Succubi Image of the Week 64

Just a beautiful image of a Succubi for this week…

Succubus In Fire By Spiros Fon Kourtakis

This artist’s name is Spiros Fon Kourtakis, click on the link to visit his page of wonderful art at He has done a lot of Angel, Succubi, Faery and other works which are just wonderful in their design, shading, and coloring… Truly a talented artist!!

You can find the original source of this image here:

Please do visit his page and comment on his works!



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    • James on March 12, 2009 at 9:28 am

    I promise I will, Majesty.

    For now . . . two admittedly unmatched pieces . . .

    She looks at me, hungry.
    She looks and pulls her bottoms away.
    She pulls her bottoms away, not as an offer;
    she pulls her bottoms away, opening the trap.
    She opens the trap, looking hungry, but surprised.
    She seems surprised, but she will have me.
    She will have me, and I will be fulfilled.
    She will fulfill me and pleasure me.
    She will pleasure me and enjoy me.
    She will enjoy me, forever.

    I see her eyes hungry for me.
    I see her perfect form, her absolute control.
    I see her, pulling at her panties,
    inviting me,
    ensnaring me.
    I am drawn in, helpless, hungry for her;
    I am her perfect pet, in her absolute power.
    I watch those panties slide down her legs,
    I’m invited.
    I am ensnared.
    I am completed.


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