraS: The voice seemed to laugh and then Amy felt something like two kisses on her forehead, just above her hairline.

Amy: Amy gently shuddered, her eyes closing for a moment at the kisses… She looked back to the words… Love… Pleasure… Fun… Submission… Answers once… Always… Love… Pleasure… Fun Submission… Always… She seemed to stare at the page blankly, in a bit of a daze, trying to make sense of the words and what all this could mean…. She wasn’t having much luck aside from getting words that sounded good together. Love Pleasure…. Fun Submission

TeraS: Tera stood leaning against the doorframe of her office watching Amy read the book. She smiled to herself as the book slowly filled Amy’s mind. Readying it… Preparing It…. Changing it… She called out to Amy in a soft erotic voice, “mmmmmm…… Are you…. enjoying… the book?”

Amy: Amy blinked, snapping out of the daze and looking up. Her cheeks were a little flushed and there was a faint trickle of sweat on her brow. “H.. huh?” she sounded like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. “Ahh.. I.. Kinda…. it’s… confusing…”

TeraS: Tera smoothed out her red dress. Her long hair was in a bun. She wore a pair of gold rimmed glasses. She gave Amy a look and while a slim hand trailed down her dress and between her breasts she answered, “No. It isn’t when you think about it long enough…”

Amy: Amy’s eyes followed that hand and her cheeks flushed. “Oh… Can you try and explain some of it? It’s just so hard to make sense of the words…” She looked down at the book again. She still had that weird feeling of something not being quite right, but she’s fascinated by the book, she has a n overpowering urge to comprehend it. She’s completely forgotten about her schoolwork and indeed, closing time, which seems to be at about now, but she’s totally oblivious to the fact.

TeraS: Tera began to walk towards Amy… The clicking of her heels sounding in the now empty library….. “If you want me to… I can explain a lot of it…..”

Amy: Amy glanced back up. “… please… I really need to get this, it’s driving me nuts!”

TeraS: Tera walked up behind Amy and gently began to stroke her fingers through Amy’s hair. “yessssss…. you do need to…. get this… Don’t you?

Amy: Amy blinked, and sighed pleasantly.. For some reason she felt almost giddy all of a sudden, at being petted… she blushed when she realised the term she’d thought. “Y.. yeah… It’s kinda weird… ‘Love Pleasure’… ‘Fun Submission’. It clicked…. vaguely. “Mmm.. Those words…. did they?” she blinked. “Did they do something to me?” she leaned into the petting, enjoying it so much, that holding onto her worry was getting difficult.

TeraS: Tera moved Amy’s hair away from her neck and then kissed the nape of her neck softly. “Something…” She brushed a fingertip along Amy’s arm and then guided her hand back to the book. “Turn the page Amy…. See what is there…. You’ve taken the first step….. Go on…. You want to…. you need to… yessssssssss….”

Amy: Amy felt her hand lift despite the choking fear she felt, and she turned the pages, eyes focusing themselves on it eagerly. “I.. mmm.. This feels wrong.. but It’s so dep..” she murmured. She couldn’t help wanting and needing to learn the book, despite the knowledge that something was happening to her with very word she read. she gently let her eyes relax, and the words came easier, head gently lulling with each petting stroke.

TeraS: Tera smiled as Amy was drawn deeper and deeper into the book. The pages taught her things that were never meant to be known… Never meant to be revealed… Except to one creature… one special kind of being… Something that she would learn soon enough. Tera touched Amy’s forehead lightly and a warm feeling began in Amy’s mind. She would know the truth soon enough, but for now….. For now Amy was to learn….

Amy: Amy sighed, suddenly feeling her worry dissolve, and a serene, pleasant look crossed her face as she studied, reading every page three times through as she went, then rereading it all again. It would be nearly midnight by the time she was done, her eyes looking exhausted, her slender form relaxed in her chair, her eyes looking glassy, and tired. She had to sit and think on all she’d learned for a short time, her breath slow and even, in a state of deep trance.

TeraS: Tera had left Amy alone after the book had held her body and mind enthralled teaching and instructing her. Tera returned to Amy as the moonlight came through a window and made the very last page in the book glow with a white light. Amy’s eyes reflected the light and glowed as white as the page. Tera came up to Amy and nuzzled against her neck for a few moments. Tera asked, “Do you understand Amy? Do you see now? Are you ready to answer me truthfully? I have questions for you Amy… You will answer them….”

Amy: Amy smiled, and hesitantly lifted an arm, feeling Tera’s shoulder. “Ah… yes… I… would like very much to answer them… it will be… fun..” she smiled, her white-stained eyes looking toward the other’s, her lips curling softly. She was soft, and would gently caress her. If she seemed to enjoy the snuggling, she’d come closer and draw her nearer, no longer minding the concept.

TeraS: Tera helped Amy to her feet and then began to slowly trail her fingers over Amy’s body. She traced her way around Amy’s chest, down her stomach and along each of her thighs before leaning in and softly kissing Amy on the lips. Tera pulled back slightly and while she looked into Amy’s eyes she asked, “Amy…. Are you willing to leave your past behind?”

