Feb 27 2009

A Succubi’s Blessing

Long long long long day today…

So you all get a poem by James…

<huggles for my heart>




A Succubi’s Blessing

By James


Determined and powerful, 
she came and found
the vascillating, fearful human 
cowering in a bed:
cowering from delight, taught to repress;
cowering from difference, taught to conform;
cowering from distinctiveness, taught to deny.

Determined and powerful,
she crawled atop
the petrified, terrified human
who thought her a monster:
who thought her a bandit, come to steal souls;
who thought her quite bawdy, come to incite;
who thought her to be bewitching, come to enthrall.

Determined and powerful,
she crouched, caressed
and enjoyed this sweet, confused human
who only now takes in:
takes in her gentleness, feeling safe now;
takes in new sensations, feeling bliss now;
takes in her unquenchable lusts, feeling full now.

Determined and powerful,
she doesn’t leave
but snuggles, succubi with partner
who sees the world anew:
who sees a blessed friend, not a demon;
who sees philanthropy, not avarice;
who sees that she feeds by giving pleasure.

Determined and powerful . . . 
both of them now . . . 
that is a succubi’s blessing.

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