Mar 09 2009

Hellen Back…

So I took a chance the other day and ordered something from a costume website. Mostly not for the outfit, but just for the the name of it really…

What you get is this:


Shoes and boots not included…

This double outfit costs $48.99 US and includes the reversable dress, removable shoulder straps, red gloves, the horns, a tail, white gloves. a halo, angel wings and, for the angel, a wand. The crowning piece is the name tag which reads Ms. Hellen Back…
The dress itself is a stretchy knit thing that is very clingy. I don’t think much for it when you reverse the dress to have the Succubish look on the inside of it. A better choice would have been to just go with a red dress without those flames and such on it…
The wand is also a bit silly for this combo, but if you forget the halo, you could in theory be a Faery instead of an angel…
Generally speaking, I’ll keep the accessories for this outfit and use another one of my dresses with it…

Rating: 5/10 pitchforks



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    You’re right, Majesty. The wings and the wand do not work for an angel. I could see an angel making use of a riding crop or a whip, but no angel worth her (or his) salt would ever settle for such pansy-ass wings. 😈

    The opera gloves to both sets seem nice, and the horns seem quite useable, and the name on the tag is cute, but the shoes/boots are what make either ensemble (though I think a decent angel would prefer the thigh-highs). Figures they wouldn’t be included.

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    Now that’s a picture I’d love to see. You could show them how to do Succubi right (double meaning optional 😉 ) .

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