Feb 23 2009

Just Words – Part I

Another one of my short flashes about Succubi… But this one will be a little different… I’m going to be writing this over the next three days and posting the story as I go and see what happens…


Just Words
By TeraS

The words came across almost in a whine, “Oh come on Tess.”

She twisted the cord around with her fingers as she pondered that. With a sigh she replied, “Look… I am not that kind of girl. Maybe you can do it, but there is no way that I could…”

She was interrupted by the words coming through the phone, “Why not? What is the harm in giving it a try?”

The thought made her pause. She didn’t get complimented on her looks. She was plain looking, greyish eyes, short dirty blonde hair… She was as thin as a rail and she knew it… Taking a moment to look at the fuzzy slippers on her feet she said, “It’s easy for you. You have the model looks and all that. Not to mention the personality.”

The answer was short and to the point, “It’s all in how you see yourself you know…”

She gave a little snort, “I’m nothing special. I know that.”

The sigh that came through was telling, “Give me a change to prove you wrong Tess. Just one? I bet I can change your outlook if you give it a try?”

Knowing full well that she wouldn’t stop nagging her, Tess finally said, “Fine. I give already.”

She could almost see the smile on the other end of the phone, “Okay… Are you comfy? I want to try and draw a picture in your mind of what you can be… Just close your eyes and relax…”

She had a thought and asked, “You aren’t going to try hypnotising me are you?”

The reply made her laugh, “Nah… Making people cluck like a chicken isn’t my style…”

Tess shifted around on her couch a little and then said, “Go on. I’m sitting here with my eyes closed and I’m listening…”

Since Tess did have her eyes closed, she didn’t see a shadow pass over her as she lay on the couch, and then seem to hover before melting down into her body before vanishing completely… The voice at the other end of the phone started to talk to her again…

“I want you to see yourself a little differently when I’m done… We’re not going to change you all at once, but one little piece at a time as we go along… The first thing that we need to think about is your attitude… I want you to say what I say and I want you to feel it with every bit of your soul Tess… Okay?”

Feeling silly, Tess said, “Yes Mistress… I will.” And in her mind she thought, “I wonder why I said that?”

“I am smart.”

Tess could see that and repeated it easily enough.

“I can do anything I want to. I can be anything I want to be.”

That seemed to make sense as well and actually she felt good about that…

“When I look at myself in a mirror I see the beautiful person I am.”

She didn’t quite believe that and her answer was full of hesitation…

“When you look at yourself, you see a woman in charge of her life. She knows what she wants and how to get it…”

She was about to reply when an image flashed into her mind of… Something… It wasn’t clear… It looked like… Platinum blonde hair draped over a pair of breasts?  But the image was so fast and then gone as the voice on the phone continued…

“She knows that she has all of the things that people are looking for in a woman…”

She found her thoughts drifting to what she would look like with a different look… Maybe doing that would make a difference…

As Tess remained there listening to the voice on the phone, her hair began to change it’s color and length slowly… The dirty blonde hair began to lighten and lengthen around her shoulders…

And the voice continued to speak…

“You can see that can’t you?”

Tess didn’t hesitate this time, “Yesssss…” She found herself quite happy to listen to the voice and just soak up all that it told her…

“You know what she is don’t you? She’s a bimbo… A empty-headed little horny slut… It doesn’t matter who it is… She’ll happily be fucked won’t she? Sucking cock and licking pussy are her favourite things… Showing off her huge tits gives her a thrill… She loves being wet all the time doesn’t she?”

She wanted to say something, but instead all she managed was a little giggle and then, “Oh ya… My cunny needs a cock… Wanna lick some cunt… mmmm…”

Then the voice asked, “What’s your name slut?”

She didn’t have an answer for that and whimpered, “Don’t knooooooooooow…”

The voice sounded disappointed, “Silly slut… You will soon enough… You will…”

And then the phone went dead…

Tess woke up sometime later with the phone on the floor beside her. She groaned and put a hand to her eyes before saying, “Shouldn’t sleep on the couch…” Moments later she got up and made her way to the shower before bed…

Not noticing that her hair was completely platinum blonde and she was trying to sway her hips as she walked along…

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    A lovely beginning to an intriguing story. You have drawn me right in (as if you couldn’t do that whenever you wanted anyway). Looking forward to more.

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