Feb 22 2009

Writing Roadblocks…

I have been trying to write this past weekend on a bunch of Succubi stories that I really would love to finish and post in the usual places…

But as much as I want to write and have the ideas in my mind for them all…

They aren’t coming out as well as I have hoped…

Maybe tomorrow…



Oh! And I finally changed the theme of the Tale…

Did you notice?





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    Wow, love the site’s new look.

  2. avatar


    Decided to finally make the leap to the new look tonight…

    Still have stuffs to move around some though…



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    Oh, this is so delicious, Majesty!! I will miss the mischievous smile on the top of the old theme, but this is truly wonderful, too.

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    I love the new look, Your Highness, but I definitely will not be visiting your blog at work.

    BTW, can you post the full pic… in high resolution… pretty please?

    Your Subject,

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    Love the new look! …and good job on the light grey background, the all-white was a little harsh on the eyes (and much more ‘angelic’ 😉 than the old black background 🙂 …love the pic at the top of the site too…Kev 🙂

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    I love the new look, Mistress. And if there’s anything I can do to help… inspire your story writing, just gimme a poink. *huggles*

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    @Atheris – Actually I am going to use that image in a manip soon I think… Stay tuned!

    @James – Thaank you my heart, but the smile wil be returning soon!

    @Kev – I dunno about all of the white in this theme and I still have lots of tinkering to do before I’m really happy with it all…

    *huggles for all*


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    sorry been a way from here a bit. nice look, needs something tho.

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