Monthly Archive: February 2009

Feb 14 2009


Don’t forget them. I won’t…   Tera

Feb 13 2009


Sometimes that is all that is left… Tera

Feb 12 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 60

Another unknown artist for this week’s image… Sorry for being short and not being about much, but I can’t right now because my Eternal needs me…   Take care all…   Tera

Feb 11 2009

Not a good day

Nothing else to say.   Tera

Feb 10 2009

A Reply to Kevin…

Last night a reader of the Tale left this message behind: Hi Tera, I’ve visited your site a number of times over the last year or so(after becoming interested in the succubus legend(?) and doing a search)…it’s a good site and i like the setup. I find myself intrigued by you (and any female interested …

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Feb 09 2009


Another in a series of short Succubi stories by me… _________________________ Click. By TeraS Click. Click. Click. The sound of heels on the pavement follows you as you walk down the street. It doesn’t seem to get louder or fade into the traffic as you hurry on your way… It echoes within you as if …

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Feb 08 2009

Supernatural TV Series can do a siren…

But they can’t do an episode with a Succubus? Truly disappointing… The episode this week was called Sex and Violence and is described as: Sam and Dean enter a small town in Iowa, where three men have inexplicably beaten their wives to death. The guys realize that behind the murders is a Siren, a creature …

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