Amy: Amy blinked. her clothes had been in the way of all those strokes, and she still, though, had felt the meaning behind the… she focused on Tera’s eyes, swallowing slightly as she felt the truths she’d learned in her mind, and she smiled. “I… I want to leave it behind….”

TeraS: Tera smiled and took Amy’s right hand in hers. She kissed the wrist softly and then took Amy’s hand and placed it against her cheek. Tera tilted her head slightly to the side and with a soft smile asked, “You are not embarrassed by your body are you Amy? You are so willing to display it and reveal the being that you are….. Aren’t you?”

Amy: Amy nodded. This was true, she’d learned it. “Yes..” there isn’t any hesitation or uncertainty, anymore, as the hand is held, kissed, and she feels a greater bond to the woman. “I know that my form is beautiful. It is not something I should be afraid to show, if the situation doesn’t prohibit it…” she smiled, gently. and met those eyes again. “Would you like to see my body?” it’s asked almost innocently, and that girlish smile is bright as her hands lower to the clasp of her jeans, waiting for an approval form the other.

TeraS: Tera released Amy and walked slowly backwards away from her. She took a chair and sat down in it, crossing her legs as she did. Her long black stockings glistened in the moonlight and she said, “Show me Amy….. I would love to see you…. All of you….”

Amy: Amy smiled, and closed her eyes, bowing her head, a hand raising and pulling her light hair from the ponytail she wore, and discarding the band , before she lifted her head and unclasped her jeans, unzipping them as she stepped out of her shoes, left in soft white socks, over which her jeans were quickly shucked, exposing her slightly dampened cotton panties. She blushed visibly, more an innocent blush from the experience than any humiliation, as she slowly unbuttoned her way up her blouse, revealing a matching bra for her rather small chest, she let the blouse drop, and she smiled to Tera, then, a hand on her hip. “hehe.. I… All of it…: she smiled, and reached around behind her, unclasping her bra and letting it drop, before bending down smoothly and slowly removing her panties. While she knelt, dainty feet were exposed as she pulled the socks from them, and she sat back on the table, legs pressed together firmly, with just a faint hint of her innocent unshaveness visible, her arms folding on her lap, eyes on Tera’s.

TeraS: Tera stood up with a smile on her face and walked towards Amy. As Tera approached, her clothing disappeared in wisps of red cherry scented smoke until all that remained were the red high heels on Tera’s feet. She came close to Amy and then gently brushed her fingertips over Amy’s bare thighs with a smile on her face.

Amy: Amy smiled gently, and parted her legs for the soft touch, a deep, peaceful sigh escaping as she inhaled the scent, her silky touch sending a tingle and a twitch passed though leg, and her eyes fall closed, her breathing interrupted with a sudden, softly deeper breath.

TeraS: Tera spoke softly as her fingers trailed over Amy’s bare flesh teasing and making Amy shiver and gasp as she did. “Amy….. I can give you the gift that the book provides…. I can give you the pleasures and freedom that is contained within…. But you must decide for yourself… I will protect you…. I will cherish you…. I will teach you and make you the best I can… But you must decide…..”

Amy: Amy didn’t wait, she trembled, her soft, small, slim form moving delicately. “Ahhh… I understand… I accept… please… ” She knew what she wanted, and it really didn’t matter the cost to her…. She looked downward, at the warm hand resting upon her thigh, then up into Tera’s eyes. “Please change me…”

TeraS: Tera pauses and then reached her hand up to cup Amy’s cheek and make her look into Tera’s eyes. “Amy…. You must be sure…. There is no turning back… No changing of your mind… I will be your Mistress and you will be mine… Now and forever…. Choose carefully… I do not choose you lightly… Neither should you…”

Amy: Amy blinked, focusing her eyes, and taking a deep breath of her aroma. “I… Understand…” she nodded. “Even so… Just what that book told me… It’s more than I’ve ever had, really. I’ve never been Cherished like you promised. I could tell you meant it…” She smiled, letting the blush return to her cheeks. Then, she extended her hand, resting firs ton, then around Tera’s shoulder, pulling herself close. “I… am sure, now. If I walk away from this, then I know I’ll regret it.”

TeraS: Tera nodded and then transformed herself into her true form. A pair of sharp red horns appeared on her forehead. Her eyes glowed a bright green and then… and then her long thin Succubi tail rose into the air behind Tera like a thin snake. It swayed in the air for a moment and then the head of it turned and almost looked as if it was staring deep with Amy. Tera smiled and said, “I am the first. I am the beginning and the end. I was long ago and I will always be. I am fantasy and I am reality. I am the Queen…. Pledge yourself to me and you will….. become….”
Amy: Amy needed no more instruction, a soft tremble in her human body as she realised just who she’d been holding close to. She gazed into those eyes, breath bated for a long moment, before, she lowered her head, closed her eyes and squeezed tighter, then released, standing before her and remeeting her gaze. “I shall pledge myself to you, My Queen..” Almost by instinct, her knees weakened, and she fell to them, before the Succubus, looking up, with a desperate and happy smile, as she sat at her Queen’s feet.

