Mar 02 2009

The Winning Poem…

On the Forum of the Succubi, (The linky is over there –>), we had a poem writing contest with was as follows:

Acrostic poetry is poetry where one can take the first letter of every line (or every second line, or every stanza) and form a word or words. So, for this contest, the acrostic MUST include the word “Succubi” (it can include other words as well, if you wish). Other than that, the poem may take any form you wish, and may rhyme or not–but remember, you will be judged on structure.

There was quite a wonderful amount of entries for it and I would like to thank James for creating and judging the contest…

I also want to send huggles to MesmerEyes, Danny Lilthbourne, RiannaS, MzNicolette, Fzy0001, and Jo…

I thought they were all wonderfully written, but the winner is MzNicolete (hugs for Sis) for this yummy piece:

Suddenly, insistently
unavoidably brainwashed
chained unthinking
cunt clenches
utterly calm
bimbo udders
incessently swinging

Nikki does write such yummy stuff…

<huggles to all for playing>


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