TeraS: Tera smiled lovingly at Amy and began to transform Amy. Tera’s tail reached out and touched Amy’s forehead once on the left and once on the right. A moment later and Amy’s horns began to grow and become visible. Soon Amy had a sleek pair of shimming metallic blue horns on her forehead. Tera smiled in approval and then helped Amy to her feet. Tera drew Amy close to her and hugged her gently in a warm embrace. Tera leaned close to Amy’s right ear and whispered, “This was the easy part…. The next part is more difficult…. Are you ready Amy?”

Amy: Amy raised her left hand, feeling her small horns, and smiling, nodding gently. “Y… yes… I’m prepared… Whatever it takes, I want to be yours…” She smiled wholeheartedly, and kissed the side of her Queen’s neck, relaxing in her grasp, letting her Queen move her if she needed to.

TeraS: Tera shivered as Amy kissed her and sighed happily. Tera’s tail moved around behind Amy and then touched her at the base of her spine before the tail wrapped Amy and Tera tightly together. Tera wrapped her arms around Amy and told her, “The pleasure will come quickly I promise Amy…. I promise… ” A moment later and Amy could feel a heat growing where the tail had touched her. Amy arched her back as suddenly pleasure rippled through her body making her weak in Tera’s arms. Tera spoke softly to Amy as the pleasure began to cause Amy to twitch and gasp in Tera’s arms, “Soon Amy… So soon…. It’s happening… It’s almost ready…. It won’t be long…. Your body is changing to accept it…. Every fibre of your body is becoming attuned to it…. It will pleasure you and you will love it I promise….”

Amy: Amy nodded gently, and took a deep breath. She felt the tail touch her, then… she sighed at the warmth. it was pleasant at first, then it grew, sending almost-painful shocks of intense pleasure through her, causing her to whimper and arch, pressing tightly to TeraS, shaking, gasping for breath. Her nails gently dug into the succubus’s arms,a s she held on, feeling the tail beginning to grow. She held onto her Queen’s words desperately, somewhere between fainting, hyperventilating, and moaning.

TeraS: Amy gave out a loud gasp as her tail exploded from her body. Long, thin, sleek and the same metallic blue as her horns. Tera placed a hand to Amy’s forehead and gently brushed Amy’s beautiful hair from her eyes. Amy held them tightly closed against the pleasure her tail’s creation was giving her. Amy’s tail wrapped itself around Amy’s Mistress and herself. Tera smiled at the warm touch of her new Succubi’s tail against her skin. Tera told Amy, “It is done Amy.. Open your eyes and embrace your new self…. All is well… I am so proud of you…”

Amy: Amy opened her eyes, looking down at the tail, smiling almost childishly as she brought it back around waving it in the air a bit, and then looking, thrilled, to her Queen. “This is.. it’s not just the horns and the tail.. i feel completely different..” she smiled, and reached to hug her once more, her natural, happy blush only a soft pink to her cheeks, but still clearly there. “I love this.. thank you for taking me, Queen… Thank you…”

TeraS: Tera smiled and twined her tail with Amy’s. “You are welcome my Succubi… I know that we both made the right choice….” Tera motioned with a hand towards the centre of the room and with a flash of green light she opened a portal to her domain. Tera told Amy, “Take your book with you Amy…. It is for you…. It always has been…. Every Succubi has their own book…”

Amy: Amy nodded, scooping the book up and holding it to her bare, flat tummy. “hehe, okay..” she reached with her tail, then, coiling around TeraS’s, and smiling affectionately to her, returning to her side and attempting to slip under her arm, leaning against her gently. “hehe… Are you coming too?”

TeraS: Tera cuddled with Amy and reassured her, “Of course… I have much to teach you….” Tera led Amy to the edge of the portal and with a smile on her face, took Amy to her new life as they stepped through the portal. As the portal began to close Amy’s voice drifted out from the portal asking a question of her Mistress and Queen…

Amy: “hehe.. Can’t I play with my tail a bit first?” ^^

TeraS: Tera’s laughter was heard through the dimensions…..


I hope that this was as enjoyable for you as it was for us to write!

<huggles my Succubi Sis>



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    • James on March 13, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    It is a lovely story, Majesty and Amy . . . a charming transfiguration tale. Thank you for sharing it with us.


    • avatar
    • Taniniver on March 14, 2009 at 8:34 am

    How very alluring. I enjoyed it.

    • avatar
    • BFslave on March 14, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Beautiful story, Mistress.

    *huggles you and your sis*

    • avatar
    • Colin on November 19, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    Aww…what a cute little story. 🙂

    • avatar
    • David on September 27, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    Where can I get the books the Succubus Sub series in hard copy

    • avatar
    • TeraS on September 27, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    John has not, as yet, released the series in hardcover, but I know he was considering doing so…

    When this happens I cannot say, but as he released the comic book, the issue in print form is likely coming next…

    And i will be supporting that, should the time come…


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